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Find Your Dog Fast with 4th Floor Dog Tag: Battlefield 4 Location Guide

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Locate Your 4th Floor Dog Tag, and Rule the Battlefield like a Boss

Hey hommies, what’s the deal? Here comes your Australian hood boy with some new tips and tricks that will help you win the game like an ace. You are likely to be a Battlefield 4 fan. These tags are like a badge that displays your achievements on the battlefield. Today, I’d like to tell you about the 4th floor dogtag. It is one of the most difficult to find.

The 4th-floor dog tag is very popular in Battlefield 4 and with good reason. Only Operation Locker multiplayer map has this tag. To obtain it, you must complete a series of actions. This is not an easy task. My cheaters are here to help you! I’m here for you to guide you through this process and help get that sweet tag.

Let’s get to work. Follow these steps to obtain your 4th-floor dog tag:

1. First, you must go to Operation Locker in the game. This is a multiplayer map and takes place in a snowy prison.
2. Next, head to the fourth floor. Here is the location of your tag.
3. After reaching the 4th level, you will need to find the hidden room. This can only be reached by removing the wooden barricade blocking the entrance. The hidden room is behind the main stairwell and it’s difficult to see.
4. Once you have entered the secret room, locate the small table with your dog tag. Voila! You’ve got your 4th floor dog tag!

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You may be thinking: What’s the point? To get the tag, that’s it. But that’s not the whole story. The 4th-floor dog tag isn’t just any tag. This is a very special tag and can only be obtained by performing a series of actions. These actions require you to kill with certain weapons and gadgets.

For the 4th floor dog tags, you must have 200 kills with your M249 machine guns and 20 kills when using the defibrillator gadget. I can tell you that getting those kills is difficult. You can achieve it if your a skilled player.

This is it folks! This is how you can get the 4th floor Battlefield 4 dog tag. Go out and display your tag like a boss. Cheaterboss.com has more tricks and tips to help you dominate the battlefield. Cheats, rest easy!