Ark Color ID in Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Color ID in Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Color ID allows you to change Ark’s colors. This feature allows you to choose the color of any spawned animal. To perform this task, players will first need to choose a region (0-5), then click on the “Color ID” command. The next step is to select the object from their inventory and enter the command on console.

Standard Ark Color Id

Ark Color ID

Ark offers several methods for creating an item. There are three options available to players: the Item ID (or Blueprint Path), and GFI (or GFI). The ItemID is the number following an item’s title. Black coloring is an example. It can be created on a map by pressing the spacebar and entering “admincheat itemNum” To spawn a specialized Item ID, a player can also use the GFI.Ark Color Id

The name and the color ID of the map will allow players to select their favorite colors. To view the player and the map, click on the map. Simply click on the “Random” button and hit the Enter key. To recolor artifacts, you can use your Ark Color ID. This temporary feature will end after the event.

Ark Dino Colors 

To find the different colors of the ark dinosaurs, you can use the command generator. To color your dinos, there are some rules you need to follow. First, it is important to know that there are only six colors in this game. This means that you can’t mix and match different colors. The next step is to find a way to dye the dinosaur.

Ark Dino Colors

The Command Prompt can be used to change the color of a specific creature’s ARK paint coat. You can assign colors to certain regions in the game. For example, the color “Dino Medium Green” will only be used for creatures that have been bred. The next step is to add children to your creatures. It’s possible to have your doedicurus attack you while you are painting it.

You can use the command-line to change a creature’s color in ARK. Once you have entered the code enter the following command into your console. The new color will appear on the map. You can repeat the command to create another creature. You should be familiar with the instructions to create the Ark Dinosaur Paint Codes.

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ARK Color Codes 

You might be interested in how to change your creatures’ colors ARK: Survival Evolved enthusiasts. First, go to the console to select the location (0-5) in which you want the creature to reside. Enter the ID for the color that you want to change into console. After you have chosen the color, take time to look at the creature and hit the enter key. Now the creature will change to the selected color. In the next example I have changed the fur color for a Dire Wolf.

Before you can learn how the ARK colors codes are written, it is necessary to first master their writing. The ARK Console Command is: setTargetDinoColor26. This command will change your region’s color to Dino Medium Green. This code will open an additional window which displays a list of all available colors in your area. After you have your ARK ID, it is possible to change the default colors in your area.

ARK PS4 owners will be able to access the console via the pause screen. Simply enter the ARK ColorID. Next, click on the L1 R1 Triangle. Next, type the ARK Console Command : setTargetDinoColor26. To change the color of the Dino medium-green region in the game’s menu. The ARK Gamepad will display a list of color values for each Dino area.

Ark Color ID List

Ark Color Id List

You can find the ID number for each creature on the Ark Color ID List. The Ark has six color regions. They range from 0 up to 5. To bring up the command console, you can also use a PlayStation/Xbox to simultaneously type “L1 R1 Triangle” Enter “R” for the ID of the first creature.

You can customize the game by using the ARK Color Id List. The command generator can be used for changing the Dinos’ color. These commands can change any item’s color. These commands can alter the appearance of any item visible or invisible. This is a great method to create your own ARK World.

