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All 12 Minutes Ending Explained – Helpful Information

Twelve Minutes Ending Explained

All 12 Minutes Ending Explained, The Twelve Minutes ending can be a little confusing because of the time travel aspect of the movie. For example, a time-traveling detective accuses his wife of murdering her father eight years ago and demands her death. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the movie ties up.


All 12 Minutes Ending Explained

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The Elevator from Ipanema

“The Elevator from Ipanema” has a remarkably sad ending that can leave audiences in tears. In the original film, Joao Gilberto’s character meets a 17-year-old girl named Heloisa. The two of them fall in love and begin a romantic relationship that will change their lives forever.

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This song is a recognizable element of the film. It has been used in the anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” as the elevator music. It has also been covered by an A-to-Z gamut of performers. It’s also the ultimate elevator music cliche and the shorthand for the lounge revival of the ’90s.

While there are a number of problems with this film, one thing is for sure – it doesn’t make sense. The elevator escape and the rescue attempt make no sense at all, and the rescuers’ incompetence makes the entire movie feel like a waste of time.

The Dog Bites Back

If you are looking to beat The Dog Bites Back, you can look at the endings to discover the secrets. There are five different endings in the game, and they are all different enough to unlock different achievements. However, not all of them make the credits roll. The important thing is to choose the right one so that you can uncover the truth and complete the time loop. To do so, you need to know a key piece of information that will help you find the right ending.

Twelve Minutes Ending Defined

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Spoilers Warning: The occasions of the sport are taking within the protagonist’s thoughts. The story & occasions are all associated to him coming to phrases he suppressed in his thoughts. It’s revealed that the protagonist knew that his spouse is his half-sister, and he killed his father (the one different one who knew the reality) and married her. The occasions are the results of the cannon ending the place he’s making an attempt to overlook his previous, together with his half-sister who his in love with. The manifestation of this trauma is his Father, who took the position of the Cop in his thoughts.

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The actual-life occasions in Twelve Minutes befell as follows:

  1. The daddy begins a relationship with the nanny named Dahlia.
  2. Dahlia bears a son, who’s the Protagonist.
  3. The protagonist grows up distant from his father, his father’s spouse & daughter.
  4. The daughter losses her mom, which she blames her father.
  5. Years later, the Protagonist begins to have emotions for his step-sister.
  6. The lady runs away from house on Christmas Eve after capturing her father.
  7. Father survives the wound.
  8. He involves know that his son has emotions for his daughter.
  9. Father asks his son to not act upon his emotions and overlook her, on New 12 months’s Eve.
  10. An argument breaks, and the protagonist finally ends up killing his father.
  11. After 2 days, the protagonist finds his half-sister and introduces himself as a special particular person, hiding his actual self and father’s homicide.
  12. They get married.
  13. The protagonist suppressed his previous for the final 8 years.
  14. In some unspecified time in the future within the final eight years, he noticed the pocket watch, which he acknowledged as his father’s watch, However he once more suppressed the reminiscence to be together with his spouse.
  15. Lastly, all his trauma is coming again to him within the type of occasions within the sport.

Twelve Minutes All Endings

Twelve Minutes has 5 totally different endings, however the cannon ending is only one. Relaxation, all endings, pull you again into the loop. These endings are linked to totally different achievements within the sport. These 12 Minutes ending achievements are:

Proceed214Select to overlook every part.
Alone240Select to be alone.
Groundhog255Have an ideal day.
Confessed281Confess what you probably did and depart.
Mindfulness4209Select to return to actuality.


So in line with these achievements, these are the 12 Minutes ending you’ll be able to go for:

  • Take heed to Father and depart your half-sister for good.
  • Discuss to father concerning the trauma and get closure.
  • Let his father hypnotize him and overlook every part.
  • Select to be together with his spouse and trigger the loop to restart.
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Through the a number of ending decisions, the protagonist can both be together with his broad or steer clear of her. If he decides to return to his spouse, resulting in the complete time loop restart. If the protagonist guarantees to not see her, he finally ends up being alone in his house with all traces of her erased. However even at this cut-off date, you should use the pocket watch to return to the dialog together with his father, the place he might be hypnotized to overlook every part that occurred within the sport. It will finish the sport for good, and you’ll attain the purpose the place you’ll be able to’t reverse again anymore.

Driven to Suicide

The ending of Twelve Minutes is a bit confusing. This point-and-click psychological thriller game has several different endings, and some are more ambiguous than others. It is also subject to the choices of the player, so a definitive ending isn’t possible. But there are ways to find out which one is right for you.

The movie has several twists and turns, including a time loop and a death. We see a man who killed his father and suppressed his memories of the crime. It turns out that he shot his father because he forbade him to have contact with his daughter. Eventually, he breaks out of the loop by stealing his father’s watch, and the movie ends in a library. In the library, he has his final conversation with his deceased father.

The ending in Twelve Minutes is one of several ways to complete the game. Each ending unlocks a different achievement. You can replay the game to see all of the options. It’s worth a look if you’re curious about how the story ends. The game also offers a multi-player option, so you can replay it as many times as you want.

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