All the Lost Ark Voice Actors

Lost Ark Voice Actors

Lost Ark Voice Actors

The cast of Lost Ark is impressive, featuring multiple voice actors for each character. This free-to-play title has everything from a huge fantasy world to character leveling and pet ownership. It even features a few famous faces and a lot of potential for gamers to bond. Despite its huge cast, it is important to remember that the game is not a “real” film, but a virtual one. So, how do you distinguish one character from the next?

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Armen is the heir apparent to the demon priests. Mark Whitten plays Armen, a priest of the demon gods, and has a long resume of character voices. He also played Rengoku Kyojuro in Demon Slayer and was the voice of Seteth in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Bastion is voiced by Joe Zieja, a Garreg Mach Officer Academy alum and internet personality. He previously voiced Claude von Reigan in Fire Emblem Three Houses and Issei Hoshino in Lost Trial.



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