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AC Valhalla Mission List – All Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Main Quests Helpful Information 2023

AC Valhalla Mission List

AC Valhalla has a variety quests. There are bounty and world quests as well as main quests. You can play the role of the Viking Eivor. Explore Valhalla, discover the origins of Assassins and the ways they are able to defeat them. This is a fast-paced, fun game that will keep your attention for hours.

Mission ‘A Brother’s Keeper’

AC Valhalla mission list

The quest for ‘A Brother’s Keeper’ is located in Hordafylke. It’s a beautiful place with great secrets. Eivor and Sigurd first need to open the gate to Goinnhellir in order to get there. Eivor then turns around and enters the side cave after they’ve done that.

Perhaps the last quest in the Sigurd storyline is the ‘A Brother’s Keeper quest. To complete the game, the player must complete this mission. This quest will require strategy and thought. It involves a battle against Odin, who wants the Assassin to remain in Valhalla.

The story of the game is set in Norway and begins with Eivor’s father Sigurd. Eivor is reprimanded by his father for not bowing to King Harald. Sigurd then takes Eivor to a hidden cave, where he discovers the Door of Valhalla.

Although the ‘A Brother’s Keeper quest is difficult, it is possible to complete. You will encounter and defeat many enemies as you go. As you fight you will see a figure very similar to Eivor’s father. The battle will be over once you’ve defeated your enemies.

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It is simple to defeat Basim in AC Valhalla. However, it is important to be cautious with your attacks. Avoid attacking the enemy aggressively, as this will trigger phase 3. Eivor will defeat Basim in three phases. Basim can use a variety of attacks including melee attacks and arrows. He may also attempt to shoot arrows off of ledges. Be careful when attacking Basim.

Mission “A Fated Encounter”

“A Fated Encounter” is one of the DLC missions available in AC Valhalla. You must reach a settlement rank at least four, and it has many cross-over quests. Before you can move on to this mission you will need to meet Edyt, an Isle of Skye visitor.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s “A Fated Enter” mission is a rewarding but difficult one. This quest requires you to complete Valka’s storyline and reach Settlement Level 4. You will need to talk with a new NPC at the red tent to finish the quest. He is the source of visions.

Eivor will challenge Kassandra in a drinking contest after completing the quest. Eivor wins. The two sit down at the table. Eivor will then have a conversation with the big man after the fight. After the fight, the Groom will give a toast to the couple with a flyt. The quest will end with the final drink. The mission “A Fated Encounter” is a new story line for base game players. It can be played as either male (or female)

AC Valhalla has many story choices. Some are optional. These decisions can change the course and affect the relationship between characters. All of these options are listed in the game’s mission listing. Each option is also listed in the walkthrough.

Murderer’s Creed Valhalla Mission Checklist – All Primary Quests & Places

Try the AC Valhalla mission checklistAlong with any story walkthroughs and primary quests you need to complete the story.

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AC Valhalla Mission Checklist – Rygjafylke

  • Honor Sure
  • A Seer’s Solace
  • Questions for the Household
  • The Prodigal Prince
  • Impolite Awakening
  • A Merciless Future
  • Birthrights
  • The Seas of Destiny


  • The Swan-Highway House
  • Setting down
  • The Alliance Map


  • The Sons of Ragnar
  • Bartering
  • Partitions of Templebrough
  • Rumors About the Ledecestre
  • Heavy is the Head
  • The Stability is Tilted
  • Hunted


  • The Nice Scattered Military
  • Orphans in the Fens
  • Glory Regained
  • Razing Earnningsone
  • Unholy Father
  • Storming Ravensburg
  • The Stench of Treachery
  • An Island of Eels

East Anglia

  • Kingmaker
  • The Measure of a Norseman
  • A Triumphant Return
  • Elevating Iron
  • A Fury from the Sea
  • Wedding ceremony Horns


  • Brewing Revolt
  • Pilgrimage to St. Albanes
  • Blood from a stone
  • Fiery Ambush
  • Chipping Away
  • Ringing Cyne Bell
  • The Saga Stone


  • Shadows and Partitions
  • The Arrow
  • Bleeding the Leech
  • Smashing the Compass


  • The Provide Line
  • Ransacking Wenlocan


  • The Abbot’s Gambit
  • Puppets and Prisoners
  • The Man Behind the Man
  • A bloody welcome


  • An Unusual Position
  • Childhood Sweetheart
  • Previous Wounds
  • Taken
  • Twists & Turns


  • Reaver of South
  • You Must Be Quick
  • Let Them Eat Ashes
  • Scorched Earth
  • You can sever the strings
  • Storming the Partitions
  • The Best of All That Has Been Done


  • A Noble Escort
  • Homecoming
  • In the Absence an Ealdorman
  • Salve for a Contemporary Wound
  • The Thegn for Lincoln
  • Anecastre: A sword-bathe


  • The Welcoming Celebration
  • Burning the Firebrand
  • Poking the Needle
  • Closing the Vault


  • North-South conflict
  • Honor Has Two Edges
  • Highway to Hamartia
  • This is Jorvik’s Son
  • Honor’s Hubris
  • Of Blood and Bonds
  • Misplaced Glory


  • Samhain’s first evening
  • Clues & Riddles
  • The Stolen King
  • A Love Betrayed
  • The Burning of the Wicker Man
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  • The Past Pals
  • Borrowed Time
  • Adorning The Adorned
  • Rowdy Raiders
  • Blood and Gods
  • Under the Pores and Skin
  • Farewells and Legacies


  • The Reeves of Wincestre
  • Choking the Gallows
  • Plucking the Quill
  • The Seax should be impaled


  • Legends are born in this place
  • A Brother’s Keeper


  • Kingdom’s Finish
  • Holy Day


  • See Above All
  • Nicely-Traveled
  • Protective Measures
  • Prolonged Household
  • Forging a Bond
  • Take Root
  • The Great End


  • Mistress of Iron Wooden
  • A Present from the Past
  • Remember to Enjoy the Feast
  • Knowledge is valuable


  • Unusual Land
  • The Searching Grounds
  • Hunter of Beasts
  • Hunter’s Repast

“Brother’s Keeper” mission

One of the many challenges in AC Valhalla is the ‘Brother’s Keeper mission. The quest requires that players travel to the most northernmost fjord in order to enter the cavern. They must defeat Odin to win his favor. There’s an alternative ending to this mission depending on how you play it.

After you have completed the “Brother’s Keeper” mission on the AC Valhalla mission checklist, you will be able travel back to the Nordic region to meet the legendary warrior Eivor. He will tell you all about the events at Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Once you have reached the location, the battle horn will be heard. Eivor will be able to meet his father once he has completed the quest.

The mission of the ‘Brother’s Keeper AC ValhallaThis is the hardest part of the game. This quest requires patience and a skilled approach. Before you attempt this quest it’s a good idea that you play the game several times. AC Valhalla is full of difficult fights and challenges. It’s a good idea that you take your time to level up your character.

It’s a tough mission, but the reward is well worth it. You will need to defeat Basim in this mission. Basim uses a smoke bomb, a bow and an arrow, and melee attacks so be careful when timing your attacks. The boss battle is the last phase and you will need to defeat him.

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