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Arknights Tier List Wiki 2023 – Best Characters In Every Class

Arknights Operator Tier List

In the Arknights game, there are several Operator Arknights Tier List. These tiers are based on the specific situations in which each Operator excels. Because of this, it is impossible to create a single list that compares all Operators. You must be familiar with the game’s specifics to truly determine which Operators are best suited for what situation. You must also know that some Operators are better than others.


Arknights Tier List

The operator tier list in Arknights is a great tool for players who want to understand which units are the best for certain roles. These lists rank the units based on their stats, abilities, and utility. Players can use these lists to pick the best operators for their next game.

In Arknights, there are over 200 different operators, and each one has different strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to recruit and train operators to help you out in your missions. There are two kinds of operators, anti-air and melee. The first one is the best in the S-tier, and the second one is the best in the B-tier. The ranged and melee operators can be placed on the ground or raised tiles, respectively. Both types of operators will help you in defending your base against attackers.

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Snipers are special units that specialize in specific tasks. Their best use is in PvP, where they can control the crowd and deal massive damage in a short time. However, they don’t have nearly as much damage as damage dealers do. Snipers are similar to Archers and can deal massive bursts of damage. However, they are very vulnerable to being taken out quickly, so they’re not the best choice for PvE.


In the Arknights Operator Tier List Medics, we’ve listed some of the best characters for healing and DPS. There’s also a selection of B-tier medics who are good healers but don’t have the power of an A-tier medic. While these characters aren’t ace performers, they’re good enough for people who don’t have the other choices.

There’s no one single Arknight unit that can replace another, but the Arknights Operator Tier List reveals the best units in the game for specific roles. The lists are sorted by various factors, including Health, Damage, and Armor. These lists can be a useful tool when choosing an operator for your next game.

Range Guards

There is a new Operator in the game – the Swire. While her offensive stats are middling, she’s a great option for boosting other units, especially Defenders. She also has a ranged attack, which makes her an ideal unit for plinking enemy units behind Defenders. She’s also one of the cheapest units to upgrade, which makes her the ideal B-Rank unit for your squad.

The Operator Tier List is a helpful resource for players who want to make the most of their Arknights Range Guards. This list is organized by class and role, and you can sort it by column. Wanderingsoul, a user on the Arknights Global community, contributed to this list.

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This page is a reference to the Operator Tier List in the GamePress website. It is based on the data collected from the game and the contributions of various GamePress contributors, most of whom are endgame players. They also maintain a dedicated channel for discussing the game and voicing their opinions. The Tier List reflects data, empirical evidence, and personal opinions. In addition to the data, the Operator Tier List also includes the opinion of the community to determine which Operators are best for different types of content.

Casters are one of the eight classes in the game. These classes include Caster, Medic, Defender, Guard, Specialist, Vanguard, Supporter, and Sniper. While they are not as powerful as S-tier operators, they can still help you win battles if you use their services.

Arknights Operator Tier Listing (2022)

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Influenced by Reddit, our Arknights Tier Listing 2022 with all Operators recruitment is courtesy of @Cesith7 as he shared on his YouTube channel. He the most effective streamers and content material creators for Arknights. So a tier record made by him is among the many finest yow will discover on the market.

Right here’s the Arknights Tier Listing 2022:

Anti Air Sniper

ExusiaiS Tier
Blue nPoisonA+ Tier
PlatinumA+ Tier
GreyThroatA+ Tier
CouldB+ Tier
VermeilB Tier
JessicaB Tier
MeteorB+ Tier
KroosB+ Tier
AdnachielC- Tier
RangersSp Tier

Sniper Excessive Precision

SchwarzS Tier
ProvenceA Tier
AciddropB Tier

Sniper Huge Vary

FirewatchA Tier
AndreanaA- Tier
AmbrielA- Tier

Sniper AoE

WS Tier
MeteoriteA+ Tier
ShiraYukiA Tier
SesaA- Tier
CatapultB- Tier

Quick Vary Sniper

ExecutorA Tier
PineconeA Tier
AostaB+ Tier

Heavyweight Sniper

RosaS Tier

Dying From Above

RosmontisS Tier

Quick Redeploy Sniper

AprilA- Tier

Caster Single Goal

EyjafjallaS+ Tier
CeobeS Tier
AmiyaA Tier
AbsintheA- Tier
Click onA- Tier
NightmareB+ Tier
TomimiB Tier
StewardB Tier
HazeB- Tier
DurinSp Tier

Caster AoE

MostimaS- Tier
LeonhardtA Tier
SkyfireA- Tier
GitanoB+ Tier
GreyyB- Tier
LavaC+ Tier
12FSp Tier

