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Troubleshooting Apex Legends Memory Issues: Fixes for Out of Memory, Memory Leak & More

Apex Legends Memory Could Not Be Read: How to Fix This Error?

Yo hommies! Are you experiencing any issues with Apex Legends recently? Do you keep on getting an error message that says Memory could not be read when you try to play the game? Well, worry no more ’cause we’ve got you covered. Cheaterboss here, and we’ll give you tips on how to fix this issue and be back to playing your favorite game in no time.

What Causes the Memory Could Not Be Read Error?

Before we proceed with the solutions, let’s first understand what causes this error message to pop up. Apex Legends memory could not be read error typically occurs due to a lack of system memory or a memory leak. This kind of error can happen when the game tries to access memory that has already been released or allocated to another process. Here are some subkeywords that are related to this issue that might help you further: apex legends out of memory, apex legends ran out of memory, apex legends memory usage, apex legends memory leak, apex legends will not load, apex legends stream memory, apex legends high memory usage.

Solutions to Fix the Error:

Now, let’s move on to the solutions that can help you solve this error message:

1. Upgrade Your RAM: If your system is lacking memory, then it’s time to upgrade your RAM. The game requires a minimum of 8GB RAM, and if your system doesn’t meet this requirement, then you’ll have to upgrade your RAM to play the game smoothly.

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2. Close Other Apps: Close all other apps running in the background to prevent memory contention. Apex Legends memory usage may spike if other apps are running, so this solution could help release some memory.

3. Verify Game Files: Verify the game files to check for any corrupted files, which can also lead to the error message. This step can also help verify if your game files have been successfully installed or not.

4. Update Drivers: Updating your graphics card drivers can also solve the error, as outdated drivers can cause memory conflicts as well. Make sure to keep your drivers up to date, especially when playing games.

5. Repair or Reinstall the Game: Finally, if none of the above solutions work, then try repairing or reinstalling the game, as this action can solve any issues related to the game files.


In conclusion, the Apex Legends memory could not be read error message can be an annoying issue for players. However, the above solutions should help you resolve this error and get back to playing your game without any problems. Be sure to try each solution mentioned in this blog post and test the game after each one to see which one works best for you. Until next time, keep gaming, hommies!

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