  • Color ID: 1 Red

     Hex Code: #ff0000

  • Color ID: 2 Blue

     Hex Code: #0000ff

  • Color ID: 3 Green

     Hex Code: #00ff00

  • Color ID: 4 Yellow

     Hex Code: #ffff00

  • Color ID: 5 Cyan

     Hex Code: #00ffff

  • Color ID: 6 Magenta

     Hex Code: #ff00ff

  • Color ID: 7 Light Green

     Hex Code: #c0ffba

  • Color ID: 8 Light Grey

     Hex Code: #c8caca

  • Color ID: 9 Light Brown

     Hex Code: #786759

  • Color ID: 10 Light Orange

     Hex Code: #ffb46c

  • Color ID: 11 Light Yellow

     Hex Code: #fffa8a

  • Color ID: 12 Light Red

     Hex Code: #ff756c

  • Color ID: 13 Dark Grey

     Hex Code: #7b7b7b

  • Color ID: 14 Black

     Hex Code: #3b3b3b

  • Color ID: 15 Brown

     Hex Code: #593a2a

  • Color ID: 16 Dark Green

     Hex Code: #224900

  • Color ID: 17 Dark Red

     Hex Code: #812118

  • Color ID: 18 White

     Hex Code: #ffffff

  • Color ID: 19 Dino Light Red

     Hex Code: #ffa8a8

  • Color ID: 20 Dino Dark Red

     Hex Code: #592b2b

  • Color ID: 21 Dino Light Orange

     Hex Code: #ffb694

  • Color ID: 22 Dino Dark Orange

     Hex Code: #88532f

  • Color ID: 23 Dino Light Yellow

     Hex Code: #cacaa0

  • Color ID: 24 Dino Dark Yellow

     Hex Code: #94946c

  • Color ID: 25 Dino Light Green

     Hex Code: #e0ffe0

  • Color ID: 26 Dino Medium Green

     Hex Code: #799479

  • Color ID: 27 Dino Dark Green

     Hex Code: #224122

  • Color ID: 28 Dino Light Blue

     Hex Code: #d9e0ff

  • Color ID: 29 Dino Dark Blue

     Hex Code: #394263

  • Color ID: 30 Dino Light Purple

     Hex Code: #e4d9ff

  • Color ID: 31 Dino Dark Purple

     Hex Code: #403459

  • Color ID: 32 Dino Light Brown

     Hex Code: #ffe0ba

  • Color ID: 33 Dino Medium Brown

     Hex Code: #948575

  • Color ID: 34 Dino Dark Brown

     Hex Code: #594e41

  • Color ID: 35 Dino Darker Grey

     Hex Code: #595959

  • Color ID: 36 Dino Albino

    [1]Hex Code: #ffffff

  • Color ID: 37 BigFoot0

     Hex Code: #b79683

  • Color ID: 38 BigFoot4

     Hex Code: #eadad5

  • Color ID: 39 BigFoot5

     Hex Code: #d0a794

  • Color ID: 40 WolfFur

     Hex Code: #c3b39f

  • Color ID: 41 DarkWolfFur

     Hex Code: #887666

  • Color ID: 42 DragonBase0

     Hex Code: #a0664b

  • Color ID: 43 DragonBase1

     Hex Code: #cb7956

  • Color ID: 44 DragonFire

     Hex Code: #bc4f00

  • Color ID: 45 DragonGreen0

     Hex Code: #79846c

  • Color ID: 46 DragonGreen1

     Hex Code: #909c79

  • Color ID: 47 DragonGreen2

     Hex Code: #a5a48b

  • Color ID: 48 DragonGreen3

     Hex Code: #74939c

  • Color ID: 49 WyvernPurple0

     Hex Code: #787496

  • Color ID: 50 WyvernPurple1

     Hex Code: #b0a2c0

  • Color ID: 51 WyvernBlue0

     Hex Code: #6281a7

  • Color ID: 52 WyvernBlue1

     Hex Code: #485c75

  • Color ID: 53 Dino Medium Blue

     Hex Code: #5fa4ea

  • Color ID: 54 Dino Deep Blue

     Hex Code: #4568d4

  • Color ID: 55 NearWhite

     Hex Code: #ededed

  • Color ID: 56 NearBlack

     Hex Code: #515151

  • Color ID: 57 DarkTurquoise

     Hex Code: #184546

  • Color ID: 58 MediumTurquoise

     Hex Code: #007060

  • Color ID: 59 Turquoise

     Hex Code: #00c5ab

  • Color ID: 60 GreenSlate

     Hex Code: #40594c

  • Color ID: 61 Sage

     Hex Code: #3e4f40

  • Color ID: 62 DarkWarmGray

     Hex Code: #3b3938

  • Color ID: 63 MediumWarmGray

     Hex Code: #585554

  • Color ID: 64 LightWarmGray

     Hex Code: #9b9290

  • Color ID: 65 DarkCement

     Hex Code: #525b56

  • Color ID: 66 LightCement

     Hex Code: #8aa196

  • Color ID: 67 LightPink

     Hex Code: #e8b0ff

  • Color ID: 68 DeepPink

     Hex Code: #ff119a

  • Color ID: 69 DarkViolet

     Hex Code: #730046

  • Color ID: 70 DarkMagenta

     Hex Code: #b70042

  • Color ID: 71 BurntSienna

     Hex Code: #7e331e

  • Color ID: 72 MediumAutumn

     Hex Code: #a93000

  • Color ID: 73 Vermillion

     Hex Code: #ef3100

  • Color ID: 74 Coral

     Hex Code: #ff5834

  • Color ID: 75 Orange

     Hex Code: #ff7f00

  • Color ID: 76 Peach

     Hex Code: #ffa73a

  • Color ID: 77 LightAutumn

     Hex Code: #ae7000

  • Color ID: 78 Mustard

     Hex Code: #949427

  • Color ID: 79 ActualBlack

     Hex Code: #171717

  • Color ID: 80 MidnightBlue

     Hex Code: #191d36

  • Color ID: 81 DarkBlue

     Hex Code: #152b3a

  • Color ID: 82 BlackSands

     Hex Code: #302531

  • Color ID: 83 LemonLime

     Hex Code: #a8ff44

  • Color ID: 84 Mint

     Hex Code: #38e985

  • Color ID: 85 Jade

     Hex Code: #008840

  • Color ID: 86 PineGreen

     Hex Code: #0f552e

  • Color ID: 87 SpruceGreen

     Hex Code: #005b45

  • Color ID: 88 LeafGreen

     Hex Code: #5b9725

  • Color ID: 89 DarkLavender

     Hex Code: #5e275f

  • Color ID: 90 MediumLavender

     Hex Code: #853587

  • Color ID: 91 Lavender

     Hex Code: #bd77be

  • Color ID: 92 DarkTeal

     Hex Code: #0e404a

  • Color ID: 93 MediumTeal

     Hex Code: #105563

  • Color ID: 94 Teal

     Hex Code: #14849c

  • Color ID: 95 PowderBlue

     Hex Code: #82a7ff

  • Color ID: 96 Glacial

     Hex Code: #aceaff

  • Color ID: 97 Cammo

     Hex Code: #505118

  • Color ID: 98 DryMoss

     Hex Code: #766e3f

  • Color ID: 99 Custard

     Hex Code: #c0bd5e

  • Color ID: 100 Cream

     Hex Code: #f4ffc0

The ARK console command to change the Dino’s color is “setTargetDinoColor”. This will change the Region R’s color to Light Yellow (Light Red), Dark Grey/Dark Grey, or Dark Grey/Dark Grey. These colors are available for all creatures in the game. The command generator allows you to identify the colors of the creatures. You can also alter the color of the skin, which will allow you to change the Dinos outfits.




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