Anime Fighting Simulator Codes Working 2022!

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes Working 2022!

Anime Fighting Simulator codes are unique and fun rewards that can be claimed at any time. These items include chikara shards and Yen, which are used to advance in the game and level up your characters. If you’d like to obtain more of these items, you’ll need to gather a sufficient amount of these currencies. These codes can also be redeemed for free Yen or used to level up your characters.

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

There are several ways to obtain Anime Fighting Simulator codes. First, you can join BlockZone’s Discord and follow its Twitter account. You can also follow Pocket Gamer, which regularly updates its list of available codes. Once you have a list, you can look for them on that site. You can also follow BlockZone on Twitter. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for news on these codes. Once you’ve received your codes, you can enter them in the game.

Besides getting rewards for redeeming valid codes, you can alsoAnime Fighting Simulator Codes find out the latest ones through other means. Using the Discord or following BlockZone’s Twitter account will help you locate new Anime Fighting Simulator codes. Pocket Gamer’s blog also updates new Anime Fighters Simulator codes. In the meantime, you can browse through Pocket Gamer’s code archive to find the latest ones.

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes (2022 WORKS)

Here for All list of Working anime fighting simulator codes in 2022

  • 1millionsubsfrango – Chikara shards
  • bloodlinesfixed – Chikara shards
  • 300ksubstigretv – Chikara shards
  • emperadorwapo – 1,500 Chikara shards
  • 2millionsingRoup! – 20,000 Chikara shards
  • Emperadorstar – 5,000 Chikara shards
  • Frangonewcode – 1,000 Chikara shards
  • kelvin600k – 3,000 Chikara shards
  • Defildpromo – Chikara shards
  • Mrrhino50k – 2,000 Chikara shards
  • medtw50k – 2,000 Chikara shards
  • subtodefildplays – 1,000 Chikara shards
  • NNG – Chikara shards
  • elemperador100k! – 5,000 Chikara shards
  • Bigboi100k – Chikara shards
  • sub2hakimbo – Chikara shards
  • defildstream – 2,000 Chikara shards
  • emperadorsubs – 1,000 Chikara shards
  • Defildyen – 1,000 Yen
  • frango2yen – 500 Yen
  • defild700k – Chikara shards
  • Tigre200k – Chikara shards
  • sub2emperadormaxi – Chikara shards
  • n1colas2sub – 1,000 Chikara shards
  • tigretvsub – Chikara shards
  • subfrango – Chikara shards
  • L3NI – Chikara shards
  • Sub2tanqr – Chikara shards
  • sub2tplanetmilo – 500 Yen
  • subtomrrhino – 500 Yen
  • sub2razorfishgaming – 500 Yen
  • subtokelvingts – 500 Yen

How to Get Codes For Anime Fighting Simulator

In order to claim free rewards in Anime Fighting Simulator, you need to know the codes. The game requires a certain amount of Chikara shards and Yen for each level, and these are obtainable from the store. If you can find the right codes, you will be rewarded with extra items, as well as new abilities. However, you need to be very careful when you are looking for the best codes.

Codes For Anime Fighting Simulator

In Anime Fighting Simulator, you can use a few promo codes to get more items or make your progress faster. These codes can be redeemed by visiting the official website of the game, and they can be found at the bottom of the site. Simply type in the codes you want, and they will appear in the game. Once you have redeemed them, you can continue playing! You will also receive updates for new content in the future.

Using these codes in Anime Fighting Simulator can help you unlock new characters, unlock special skills, and get better gear. They can also help you unlock new weapons. You can get the latest updates and other updates for the game through codes. To find out which codes are available, visit the official Twitter page of Blockzone or discord. Once you have found the codes you wish to redeem, you can then press the blue bird button or type them in the field below. Once you have the code, click on the button, and your reward will appear. You can also obtain new ones by following the official website of Blockzone or the game’s discord.

How to Find Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

There are different ways to find the Anime Fighting Simulator codes, but you can also use a Twitter icon. You can find the codes on the official Roblox website and its social media account. Just click on the Twitter icon to open the game. You can redeem the code in the game, which will let you progress faster. Developers of the game issue the redemption codes when major updates and milestones are achieved, so make sure you check the list regularly.

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

Roblox has released many new features that will make it more enjoyable. There are more than ten million players online each day. These games require a high level of interaction, so giving away free Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes is an excellent way to increase your level and popularity. Here are a few of these new features:: – Aura chest and easter decorations. – 8 new sword skins. – Easter event. – 3 training areas. – Aura Chest.

– Anime Fighting Simulator codes are used to redeem free Chikara Shards or Yen. To redeem a code, follow the developer’s Twitter account. Then, click on the tweet that has the code. Then, enter it into the game to get your free Yen and Chikara Shards. This will allow you to spend Yen and chikara shards on different weapons, which will help you level your character faster.



Anime Fighting Simulator Codes 2021 – Double Your Rewards in Roblox

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes 2021

Anime Fighting Simulator codes can help you double your rewards in Roblox! These codes will allow you to double your rewards, which can be Chikara Shards or Yen. They can be used until September 2021. Read on to learn more! There are some tips that you should keep in mind while using the codes. These codes are only valid until September 2021. If you find that they are no longer valid after that, please update your game.

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

To redeem Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator codes, you must enter them in the text box located in the game. You can either copy and paste the code into the text box or click the green “Enter” button to redeem the codes. You will then be given a certain number of Chikara Shards and Yen to use in the game. After you have entered the code in the text box, you can begin playing the game.

To obtain a code, you must launch the game and click the Twitter logo. A new window will open on your screen. After you enter the code, your character will be able to use it to train. You can then redeem it for Chikara Shards, Yen, or other game currency. Using the code will level up your character instantly! Make sure you copy the code carefully.

Chikara Shards or Yen

Anime Fighting Simulator codes will give you free Chikara Shards and Yen when you enter them during gameplay. You can use these codes at any time to upgrade your characters. They will also allow you to level up your characters faster. The codes for Anime Fighting Simulator are available in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Here are some ways to redeem these codes in the Roblox game.

The codes can be used to unlock new classes, increase the EXP multiplier on your main stats, or buy other things in the game. Some of these codes have specific values, such as 1,000 Chikara Shards, while others have more general descriptions. It is best to use codes that give you free Chikara Shards rather than nothing in order to boost your character’s stats.

Double rewards

If you’ve been looking for some new items to purchase in Anime Fighting Simulator, you’ve come to the right place. As we’ve mentioned, a code can be used to get free items or even double your current levels. You can find codes for Anime Fighting Simulator by looking for announcements and updates from the developers. After you find a code that works, just click on it and your items will be doubled!

Anime Fighting Simulator is made up of five main dimensions, each themed around a different genre. Dimension One is all about anime, Dimension Two is for manga, Dimension Three is about Sword Art Online, and Dimension Five is all about tournaments. You can win competitive points by playing different games in these dimensions. You can then use these points to unlock new and unique items. Double rewards for anime fighting simulator codes 2021

Double rewards with Anime Fighting Simulator codes

If you are interested in double rewards in Anime Fighting Simulator, you should try using Roblox Codes in the latest game update. These codes will allow you to get free Chikara Shards for your Roblox account. In this way, you can earn additional resources and unlock more powerful weapons and special abilities. There are several ways to earn Chikara Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator.

First of all, you should be aware that codes in Anime Fighting Simulator are quite rare. It is recommended to get the VIP gamepass to get double rewards in this game. Once you have purchased a game pass, you can use these codes to unlock a new class. In addition to that, you can also get more EXP multipliers in your main stats. However, make sure to use these codes before they expire.


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