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Among Us Skeld Map Helpful Information 2022 – Map Structure, Vents, Ideas

Among Us Skeld Map Information

Before you start playing Amongst Us Skeld, it is important to know a few things about the game’s map structure. First, you should know that the default map is called The Skeld, which is a good place to practice if you are a new player. Secondly, you should be aware of the vents, which are grouped into triangle zones. These zones are not a good idea for Impostors, so it’s better to avoid them unless you really need to use them.

Among Us Skeld Map

The Among Us Skeld map is small and straightforward, requiring the Crew to communicate with each other throughout the mission. Its symmetrical layout makes it easy to remember, with two corridors running from left to right and three from bottom to top. Each room is divided into tasks that must be completed. Memorize each room’s name and task, then plot your route. Move clockwise or counterclockwise, completing tasks as you go.

The Skeld map is the default map, and is a good place for new players to get started. It’s also a good place for experienced Impostors to test their skills. The map contains vents that are grouped into triangle zones. While these are easy to find, Impostors should try to avoid vents unless they’re absolutely necessary.

Among Us Skeld Map Admin console

Among Us Skeld Map

In Amongst Us, you can access your Admin console from the Mira HQ. It contains the most important functions of your Skeld, as well as all your players’ location. You can also check on the map and see what the most common tasks are in each area. The map also shows you where your players are located. In some maps, dead bodies are still registered as players, so make sure you check on this information.

Amongst Us is a multiplayer game, and the Skeld Admin console allows you to view other players’ locations in the map. These maps can be found in the Admin, Polus, Cockpit, and Records, and will show you where players are. However, the map does not show exact positions and it cannot show locations in corridors. It also displays dead bodies on the map. Although this ability is useful for a few players, it is most commonly used by the Admin to check their Crewmates’ location.


The Skeld is the default map of Amongst Us, and it is where many new players get their start. This map is relatively easy to navigate, and new Impostors should do well here. It features vents that are grouped into triangle zones. Generally, Impostors should avoid vents unless absolutely necessary.

Polus is the largest map of Amongst Us, and is best played with up to 10 players. It features 15 rooms and vents, and is set in an arctic base.

Among Us Skeld Map Minigames

image 309 among us skeld map

The Skeld map is one of the smaller maps in the game. Its small size and easy layout make it easy to navigate. A well-planned route and communication among crew members are essential to surviving. It is best to memorize the names and tasks of each room so you can plan your route. You can move clockwise or counterclockwise in order to complete each task.

Map Information: The map is divided into triangle zones. This helps players avoid the vents. It also features a security system that allows them to view four corridors at once. Players can also control other players with this system.

Dead crewmates

The Skeld map is one of the most important elements in the Dead crewmates on Among Us experience. You need to navigate the map carefully to reach your destination. The map has a symmetrical layout with two corridors from the left to the right and three from the bottom to the top. It also features a logical vent system that’s easy to memorize. It features five points connected by two triangle shapes in the center and a single line in each corner.

The Skeld map provides information about the various areas of The Skeld. You can view all four areas at once to keep an eye on your surroundings. You can also see the status of other players’ progress in the Communications room, MedBay, and Skeld.


Sabotage is a feature that is present on every map of the game. There are two types of sabotage: those that destroy the oxygen supply or the reactor. The Skeld map features both types of sabotage hazards. Players can also perform a Crash Course to solve problems. The map also has manual doors that can be opened by passing cards at the right speed. These manual doors can save a lot of time but may slow down the progress of other players.

Map Structure: There are three sabotage locations located in the upper right and the middle of the map. The lower right and left areas of the map are also vulnerable to imposters. Additionally, there are two places where an Impostor can lure a Crewmate out.

The Skeld Map in Amongst Us

Right here’s The Skeld Map Among Us Map Structure together with some extra vital info that it is best to know whereas enjoying.

  • There are 13 rooms other than the Cafeteria.
  • As a crewmate, you have to go to the rooms the place you see an exclamation level (!) and full the duties there. Don’t go alone, although, as a result of an impostor can kill you in case you are a lone wolf and nobody is round you for an alibi.
  • The duties the place there may be seen animation are situated in Medbay, Weapons, Cafeteria, O2, Shields and Storage.
  • From the Admin room, you may entry a map the place you will note the place different gamers are. This can enable you to decide who’s the impostor in the event you monitor their actions fastidiously.

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