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Alchemy Stars Codes September 2022– Star Flare, Lumamber, Nightium

Alchemy Stars Promo Codes

You can get free rewards from Alchemy Stars by using promo codes released by the developers. The developers of the game announce these codes via their official website, social media accounts, and Discord server. You can check whether the codes are valid in the Code Redeeming Center to see which ones are available for you to redeem. Do not use a code that is expired or invalid as the system will not accept them. If the code is valid, you will be rewarded with the appropriate reward. However, keep in mind that promo codes are case-sensitive so you should be careful while typing them in.

Characters of the fire element

The fire element is represented by the color red and has a negative connotation. Fire is synonymous with chaos and destruction. In Alchemy Stars, characters with the fire element are primary damage dealers. Their attacks are powerful and have excellent crowd control. In addition to having impressive DPS capabilities, these characters also possess excellent AOE skills. Therefore, they are excellent choices for those new to the game.

There are many different types of characters in Alchemy Stars, each with a different personality and elemental abilities. The best way to choose the best characters is to review the Alchemy Stars character tier list. This list will help you understand which characters are more powerful and which ones are not. In addition, it will help you choose the best characters in the game. Once you know which characters are best, you can make the right decisions on when to release them.

While the game is a tactical RPG, the characters of this element have very strong abilities and will do the most damage per second. To increase your chances of winning matches, you should choose a team that is composed of characters with complementary skills. The best characters will be those who are specialized in Fire and Forest. For example, characters with fire abilities will deal the most damage per second, while characters with the forest element will be more powerful.

To use the fire element in Alchemy Stars, you need to have an account with the game’s full tutorial mode. After completing the tutorial mode, you can access all game tabs. There will be “characters” and “events” buttons. You will also find the “code redeeming center” button. Click on it and enter the codes you want. These codes will allow you to earn free gold, as well as unlock the fire element’s abilities.

image 115 alchemy stars codes

Alchemy Stars Codes 2022 Working List >>

Alchemy Stars allows you to control a variety of characters through turn-based combats. You learn more about the world around you, and you can become the strongest Aurorian. Alchemy Stars has a cast of animated characters that are full of personality, and a fantastic gameplay. It is sure to capture your attention.

With the help of our Alchemy Stars codes list, you’ll soon have tons of free items to use in the game. We will update this guide frequently with the latest codes, and we will also make sure to remove expiring codes as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t waste valuable time that could be used to play Alchemy Stars.

Update alchemy stars gift code list

Alchemy Stars Codes 2022 September Copy & Paste List Down;

ASTH2022VD Alchemy Stars Code: Get Star Flare and Nightium Free!


ASTH2022CNY Alchemy Stars Code: Get Star Flare and Nightium Free!


alchemyfanartGet Star Flare and Nightium for Free with the Alchemy Stars Cod


Expired Codes For Alchemy Stars Game >>

Currently, all the alchemy star codes are working it’s good for all the Alchemy Stars players because you can use and redeem all the codes and get free rewards like star flare, lumamber, nightium, hearthstones, and many others. You can’t redeem any alchemy star codes, so please comment below the code name. We will remove the code from the active alchemy stars gift codes list.

What is Alchemy Star Redeem Code, (Wiki).

Alchemy stars redeem code are free gifts from game creators to all Alchemy Stars gamers. You can get free star flares, lumambers, nightium, hearthstones and other rewards. The Alchemy star gift code expires after a certain time. In the table above, you can find all active alchemy stars gift codes for you to redeem for lumamber and nightium as well as other rewards.

How to Redeem Alchemy Stars codes Easily

If you want to alchemy stars code redeem but you don’t know the redeem process so check below here is the simplest process to redeem codes and get your free star flare and lumamber

  1. First open Alchemy Stars Game
  2. Next, complete the stage 1-9
  3. Next, tap the! Next, tap on the!
  4. Scroll down bottom of the “events” tab
  5. Next, click the Code Redeeming Center icon
  6. Enter your redeem code to check your mailbox
  7. Get Star Flare Rewards for Free!

Game Wiki – Description Of Alchemy Stars Game 2022 >>

Alchemy Stars for Android and iOS is an amazing new role-playing video game. You enter a fictional anime universe as part of the Aurorian civilization and fight against evil. Each Aurorians is a unique and fascinating character, with stunning combat animations and a beautiful overall design.


The light of the aurora penetrates the stratosphere … Follow its bright glow, from the edges of the sky to the edges of the universe and beyond. Your journey starts now!

Astra – Aurorians and Celestites have inhabited this land since time immemorial.

For hundreds of years peace reigned in Astra, but it was abruptly destroyed by the invasion of the Eclipses, dark creatures that were under the control of a mysterious organisation.

The Celestites were nearly destroyed at the hands of the eclipse… As the sole survivor of the Celestite legacy, you begin a long and harrowing life of solitude, deep underground.

17 years later, an Aurorian accidentally bumps into you and brings you back to the surface, where the light shines…

Accept the harsh truth that reality is unchanging and embrace your relationship the Aurori! Navigate the Colossus – a remnant from your ancient civilization – and travel the land along a loyal team of allies, each with their own unique stories! It is your turn to shine a light on the future and make a legend!

Game information –

Title – Alchemy Stars
Genre – Role Playing
Editor – Tencent Games

Game download –

Google Android Link (1.89 GB): Play Store
iOS Link (2.2GB). App Store

How can I get more valid alchemy star codes?

Redeem code-alchemy star is available on social platforms such Facebook, Instagram and Twitter@AlchemyStarsENReddit (@), and Discord. The code is usually released on special occasions such as special occasions, occasions and achieving certain game milestones. This post will be updated as soon as new alchemy stars gift codes become available. Keep checking this blog for new codes.

Conclusion >>

In this post, We’ve gathered a list of the most up-to-date alchemy stars redeem codes that you can use to get free rewards like star flare, lumamber, nightium, hearthstones, and more amazing rewards. This page will be updated as we receive new alchemy code.

Characters of the forest element

Fire characters can be very powerful in Alchemy Stars. These characters are powerful and can be very effective at taking out enemies. They also have the greatest damage-dealing abilities. Characters with the fire element have great crowd control and large DPS capabilities. They also have powerful attacks and strong AOE skills. But, while fire characters are powerful, they are also expensive. Using a combination of these factors can make them the most powerful characters in Alchemy Stars.

The Forest element is difficult to understand and has some unique aesthetics. It is also the most complicated element to learn. Characters from this element have high evasiveness and obliteration potential. However, new players may have difficulty understanding the game mechanics and are not advised to use this element. However, advanced players can quickly exploit this element. To understand how characters of the forest element work, check out the tier list.

As you can see, characters from the forest element have several benefits. They can crowd control and can deal damage over a larger area. Their long-range attacks are effective for dealing damage. Their versatility makes them great for both beginners and advanced players. They are easy to use and can be incredibly effective. In Alchemy Stars, a forest character can be very powerful and it will make the gameplay easier.

Forest-based characters are powerful and can be incredibly tough to defeat. While fire-based characters are the most effective in the game, they can also be vulnerable to some enemies. As such, the best approach is to specialize in one of the two elements and make your characters strong. For example, if you’re a fire-type player, you’ll want to focus on characters specialized in Fire, because they’ll deal more damage per second. And if you’re a forest player, you’ll want to invest in characters specialized in Forest-type units.

The other type of characters is the support units. These units are useful for forming a suitable path for Aurorians. In addition, they are useful in HP missions. Lastly, there are DPS units such as snipers and detonators. They deal a large amount of damage and can heal a single target. So, if you’re a support player, you might want to focus on supporting them for the time being.

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