7DS Grand Cross Tier List (2022)

7DS Grand Cross Tier List (2022)

The 7DS Grand Cross Tier List is a useful guide to find the best character for your playstyle. The ranking system is a great way to find out the different types of characters and their relative strengths and weaknesses against AI-controlled opponents. It is also an excellent place to start your leveling journey because you’ll know exactly what skills you need to focus on and what buffs you can use to increase your character’s overall power.

7DS Grand Cross Tier List

When you first start playing the game, you’ll want to check out the 7DS Grand Cross tier list to see which character is best for your playstyle. This will allow you to determine which characters are worth investing time in. You’ll also be able to see what abilities each character has to help you complete missions. This will help you determine the best characters to use and which ones you should skip. The 7DS Grand Cross Rank List is updated every two years so it’s a good idea to check it out for the latest information.7Ds Grand Cross Tier List

The 7DS Grand Cross Tier List will let you choose your favorite character. You can use this to increase your chances of beating your opponents. This will ensure that you get the best possible experience and win. You should know that you can choose to play a character with a lower level as long as it is not too powerful. You can also try upgrading your character to the highest level, which will make him stronger than his opponents.

Tier S Characters – SDS Grand Cross Tier List

CharactersTier List
The Four Archangels Sariel Tier-S
Ragnarok Lostvayne Meliodas Tier-S
Hijack Gowther Tier-S
Invincible Avatar Escanor Tier-S
Covenant of Light Ludociel Tier-S
Napping Reaper Cusack Tier-S
Dark Traitor Meliodas Tier-S
Elite Demon Zeldris Tier-S
The Four Archangels Tramiel Tier-S
Halloween Gowther Tier-S
Protector King Harlequin Tier-S
Lostvayne Meliodas Tier-S
Starry Night’s Illusion Lillia Tier-S
Holy Warrior Elizabeth Tier-S
Divine Protection Merlin Tier-S
The Goat Sin Of Lust Gowther Tier-S

Tier A+ Characters – SDS Grand Cross Tier List

CharactersTier List
Signs of Maturity King Tier-A+
KOF ’98 Rugal Tier-A+
Ashen Desire Hendrickson Tier-A+
Collector Merlin Tier-A+
The Lion Sin of Pride Escanor Tier-A+
Stranger Things Eleven Tier-A+
Holy Knight Escanor Tier-A+
Re: Zero Rem Tier-A+
Advent of Destruction Lillia Tier-A+
Executioner Zeldris Tier-A+
The Boar Sin of Gluttony Merlin Tier-A+
Camelot’s Sword Arthur Tier-A+
The Four Archangels Ludociel Tier-A+
Re: Zero Ram Tier-A+
Assault Mode Meliodas Tier-A+
Re: Zero Emilia Tier-A+
Chosen King Arthur Tier-A+
Sunny Vacation Eastin Tier-A+
Sweet Temptation Deriery Tier-A+
The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King Tier-A+
Stranger Things Jim Tier-A+
Ten Commandments Derieri Tier-A+
Halloween Roxy Tier-A+
Knight of Wrath Meliodas Tier-A+
Mastermind Lillia Tier-A+
KOF ’98 Kyo Tier-A+

Tier A Characters – SDS Grand Cross Tier List

CharactersTier List
Greatest Soldier Mikasa Ackerman Tier-A
Elite Demon Gloxinia Tier-A
Harlequin King Tier-A
Creation Diane Tier-A
Chivalrous Gilthunder Tier-A
Stranger Things Will Tier-A
Elite Demon Drole Tier-A
Tempest Howzer Tier-A
Elite Demon Derieri Tier-A
Light of Hope Arthur Tier-A
Dungeon Raider Shin Tier-A
Halloween Hunter Slater Tier-A
Cadet Corps Eren Jaeger Tier-A
Elite Demon Monspeet Tier-A
Elite Demon Estarossa Tier-A
Oceanic Harmonizer Eastin Tier-A
The Ten Commandments Zeldris Tier-A
The Serpent Sin of Diane Tier-A
Champion Griamore Tier-A
Elite Demon Melascula Tier-A
Reincarnation of Revenge Helbram Tier-A
KOF ’98 Mai Tier-A
Ruler of Stormy Seas Eastin Tier-A
The Ten Commandments Drole Tier-A
Ten Commandments Fraudrin Tier-A
Halloween Protective Heart Diane Tier-A
KOF ’98 Athena Tier-A
Earthshaker Valenti Tier-A
Destined Heir Arthur Tier-A
Advent of Destruction Mono Tier-A

Tier B Characters – SDS Grand Cross Tier List

CharactersTier List
Godspeed Knight Jericho Tier-B
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deathperce Tier-B
Ale Collector Ban Tier-B
Reverse Elizabeth Tier-B
Mobile Tavern Elizabeth Tier-B
Stranger Things Mike Tier-B
Mad Destroyer Roxy Tier-B
Halloween Shin Tier-B
Forest Guardian King Tier-B
Ten Commandments Galland Tier-B
Re: Zero Beatrice Tier-B
New Legend Jericho Tier-B
Deathbringer Mono Tier-B
King of Prophecies Arthur Tier-B
Halloween Elaine Tier-B
Memory Fragment Liz Tier-B
Liones Elizabeth Tier-B
Titan Form Eren Jaeger Tier-B
Overpower Slater Tier-B
Ten Commandments Melascula Tier-B
Sweet Temptation Zaneri Tier-B
Mascot Elizabeth Tier-B
Sunny Vacation Valenti Tier-B
Sweet Temptation Jenna Tier-B
A New Adventure Elizabeth Tier-B
Bringer of Disaster Lillia Tier-B
Knighthood of Scraps Disposals Oslo and Hawk Tier-B
Knight of Ice Gustaf Tier-B
Reincarnation of Conviction Zaratras Tier-B
Greatest Soldier Levi Tier-B
Elite Demon Galland Tier-B
Forest Guardian Helbram Tier-B
Swift Sword Nanashi Tier-B
New Legend Meliodas Tier-B
Knight of Frost Jericho Tier-B
The Dragon Sin Of Wrath Meliodas Tier-B
Sweet Temptation Elaine Tier-B
Outlaw Ban Tier-B
Rapier Guila Tier-B
New Legend Elizabeth Tier-B

