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All Roblox Royale High Spring Halo answers (2023)

Let the spring celebrations commence! Roblox is a popular role-playing game Royale High has just released their 2022 Spring Halo, and players are already lining up to test their luck. The halo is made up of a number of brightly colored flowers that are arranged on a vine. They meet in the middle to lighten a pair angel wings.

Check out our website for more information about the 2022 Summer Mermaid Halo. All Roblox Royale High Mermaid Halo answers (2022) guide!

Correct answers

To obtain this halo, users must correctly guess the best outcome of a story given to them at random from the fountain within the center of town. Below is a table that lists all the information we have at this time about various stories and their outcomes. These results are random so there might be periodic updates and rewards/punishments we don’t yet know about.

This article is based on the same stories as 2021’s to gain the 2022 halo. But, we expect this will change in the near future. This guide will be updated if these stories are changed by newer ones.

Note: Choosing the correct answer for the corresponding story will NOT guarantee you a halo, it simply raises your chances of getting one—a halo pull is extremely rare!

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Story and CreatorOption A PossibilitiesOption B PossibilitiesOption C PossibilitiesOption D PossibilitiesChoose a dance parter for the Castle Garden Dance-Off(NobleEeveeGirl)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+NothingSummon the naiad and choose a flower(rosaerie)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+NothingChoose which plant to find for the Fountain Girl(spindiprolu)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Diamonds+XP+NothingHelp Lucille prepare for the annual flower festival(Https_Zoey)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+NothingChoose an instrument(Bongo_Lad)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XPChoose which plant to water first for Blossom(Yvette_JR)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+NothingEarthquake in Divina Park(CEOofEfiJace)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XPHelping the mother robin(piggiecherry)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+NothingChoose a fashion model from Aria(CreeperCraftGaming76)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds+XP+NothingHelp Nissa with the Venus Flytrap(adrivannas)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+HaloChoose a magnificent flower for the Divina Park Flower Picking Contest(elefortliceaga1 and mlefortliceaga)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Diamonds-DiamondsChoose a path in the flower realm(will161203)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing

This chart will be updated as more stories are found with the corresponding punishments or rewards. Please let us know if you find any stories or outcomes not listed above.

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