ACNH Art Guide – Real Vs Fake Comparison Helpful Information 2022

ACNH Art Guide – Real Vs Fake Comparison Helpful Information 2022

ACNH Art Guide – Animal Crossing New Horizons

The ACNH Art Guide will teach you how to tell the difference between fake and real art. This guide will cover the different kinds of art in Animal Crossing New Horizons, such as Fake Robust Statues, Redd, and the Bright white base. It will also help you learn how to avoid wasting your time on useless forgeries.

Real vs. fake art in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Acnh Art Guide
acnh art guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons features several pieces of art, some of which are inspired by famous paintings and statues. However, it is important to know how to tell real from fake art. Some fake pieces are very similar to the real thing, and some may even have more than one fake version.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can either buy or sell real pieces of art, but it’s important to be careful. The game has a “black market” merchant named Jolly Redd, who sometimes visits your islands. Jolly Redd sells paintings and statues. Be careful when you buy these pieces, though; fake pieces can cost you a lot of Bells, and you can’t donate them to the Museum.

Standard Acnh Art Guide

Another way to distinguish real pieces of art from fake ones is by looking for details. The fake version of the Wistful Painting is missing the star, while the original version contains the original star. Moreover, the fake version of the Ancient Statue has antennas on top. Similarly, the fake version of the Beautiful Statue has an extra necklace around the neck and shoulders.


Jolly Redd is a traveling art dealer who visits the tiny northern beach on random days. Some of his works are authentic and deserve to be donated to the local museum, while others are worthless forgeries. Luckily, there are a few ways to spot the real thing and avoid wasting your money.

Firstly, you need to learn how to distinguish between a forgery and a genuine work. The real piece of artwork will have a doorway in the back. The forged version of the painting will have a lid on top. This makes it harder to distinguish from the real version.

Secondly, it is important to note that you may encounter Redd on the island and offer him a piece of art to purchase. Although you might be tempted to pay a large amount of money for a piece of art, you should resist the urge to accept it. If you are hesitant to purchase the artwork, Redd will usually lower the price for you. You can also donate the art piece to the Blathers – in which case, they will be able to add it to their museum.

Fake Robust Statue

The Fake Robust Statue in the ACNH Art Guide is an item that’s not actually real. It’s an artwork of the Robust Statue that has been based on the Discobolus sculpture by Unknown. It costs 4,980 Bells, but not all of them are genuine.

The Fake Robust Statue in Animal Crossing New Horizons is a copy of the famous statue of the discus thrower Discobolus, which was made in the 460-450 BC by an unknown artist. While the original statue was based on a Greek copy, the Animal Crossing New Horizons version is based on a Roman copy. Occasionally, Redd will try to sell even worse versions.

Other examples of fake statues are the Informative Statue and the Rock-Head Statue. The former is blue while the latter is realistic gray. The former has an earring in its mouth and a wristwatch on its right wrist, while the latter has no earring. Another fake is the Valiant Statue. It has mirrored legs, while the real one has a right leg stepping forward.

Bright white base

The bright white base used for Acnh Art posters ensures vibrant colors and sharp images. The posters are cut to custom sizes for each artist. This way, you can buy more than one piece of art per day. Regardless of how many pieces you buy, you can rest assured that your purchase will arrive on time.

Actual vs Faux Portray & Artwork in ACNH Defined

Image 149 Acnh Art Guide
acnh art guide

Fortunately, the work that Redd brings to your island are real-life masterpieces so we, a minimum of, have one thing to check it with earlier than we buy. Redd will provide you with 4 choices of work to select from, out of which you’ll decide just one.

Oh, the stress.

Your objective at this level is to examine which one is a reliable portray and which of them are faux. There’s an opportunity that every one 4 work will likely be inauthentic, so look carefully. On this information, you will see that all of the hints it’s essential spot faux work.

Educational Portray

  • Authentic: Vitruvian Man – Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Faux Portray: It has stains of tea or espresso on the highest proper space, so if Redd presents you this portray, examine that space first.

Detailed Portray

  • Authentic: Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas – Ito Jakuchu
  • Faux Portray: The flowers within the faux portray are purple as an alternative of blue.

Primary Portray

  • Authentic: The Blue Boy – Thomas Gainsborough
  • Faux Portray: The blue boy in query has bangs on his brow within the faux one. Fits him although!

Scary Portray

  • Authentic: Otani Oniji II – Tōshūsai Sharaku
  • Faux Portray: The eyebrows are the other way up within the faux portray. The frown of the portray additionally turns right into a smile within the haunted portray.


Well-known Portray

  • Authentic: Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Faux Portray: This one is the simplest to identify and likewise essentially the most hilarious one. With these eyebrows, the well-known Mona Lisa doesn’t appear to be herself within the faux image, that’s for certain.

Sleek Portray

  • Authentic: Magnificence Trying Again – Hishikawa Moronobu
  • Faux Portray: The faux one’s topic, a ravishing girl, is far taller than the unique. That is yet one more distinction which wants a pointy eye!

Serene Portray

  • Authentic: Girl with an Ermine – Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Faux Portray: The stoat/ermine held by the lady isn’t white within the faux art work.

Solemn Portray

  • Authentic: Las Meninas – Diego Velasquez
  • Faux Portray: This one is absolutely tough and wishes an unimaginable eye for element. Look rigorously on the man standing on the door within the background. His arm place is barely totally different within the authentic portray the place his arm is nearly at a 90 diploma angle.

Wonderful Portray

  • Authentic: The Night time Watch – Rembrandt
  • Faux Portray: The person who’s standing entrance and middle doesn’t have a hat within the counterfeit portray.

Wistful Portray

  • Authentic: Woman with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer
  • Faux Portray: The well-known pearl earring is definitely a star-shaped earring within the faux.

Jolly Portray

  • Authentic: Summer season – Giuseppe Arcimboldo
  • Faux Portray: The counterfeit portray doesn’t have a flower on the topic’s chest.

Shifting Portray

  • Authentic: The Start of Venus – Sandro Botticelli
  • Faux Portray: There aren’t any bushes within the background within the faux image.

Quaint Portray

  • Authentic: The Milkmaid – Johannes Vermeer
  • Faux Portray: Recognizing this faux artwork wants a eager eye. Within the faux, the lady is pouring much more milk if you happen to evaluate it with the unique.

Scenic Portray

  • Authentic: The Hunters within the Snow – Pieter Bruegel
  • Faux Portray: The variety of hunters within the faux portray are a lot lower than the hunters in the actual one.

Wild Portray Left Half

  • Authentic: Wind God and Thunder God – Tawaraya Sōtatsu
  • Faux Portray: The principle topic of the portray has totally different colours within the inauthentic art work.

Wild Portray Proper Half

  • Authentic: Wind God and Thunder God – Tawaraya Sōtatsu
  • Faux Portray: The colours are a lot totally different within the faux model if you happen to evaluate it with the unique.

Sharp color reproduction

Several months after the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the game’s artwork was introduced. The artwork can be purchased from Redd’s ship, which is based on a secret beach near the edge of the island. You can purchase one piece of art per day. However, if you have multiple save files, you can purchase more than one. Once purchased, the art is shipped out the next day.

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