Arena of Valor Tier List Characters Ranked September 2022

Arena of Valor Tier List Characters Ranked September 2022

Arena of Valor Tier List

To get the most out of your Arena of Valor account, it is important to know what the different tiers are, and what they mean for the game. This article will give you a general overview of the different tiers, as well as the Heroes, Characters, Roles, and Rewards that each one provides. Listed below are some of the most common heroes:


While each hero in the Arena of Valor Tier List has its own strengths and weaknesses, the top heroes in each tier perform well. These heroes are not as powerful individually, but can be effective in team situations. Heroes in Tier B have some weaknesses, but can be successful when used properly. Tier C heroes are below average, but still serve an important role in the metagame. If you are still not sure which hero to buy, you can try out the different tiers to see which ones perform best for you.

In general, tier B heroes can be quite useful in some circumstances, and can often be a good choice for a team. In other situations, though, tier C heroes have few redeeming qualities and are not worth the investment. While it’s tempting to use a tier C hero in an arena match, it’s better to focus on stronger tier A heroes. Players should avoid putting tier D heroes in dangerous situations.


While MLBB has a huge fanbase, Arena of Valor is still a viable competitor in the mobile MOBA market. Its vast roster of heroes allows players to customize their heroes in a number of ways, and not every hero is created equal. You can choose between Support, Assassin, Warrior, Marksman, and Tank heroes. If you want to know the best in-game characters, read on.

Heroes in Arena of Valor are classified by their tier. The best Heroes in Tier A are ranked from strongest to weakest, as they play a major role in the metagame. Heroes in Tier B and C are excellent replacements for their tier A counterparts and will help your team achieve more victories. While they aren’t as powerful as Tier A heroes, they are still important to the metagame and can be a good pick for any team.


The Arena of Valor Tier List is divided by roles and lane types. These heroes will appear in competitive encounters if used correctly. While it is recommended to start with the strongest heroes, you should also consider playing lower-tier heroes if you are unsure of what kind of playstyle you want to use. These heroes can still be excellent choices on any team. Let’s take a look at some of the top choices for each lane.

Each hero in Arena of Valor has a distinct role in the game. The Tank is the hero responsible for soaking damage, while the Assassin gets into the action to finish off low-hp targets. The Marksman stays behind the Tank. The role of the Assassin is not as obvious in Arena of Valor as it is in other games. As a result, you may want to select a role that allows you to focus on your character’s strengths and weaknesses.


If you’re a fan of online MOBA games, you may be curious to learn about the rewards that you can earn by leveling up your characters in Arena of Valor. The game is currently one of the most popular mobile MOBA games, and the rewards are available to players in packs. The best way to collect these packs is to earn a few hundred Arena of Valor coins, which are then used to unlock special rewards.

When it comes to choosing heroes, A and B tiers have some obvious advantages. Heroes in A and B tiers are generally strong and can help you in quests, while those in C and D tiers are average. In this guide, we’ll explore what each tier offers. Here’s a quick look at the most valuable heroes in Arena of Valor. Once you’ve mastered these heroes, you can spend your time exploring other areas of the game.

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Arena of Valor has over 100+ heroes. Because Arena of Valor is MOBA, there will always some characters that are more diverse than others. Below the complete guide of Arena of Valor tier list with their perfect rank so now let’s start.

S Tier Characters – Arena of Valor Tier List

These are the characters who make up the Arena of Valor’s main meta. Because of their influence on gameplay, the best competitive battles will likely include a few of these characters. If you’re looking for strong characters to master, start with these.

A Tier Characters – Arena of Valor Tier List

These characters still make up a large part of the meta. They don’t define it as the tier S. They’re still great for almost everything, so they are good picks for any team.

B Tier Characters – Arena of Valor Tier List

They are great at fulfilling their intended roles, but they are not very good at everything else. These characters are great for supporting or just adding to your team.

C Tier Characters – Arena of Valor Tier List

These characters are also fairly average across the board. Their weaknesses do not actively hinder your game team’s success, but they do not change the whole course of the battle either.

D Tier Characters – Arena of Valor Tier List

These characters are very average across all teams. These weaknesses are not going to stop your team from winning, but they will not affect the outcome of the in game battle.

F Tier Characters – Arena of Valor Tier List

These characters are among the worst. These characters are not the best, but they don’t alter the overall game.

Best Tanks – Arena of Valor Tank Tier List >>

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Best Melee Heroes – Arena of Valor Tier List >>

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Best Jungle Heroes – Arena of Valor Tier List >>

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Best Mids – Arena of Valor Tier List >>

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Best Bottom Lane Carries – Arena of Valor ADC Tier List >>

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Best Healers – Arena of Valor Tier List >>

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Conclusion >>

Here is our AOV Tier List guide. We provide rankings for all characters in Arena of Valor. We also include here the best Healers and Bottom Lane Carries, Mids as well as Jungle Heroes, Melee Heroes, Tanks, and Mids for Arena of Valor. We hope you enjoy this. Arena of ValorComment on our Tier List posts and make suggestions.


There are several alternatives to Arena of Valor’s tier list, including Heroes. Arena of Valor is a strategy MOBA that revolves around team synergy and planning. While most games are centered around a specific class, Arena of Valor features a variety of classes. Heroes range from Support to Mage and Warrior to Marksman. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, but players can use the Arena of Valor Tier list to determine which heros will be best suited for a particular match.

Warriors are great for close-range killing, and they’re also equipped with mobility skills. Their ADC skills give them a distinct advantage, and they can also use Holy Guard and Deep Impact to control the map. As a result, they can survive longer than most other classes and are a great choice for B tier teams. Meanwhile, Assassins are more cautious, staying out of lanes early and sniping enemies for their laning team. While they’re not the fastest or most durable heroes, their ability to move quickly means they can reposition themselves at any time.

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