Age Of Empires AOE 4 Tier List for Civilizations 2022 Helpful Information

Age Of Empires AOE 4 Tier List for Civilizations 2022 Helpful Information

Age of Empires IV Tier List For Civilizations

If you want to dominate other civilizations in the Age of Empires IV game, you’ll need to learn more about the different AOE 4 Tier List and what they can do for you. In this article, we’ll cover the French, Mongols, Chinese, and Aztecs.


Aztecs are an excellent early game civilization, but as the game progresses, their power decreases. However, their superior economy, longer lasting resources, and cost-efficient Plumed Archer unit make them a great early game choice. Their infantry unit is also a good choice, and they have a full tech tree and two unique upgrades that make them superior to other civilizations. They are also able to produce a significant amount of gold, even compared to other civilizations.

Aztecs have a lot of good features, such as a great infantry line, a useful economic bonus, and a clear path to victory. They also have a good technology tree and a variety of monk-related technologies, which can be very helpful. However, they require a considerable amount of gold investment to unlock these upgrades.


Aoe 4 Tier List
aoe 4 tier list

There’s a very good reason for discussing tier lists for civilizations in Age Of Empires 4. Not only do these discussions help players understand how the different civilizations work, they also provide useful insight into the gameplay. A good tier AOE 4 Tier List will rank civilizations by their properties, movesets, and strategies, and is based on the current meta.

The French people, for example, are arguably the best civilization in AOE 4. They have some of the best archers in the game, which means they’ll have an early advantage. Additionally, their archers’ rushes can end a match. They’re also easy to manage and are popular among players.


Mongols are a versatile culture with a lot to offer. Their quick attack and withdraw abilities make them an excellent choice for a hit-and-run strategy, allowing them to flank an enemy civilization from many sides. They may also engage in spectacular wars to win resources. Ultimately, the Mongols will decide many games.

Mongols are a difficult race to master, but once you learn how to play them, they can prove to be a formidable force. They can be especially dangerous in hit-and-run tactics, and they have excellent military manufacturing capabilities. With their unique structure, Mongols can quickly expand their populations, and their speed allows them to quickly escape enemy forces. They are also one of the most effective civilizations on maps with walled settlements.

Standard Aoe 4 Tier List

While AOE 4 Tier Lists aren’t essential for winning games, they can be useful in understanding the different civilizations in the game. By comparing different civilizations, you can gain an insight into how they differ and how they complement one another.


The Chinese are one of the most powerful civilisations in the late game. Their fast construction skills are unrivaled in the game, and they offer a plethora of unique units. Their Mangonel variant, the Chinese Nest of Bees, fires a barrage of rockets that deals area-effect damage to enemies. The Chinese also have incredible siege weaponry, including reusable barrels, Reload Drills, and Pyrotechnics.

Although the Chinese are one of the most powerful civilizations in the game, they still have many weaknesses. A good civilization tier AOE 4 Tier List should be based on their overall strength, movesets, and properties. However, if you’re just starting out, a French civilization is a good choice.

Age of Empires 4 Civilization AOE 4 Tier List – All Factions

Image 122 Aoe 4 Tier List
aoe 4 tier list

Right here is the perfect AoE 4 civ or factions in our Age Of Empires 4 Civilization Tier Checklist:

  • FrenchS+ Tier
  • RusS Tier
  • EnglishC Tier
  • MongolsA+ Tier
  • Abbasid DynastyA Tier
  • Chinese languageB+ Tier
  • Holy Roman EmpireB Tier
  • Delhi SultanateC Tier



  • S+ Tier
Distinctive modelsArbalétrier, Cannon, Galleass,  Royal Knight
Interval840-1559 CE
Different TraitsMounted Fight, Mainland financial system, Productive Entrance


  • S Tier
Distinctive modelsLodya Ship, Streltsy, Warrior Monk
Interval882-1547 CE
Different TraitsDruzhina Retinue, Hunter Princes, Woodland Federation


  • S Tier
Distinctive modelsLongbowman
Interval850-1555 CE
Different TraitsProtection, Financial system, Community of Castles, Defensive Byrig, Island of Agriculture


  • A+ Tier
Distinctive modelsKhan, Mangudai, Traction Trebuchet
Interval1000-1500 CE
Different TraitsAggression, Nomadic, Mobility, Nice Dominion, Khanate, Sacred Ovoos

Abbasid Dynasty

  • A Tier
Distinctive modelsCamel Archer, Camel Rider
Interval750-1517 CE
Different TraitsAnalysis, Anti-Cavalry, Golden Age, Cavalry Fighters, Pursuit of Data

Chinese language

  • B+ Tier
Distinctive modelsFireplace Lancer, Grenadier, Imperial Official, Nest of Bees, Palace Guard, Zhuge Nu
Interval907-1644 CE
Different TraitsDynasties, Gunpowder, Enlargement, Fireplace Medication, Nice Dynasties

Holy Roman Empire

  • B Tier
Distinctive modelsLandsknecht, Prelate
Interval936-1517 CE
Different TraitsInfantry, Faith, Protection, Military of the Empire, Affect, Non secular Zeal

Delhi Sultanate

  • C Tier
Distinctive modelsFishing Boat, Scholar, Conflict Elephant
Interval879-1526 CE
Different TraitsNavy, Analysis, Protection, Frontier Fortifications, Backyard Bounty, Scholarly Tradition

Abbasid Dynasty

The Abbasid Dynasty is one of the better civilizations in Age of Empires 4, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best civilization to choose. It’s a good choice for any level, but if you’re looking for a strong pick for the game, you’ll want to go with a better one.

The Abbasids are an excellent choice for any player interested in building and research. Their buildings generate a lot of Gold over time, and they can even produce scouts. The Abbasids are also good against cavalries.

The Abbasid Dynasty is a solid choice for those looking for a strong and consistent Civilization. Its Camel Archers, research and gathering rates are excellent, and its unique House of Wisdom provides a boost. The Abbasid Dynasty can expand their cities and lands without interruption.

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