Tier C Characters – SDS Grand Cross Tier List

CharactersTier List
10 Commandments Monspeet Tier-C
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Dogedo Tier-C
Omen of Chaos Hendrickson Tier-C
Roars of Dawn Jillian Tier-C
Burning Ember Cain Tier-C
Omen of Chaos Dreyfus Tier-C
The Pleiades of the Azure Sky Denzel Tier-C
Adventurer Jericho Tier-C
Kungfu Master Diane Tier-C
New Generation Jericho Tier-C
Royalty Helbram Tier-C
Roars of Dawn Weinheidt Tier-C
Heart of the Land Diane Tier-C
Rule of Monsters Rimuru Tier-C
Halloween Gulia Tier-C
Wings of the Sky Elatte Tier-C
Boar Hat of Tavern Elizabeth Tier-C
Elite Demon Fraudrin Tier-C
The Six Knight Of Black Bellion Tier-C
Matrona Diane Tier-C
Beard of the Mountain Cat Alioni Tier-C
Slime Rimuru Tier-C
Infinity Merlin Tier-C
Ten Commandments Gloxinia Tier-C
The Fox Sin of Green Ban Tier-C
Halloween Meliodas Tier-C
The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas Tier-C
Memories of Years Gerharde Tier-C
Executer of Darkness Camila Tier-C
Fang of the Land Matrona Tier-C
Ten Commandments Estarossa Tier-C
Weird Fangs Ruin Tier-C
Break Dreyfus Tier-C
Confirmation Twigo Tier-C
Disaster King Tier-C
Lioness Hero Gowther Tier-C
The Seven Deadly Sins Diane Tier-C
Wanted Man Gowther Tier-C
Thunderbolt Gilthunder Tier-C
Eternal Promise Diane Tier-C
Knighthood of Scraps Disposal Hawk Tier-C
Nunchaku Ban Tier-C
Weird Fangs Golgius Tier-C
Boom Boom Pow Marmas Tier-C
Explosion Guila Tier-C
Tyrant of Destruction Milim Tier-C
Reincarnation of Obsession Vivian Tier-C
Star of Kingdom Gilthunder Tier-C
Roars of Dawn Slater Tier-C
Boar Hat Tavern Meliodas Tier-C

Tier D Characters – SDS Grand Cross Tier List

CharactersTier List
Roars of Dawn Simon Tier-D
Melt Hendrickson Tier-D
Adventurer Griamore Tier-D
Snatch Ban Tier-D
Lioness Royalty Howzer Tier-D
The Seven Deadly Sins King Tier-D
Star of the Kingdom Howzer Tier-D
Iron-Wall Knight Griamore Tier-D
Weird Fangs Friesia Tier-D
Kijin Benimaru Tier-D
Weird Fangs Jude Tier-D
Fairy King’s Forest Elaine Tier-D
Undead Ban Tier-D
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Deldry Tier-D
Roars of Dawn Hugo Tier-D
The Pleiades of the Blue Sky Arden Tier-D
Protector of Dolls King Tier-D
Vaizel Fight Festival Taizoo Tier-D

7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List

For the newcomer to Seven Deadly Sins, a Grand Cross tier list is extremely useful. The tier list is based on community voting, with the highest ranked characters at the top, while the lowest ranked characters are at the bottom. This means that the game’s tier list should be used with caution. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the different characters stack up against each other.

Grand Cross Tier List

The 7DS Grand Cross character tier list is a comprehensive guide to the game’s tier system. It shows which heroes are the best and which ones are not. It also explains how each level affects each other, and provides tips on how to best use them. In order to find the best rated characters, players can check the latest list of the game’s tiers. It also includes information on each character’s stats and full potential.

The tier list reflects the current power level of characters, and is based on data mining and community feedback. In the Grand Cross world, tier 4 characters are below average. They typically have lower stats than their stronger counterparts. As such, gaining a high rank is a challenging task, but one that can be done with dedicated effort. However, if the player has the dedication and the desire to level up quickly, the rewards are substantial.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tier List is a community-generated ranking of characters, based on user-submitted tier lists. These rankings are ranked from best to worst, with the highest tier ranking appearing at the top and the lowest positioned at the bottom. Players can contribute their own ten-tier lists by logging in and publishing them to the site. These downloadable lists will help you determine which characters will fit your playstyle. Check the Puzzle and Dragons Tier list also!

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List

Although the list is still in development, it has been revised and is updated according to the latest game update. In addition to the tier list, there are also character lores, such as the new class ‘Sin’, and an expansion for the game. The tier list includes the stats, abilities, and colour attributes of each character, including the level. The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross v2.0 has a new graphical style, so the graphical design of the Seven Deathly Sinners Grand Cross is a bit different. The character tiers can be found in the Character Guide and it is easy to navigate.

A Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross tier list can be confusing, as each character has several different versions. It’s best to start with the text tier list, as this can be helpful to determine which characters are best for your playstyle. It can be difficult to find information about characters in the game’s tier system unless you’ve played it for a while. The best way to decide which characters to level up is to compare the first few pulls with character ranked higher than their base counterparts.

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