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ABA Tier List : Update! September 2022 – Best ABA Characters

ABA Tier List

The ABA Tier List contains a variety of Characters. Each of these Characters has its advantages and disadvantages. You can read about each Character’s stats in this article, so you can determine whether they are the best choice for your playstyle. The list also includes the level of each Character.

Characters in ABA tier list

ABA has an interesting tier list and it attempts to allocate all 125 characters to different tiers based on their general gameplay and abilities. The S-Tier features the strongest characters. The game is incredibly popular with anime fans, but if you’re looking to win games, love of your favorite characters may not be enough.

There are 16 tiers in the ABA. A character in the D-Tier is the least powerful among the entire lot of characters. It should come as no surprise, then, that many D-Tier characters have been a complete disappointment, proving that the game creators had no idea what they were doing when they created these characters.

The ABA tier list shows the strengths of popular characters from various anime. Choosing the best one from the list is crucial if you want to succeed in the game. It can be difficult to choose which character is the best and which one is weakest.

Character stats

The ABA Tier List is made up of 16 character rosters. The S-Tier characters have high damage hit points and agility. They also have good mechanics and a decent chance of winning a game. The A-Tier characters are exceptional. The D-Tier characters are significantly weaker.

The ABA Tier List is made up of the most powerful characters in the game. The aim is to assign each character to a tier based on their general gameplay and ability. The ABA Tier List is based on the general gameplay of these characters. This helps you make better choices and improve your performance in the game.

The tier list also ranks races, snaps, and other game elements. Each of these factors affect a character’s stats, magic skills, and bonuses. It is important to know which stats are best for your character to maximize its gameplay potential.

Character drawbacks

The ABA currently offers 16 different rosters. Among them, C-Tier characters have more drawbacks than their A-Tier counterparts. These drawbacks make the C-Tier characters significantly weaker than their A-Tier counterparts. However, that is not to say that they are unusable.

Character drawbacks are not the only thing to consider when comparing character strengths and weaknesses. You also need to consider how unique the character is. The best characters tend to have unique traits that make them stand out from the rest. However, some characters are just too generic and lack unique qualities to be considered rallying characters.

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ABA Tier List – Anime Battle Arena Tier List (Best Characters)⇩

Here’s how it works Anime Battle Arena Tier List & Best ABA characters The best character is chosen. The tier list can also be broken down into six sections, with tiers D through A. Tier S characters can be used for all situations. Both tier A and tier B characters are equally good. Because they are more versatile than others characters, we recommend you use only characters from tiers S-B.


This is what you should like. ABATier List post. This post will show you the Anime Battle arena Tier List. You can use this list to choose your characters and level up. This list also contains all of the Anime Arena characters that you may wish to play.

Character level

The ABA Tier List features 16 different rosters. Each roster consists of characters of varying levels. In addition to this, the ABA Tier List also features a D-Tier character. This character is the weakest among the whole lot. The game creators have had a dreadful hand in designing these characters.

ABA has an enormous selection of characters spread across 16 rosters. Some of the more notable characters are Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Bleach, Fate, and Hunter x Hunter. The tier list allocates these characters to different tiers based on their general gameplay and abilities.

The ABA character tier list is based on YouTuber and community rankings. As a result, stronger characters tend to cost more. However, cheaper characters often perform better than their more expensive counterparts.

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