All of the Run 8 Train Symbols

run 8 train symbols

Whenever you are on a train, you should be able to tell which route a train is on with Run 8 train symbols. These are just a few common ones. You can always find the exact symbols on a map or in your local station if you want to be certain of which direction a train is headed. To understand the meaning of these symbols, read the following article. This will help you identify the various routes and know which one to get on!

BN train 78 began operation on Sept. 9, 1985. It handled the TOFC from Springfield, St. Louis, and Memphis to Birmingham. In the following years, it was replaced by train 79. Throughout the 1980s, it operated through Kansas City, Tulsa, and Irving before being discontinued in the mid-80s. But it was not until the 1990s that the train was renamed as the current 77.

While the EL’s initial merger plan called for track rearrangements in East Binghamton, it also planned to modernize its yard with an automated hump/retarder system. This would have been a crucial sorting point between Port Jervis and Scranton, as well as between Buffalo and Meadville / Marion / Chicago. But the high cost of constructing a river bridge prevented this, causing significant disruptions to the EL’s early operations.

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