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Act 3 Quests Diablo 2 Walkthrough Helpful Guide

Diablo 2 Walkthrough – Act 3 Quests

Before moving on to the final Act 3 Quests Diablo 2, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with Act III’s previous quests. These include Khalim’s Will, Lam Esen’s Brain, and the Blade of the Old Religion. You’ll also want to know which items you need in Act III.

The Blade of the Old Religion

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Act 3 is full of a variety of quests and enemies. One of the quests you’ll find is Blade of the Old Religion, which requires you to travel to the Flayer Jungle to acquire a special artifact. You’ll need this ancient artifact to complete the quest.

Before you can move on to the next act, you’ll need to finish the first act quest, ‘Awakening of the Dead’. Once you complete this quest, you’ll be taken to the Temple City. Once there, you’ll have to defeat the Mephisto boss in the Temple’s Guardian Tower, which is located in the Temple. Once you have defeated him, you’ll unlock the Infernal Gate, where you’ll start your next act.

This Act’s quest will require you to complete a number of tasks, including defeating the fetishes. These creatures are the most dangerous enemies in the jungle, armed with knives and blowpipes. You’ll also need to be careful with these creatures, since they attack in groups of 10 or more, and they can be quite dangerous.

Khalim’s Will

Act 3 Quests Diablo 2 Walkthrough

The Compelling Orb is a key item for the Khalim’s Will quest. It drops from members of the Zakarum High Council. Once you’ve obtained Khalim’s Will, you can use it to shattered the Compelling Orb, which opens the way to a new quest. The Compelling Orb is one of the more difficult quests in Diablo 2, but it’s not impossible to complete it.

Khalim’s Flail is located near the Council. You can use it to smash the Compelling Orb, which gives you access to the Durance of Hate. Once you’ve retrieved it, you’ll need to interact with Alkor again to complete the quest.

Lam Esen’s Tome

The Lam Esen’s Tome is one of the Act 3 Quests in Diablo 2. The quest line begins with Alkor, where you must find and return an ancient tome to the sage. The Tome resides in the Ruined Temple, and it will grant you five free attribute points if you find and return it to Alkor.

You can find the Tome in the Ruined Temple, which is constantly guarded by Alkor. This book is written by the Skatsimi sage Lam Esen, and may contain valuable information.

Walkthrough of Diablo 2 Resurrected Act3 Quests

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To unlock the Act 3 quests in Diablo 2 Resurrectedm it’s essential to kill a Distinctive monster when you end the ultimate quest of Act 2 referred to as “The Seven Tombs”. This the place you go to Tal Rasha’s Chamber and beat the ultimate act boss Baal. Act 3 can be started once the previous act has been completed.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 1 – The Golden Chicken Walkthrough

  • After completing all Act 2 quests, you will need to find and kill any Distinctive Monster in order to start Act 3 Quest 1 Diablo 2 resurrected. This quest is completely different to other quests offered by NPCs in the sport. Although this quest can be chosen, we recommend that you complete it to get an everlasting +20 hit factor. So with that mentioned right here’s an entire walkthrough of The Golden Chicken quest:
  • As soon as the Kurast Docks allow, you can find and kill any Distinctive monster.
  • Jade Figurine is a product that the Distinctive Monster will drop.
  • You might have your quest log updated when you acquire this Jade Figurine
  • Deckard Cain will need this product.
  • He suggests that you take the figurine to Meshif, the captain of the ship.
  • It is now time to deliver the Jade Figurine and other items to Meshif.
  • He will take your merchandise in return for a statuette of a golden chicken.
  • It is time to return the golden chook statuete to Deckard Cain.
  • Deckard Cain believes the statuette holds the ashes of Ku Y’leh.
  • You can check this by visiting the Alchemist Alkor.
  • Alkor offers a Potion of Life to anyone who is able to allow and return space.
  • The Potion of Life provides you with an everlasting +20 hit factor.
  • This marks the end of Act 3 Quest 1.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 2 – Blade of the Previous Faith Walkthrough

  • Talk to Hratli.
  • This quest will require you to find an Historic Skatsimi Blade in Ormus to protect the city.
  • The Historic Skatsimi Blade referred to as “The Gidbinn” could be discovered within the Flayer Jungle.
  • Flayer Jungle is accessible via Spider Forest and the Nice Marsh.
  • It’s important to locate Flayer Dungeon to easily discover the village.
  • Find a Flayer Jungle hidden in the wilds of the world.
  • The Flayer Jungle might contain the altar.
  • To create its guardian, you will need to work with an altar.
  • To get Gidbinn, you must defeat the guardian Distinctive Rat Man.
  • Bring the dagger to Ormus
  • To receive a free Iron Wolf Mercenary, speak to Asheara
  • Return to Ormus for a Uncommon Ring.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 3 – Khalim’s Will Walkthrough

  • The easiest way to start the quest is to get into Nice Marsh. Additionally, be aware that this would be the most intricate quest in D2R So with that in thoughts let’s begin:
  • It requires you to transmute and create Khalim’s Will utilizing Horadric Dice.
  • For the recipe, you have to Khalim’s Eye, Khalim’s Mind, Khalim’s Coronary heart, and Khalim’s Flail.
  • They will be scattered at many places.
    • Khalim’s Eye: Golden chest within the Spider Cavern beneath the Spider Forest.
    • Khalim’s Mind: Golden chest from the Flayer Dungeon degree three beneath the Flayer Jungle.
    • Khalim’s Coronary heart: Golden chest from the second degree of the sewers, beneath Kurast.
    • Khalim’s Flail: On a Excessive Council member in Travincal.
  • Use the gadgets to transmute Khalim’s Will utilizing Horadric Dice.
  • You can use it to destroy purple glowing Compelling Orbs and enter Durance of Hate.
  • Act 3 Quest 3 could be now completed.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 4 – Lam Esen’s Tome Walkthrough

  • When you have completed the Act 3 Quest 4, activate it by interfacing with Alkor. “Blade of the Previous Faith” quest.
  • Start your search by visiting Kurast Bazaar’s Ruined Temple.
  • Beating Sarina, the Battlemaid, the Tremendous Distinctive Corerupted Rogue boss
  • Purchase the ebook.
  • Carry Lam Esen’s Tome e-book again to Alkor.
  • Redeem +5 stat points

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 5 – The Blackened Temple Walkthrough

  • You possibly can skip this quest when you’ve got already accomplished Act 3 Quest 3 Khalim’s Will. It is essential that you complete the quest to enter Durance of Hate.
  • You can search the log to find all six members of the Zakarum Excessive Council.
  • Three might be found in Travincal, and three in Durance of Hate.
  • Find the Drop Flail to instantly destroy Compelling Orb.
  • The destruction of the orb will stop all Zakarum members remaining from attacking you.
  • You should be prepared for the Mephisto boss confrontation in the next quest.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 6 – The Guardian Walkthrough

  • Once the Act boss has been defeated, you will be able enter Infernal Gate and start Act 4.

Khalim’s Brain

Act 3 Quests can be challenging, but they’re not impossible. This Diablo 2 Walkthrough will guide you through each quest, showing you where to start, which items you’ll drop, and how to complete them. It will also show you what kind of enemies you’ll be facing and what kinds of items they will drop. You’ll learn what kind of weapons and armor will help you in each quest, including the ones that are more difficult to defeat.

First, you’ll need to find Khalim’s brain. He has a large amount of them. He uses his brain to heal himself, which is why it’s so important to get them from as many enemies as possible. You’ll find the brain in a Flayer Dungeon, while the flail and heart are in the Spider Cavern. Both of these are guarded by a Witch Doctor named Endugu.

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