Caster Defensive

BeeswaxA+ Tier
MintA Tier

Vary Guard

SilverashS+ Tier
ThornsS+ Tier
LapplandS- Tier
AyerscarpeA Tier
AreneA- Tier
FrostleafB Tier
MidnightB- Tier

Help Guard

WhislashA- Tier
SwireC+ Tier
DobermannC Tier
Citadel-3SP Tier

Dualstrike Guard

Ch’enS- Tier
BibeakA+ Tier
CutterA Tier

Guard AoE

BlazeS+ Tier
SpecterS- Tier
BrocaA Tier
SavageB+ Tier
EstelleB+ Tier
PopukarC Tier

Guard Duellist

SkadiS- Tier
FrankaA Tier
MatoimaruB+ Tier
FlamebringerB+ Tier
ConvictionB+ Tier
MelanthaB Tier

Guard Brawler

MountainS+ Tier
FlintA Tier
IndraA- Tier
JackieB Tier
BeehunterB- Tier

Enmity Guard

HellagurS Tier
UtageA Tier

Guard Arts Dmg

SurtrSSSS Tier
AmiyaA+ Tier
AstesiaA+ Tier
MousseA Tier
SiderocaA- Tier

Tanking Defender

HoshigumaS Tier
NianS- Tier
LiskarmA+ Tier
CuoraA Tier
BisonA- Tier
CroissantA- Tier
BubbleA- Tier
MatterhornB+ Tier
CardiganC Tier
BeagleC Tier
Noir CorneC- Tier

Arts DPS Tank

AsbestosA Tier
Dur-narB+ Tier

Survival Defender

MudrockS+ Tier
VulcanA Tier

Single Block Defender

EunectesS Tier

Therapeutic Defender

SariaS+ Tier
BlemishineS Tier
NearlA+ Tier
GummyB+ Tier
HungB- Tier
SpotC+ Tier

Vanguard Ability

SiegeS Tier
TexasA+ Tier
ZimaA Tier
ChiaveB+ Tier
CourierB Tier
ScavangerB Tier
FangC+ Tier
VanillaC+ Tier
YatoSp Tier

Vanguard Utility

ElysiumS Tier
MyrtleS Tier

Vanguard Kill

BagpipeS+ Tier
VignaA Tier
ReedA- Tier
GraniA- Tier
PlumeB- Tier

Medic Single Goal

ShiningS- Tier
SilenceA+ Tier
WarfarinA+ Tier
SussurroA- Tier
GavialB+ Tier
MyrrhB+ Tier
FolinicB+ Tier
AnselC+ Tier
HibiscusC Tier
Lancet-2Sp Tier

Medic Multi Goal

PtilopsisS Tier
NightingaleS Tier
PerfumerA Tier
BreezeA- Tier

Huge Vary Medic

WhisperainA Tier
PurestreamA- Tier
CeylonB+ Tier

Supporter CC

AngelinaS Tier
SuzuranS Tier
IstinaA Tier
GlaucusA Tier
PodencoA Tier
OrchidC+ Tier
EarthspiritC Tier

Supporter Buff / Debuff

ShamareS Tier
PramanixA+ Tier
SoraA- Tier
TsukinogiB- Tier

Imposter Specialist

AakA+ Tier

Supporter Summon

MagallanS Tier
SceneA+ Tier
MayerA Tier
DeepcolorB- Tier

Specialist Utility

PhantomS Tier
Challenge CrimsonA+ Tier
GravelA+ Tier
KafkaA+ Tier
Waai FuA Tier

DP Eater

JayeA+ Tier


RobinA Tier

Specialist CC

ManticoreA Tier
EthanA Tier

Specialist Pull

CliffheartA+ Tier
SnowsantA- Tier
RopeB Tier

Specialist Push

WeedyS+ Tier
FeaterA Tier
ShawB+ Tier


Operator Tier List is a tool to compare the potential of an Operator against other Operators. The list compares Operators in the same archetype or role and makes use of data, empirical evidence, and opinions to determine the best Operators in the game. The Tier List is updated regularly.

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Operator Tier List Specialists are divided into several subclasses. Stalkers, also known as Controller Specialists, specialize in attacking enemies at close range. They also have the advantage of avoiding physical and arts attacks, making them a good choice when crowd control is needed. Lastly, there are Trapper operators, which use traps to impede the enemy. They also act as ranged units.

Operators in lower tiers are generally adequate for most combat situations, but may cause problems as the game progresses. They differ from their higher-tier counterparts in many ways and should be used only as a last resort if other options are unavailable. They may be viable in certain metas, but they are rarely worth having in a team.

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