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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Rainbow Sweater 2023

The Rainbow Sweater is one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ most sought-after items. Before you make your Able Sisters, Mabel can help you get it. You can buy the sweater in a shop after you’ve finished this task. It is 1,200 Bells in cost and 1,100 Pokis from Happy Home Paradise. This sweater is also suitable for Pashmina, making it a great gift idea for your best friend.

The Rainbow Sims Sweater

The latest trend is the preppy-styled sweatshirt. This design is available in 25 colors, and can be customized with a shirt or sweater. It’s more in keeping with the fashion trends of school kids and is named for Edward II and Piers Gavesston. It will bring drama to your sims wardrobe. This sweater can be found at Jongarakun’s Junk. This sweater is for you if you love brightly colored clothes and ruffled edges.

spring4sims rainbow sweaterThe Sims will love the animal clothing offered by the CC brand “Edward and Piers”. This pack includes 11 animal outfits, including one for the ‘Pig. This sweater is not as expensive as its rich cousin. It can be worn at work or home, just like the rich cousin. The perfect example of this style is the ‘Ashley” version of the Sims sweater.

Although the Sims have been fashionable since their inception, older generations often go unnoticed and the CC is often too bland to be noticed. This is the perfect version of the ‘Grandma’ Sims sweater that will catch their attention. This sweater is available in 11 pastel and floral colors to keep your older Sims warm and looking sharp. This color can be worn with all your outfits.




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