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This is best method to auto farm in Apex legends. Apex Farmer is gonna farm xp for you 7/24

How to farm XP in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, there are several ways to gain XP to level up quickly. Keep in mind that the rest of your profile level is static, and while you pay little attention to which characters you play, your details, like the kills you get, are directly tied to each character. For example, if you have 40 kills with Bangalore, those 40 kills will not be displayed when playing Wraith and vice versa.

Be sure to check out our history guide for more details on Apex Legends below. As you level up in Apex Legends, you’ll get Apex Packs with optional repair items for your characters and weapons. You will likewise get Legendary Tokens that can be used to unlock new Legends like Octane, Caustic, and Mirage.

Trying to gain insight and level up in Apex Legends? We protected you! Below that, we’ve gathered a full walkthrough on the most proficient method to gain XP and level up fast in Apex Legends, and we’ve also added some tweaks that speed up the Season 1 Battle Pass!

How to AutoFarm XP with Apex Farmer

Hello friends, I made a very basic python script that plays the game for you and levels up your accounts to level 10,

this works by using “AI” and looks for a thing on your screen to see if they match, this only works for 1080p screen, if you want to change its very easy just change to what screen size you have. also, you can make this run faster if you change where it’s looking at for each item.this video show exactly how you do this.

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also here is a video of how to set it up/ It in action

How to use ApexFarmer Video

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