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ACNH May Day Maze – How To Full Could Day Maze In ACNH 2023 (Free Walkthrough)

Animal Crossing New Horizons May Day Maze Walkthrough

ACNH will celebrate ACNH May Day Maze as usual, but the developers added a few items and activities. For example, they added items to Rover’s Photos and prepared a new activity. The possibility exists that additional prizes may be added to the May Day celebration in 2022.

Can you bring flowers home?

ACNH May Day Maze

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a ACNH Mai Day Maze. You can earn beautiful flowers for your efforts by navigating the maze, which features many unique events. Here are some tips for how to navigate the maze and reap the rewards.

Players must purchase a May Day ticket to gain access to the May Day maze. The ticket is available between April 29th – May 7th. To redeem their May Day Ticket players must talk to Orville at an airport desk. Once they have the ticket they will need to choose I Wanna Fly, or Use May Day.

Can you bring home bushel baskets?

The answer is a strong “Yes.” Bushel baskets make up the most of the ACNH game’s items. These items are easily found on the market and can be purchased by players. They can also be made into items for the game. Bushel baskets can be very useful in the game because they allow you to use different objects.

Methods to Complete ACNH May Day Maze 2022 (Walkthrough

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The steps required to complete the ACNH May-Day Maze are discussed below

  • Once you have entered the maze, grab the bag and move to the left to remove the shrubs using the shovel.
  • Take the fruit and eat the rest to remove the obstructions in the maze. Take a right and head straight.
  • As you move through the maze, collect the wood department as well as the fruits. You will also find a Instrument bagOver there.
  • Next, turn left and go in the direction of the tree that blocks your path to the nook. You can equip the Worn AxeReduce the tree.
  • Then, jump over the wood log to grab the branches and fruits.
  • Now, grab the fruits and filter out the stones in your way.
  • Once you have cleared the trail, grab the fruits and continue on your way. Backside of the maze.
  • Once more, collect the fruits and filter out the rocks that are obstructing the route.
  • After clearing the rock out, grab the playing cards.
  • After that, you will need to equip a shovel to filter the tree. You’ll find a workbench as you move through the wood log.
  • You can make a A flimsy AxeWith the Required supplies.
  • You possibly can select the choice to “Continue crafting” to craft one other Axe.
  • One A flimsy Axe, Three woodenAnd one iron nuggetYou can make an article. Axe.
  • To filter out the trees blocking your path to the bottom left, you should use the Axe.
  • Once you have removed the tree, pick up two pieces of fruit and move on to the next three.
  • It’s essential Once again, equip the AxeThese three woods can be filtered.
  • These are the things you should do to clear them timberMove to the right, and filter the plants.
  • Take the brush out and get rid of the bush. 4 bell vouchers.
  • You’ll then be able filter the shrub that is blocking your path, and you can exit the maze.
  • Rover will be visible over there. However the maze isn’t over but, head left after which take one other left to succeed inThree stonesOn the left side of the maze.
  • It is important to eat all three fruits in order to filter the stones using a shovel.
  • These stones will be removed. 5 bell vouchersClear out any shrubs that are blocking your exit.
  • You’ll now be able, once you have completed the maze exit, to go to Wilbur.
  • Upon interacting with him, choose the “Time to go dwelling” possibility to return to your island.
  • The 9 bell vouchersYour collection might be yours Mailbox.
  • You will also receive bell vouchers. Rover’s briefcaseReward.
  • You might be able to open your mail and test it by checking the mailbox. Dodo AirwaysThese rewards are yours to enjoy
  • Once you reach the island again, go over to Timmy for more information. 32,400 BellsBell vouchers can be exchanged for cash.

Are you allowed to take home bushes

The most popular simulation game in the real world ACNHACNH May Day Maze has been added. Many players are trying to figure out how to do it. These are some tips that will help you get through the maze.

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