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Ascent Map Valorant 2023 – Helpful Information Should Know About This Map

Valorant Map Guide

The Ascent Map was the first map created for VALORANT. It inspired the development of many other maps. The map was designed for speed and is considered the most challenging in the game. It is highly recommended that you practice before you play it. It is also highly recommended that you start early in the game to maximize your chances of survival.

Wall bang spots

image 528 ascent map

When playing Valorant, you will want to find a good wall bang spot on the map. There are several walls and objects that are great for wall banging, and you will want to make sure you’re able to spot them with your scope in order to have better control of your Odin recoil. The best wall bang spot on Valorant is the boathouse in the B site, as it offers a unique post-plant wallbang, insane spam kills, and a fast, clean way to destroy Killjoy’s Lockdown. This is the most well known wall bang spot in Valorant, so you can probably assume that any Valorant player will know exactly where to find it.

Another wall bang spot is the A-Heaven’s right corner, which is a good place to wall bang. While this spot is skinny and vulnerable, it’s also a good spot to spray.


The Boathouse on Ascent Map Valorant is one of the most strategic locations on the map. Its unique design allows players of all skill levels to utilize its location to their advantage. Its open middle section is ideal for players of varying abilities to play and can open additional routes to Spike sites.

Its design is inspired by a Tuscan theme and contains two Reactor Sites. Unlike other maps, it has two Reactor Sites and is very wide, which makes it perfect for team compositions.

Park bench

The Ascent Map Valorant features a park bench that is inspired by League of Legends characters Tahm Kench and Omega Jett. These characters are both playable in the game and serve as Easter eggs. The pizza in the Ascent Map Valorant is made with pepperoni, minced beef, yellow peppers, and tiny squirts of American mustard.

Fans of the game have speculated about what the meaning behind the bench is. A fan has pointed out that the bench appears to be modeled after Tahm Kench, the League of Legends champion, and appears in the Ascent Map. The Korean text on the reveal could refer to Tahm Kench.

Pushing B Main early

If you’re playing solo, the best way to push B Main is to be in B-Site as early as possible. This allows you to contest the ultimate orb and push instantly. Chances are, your opponent will only have one defender on the map. So, it’s crucial to be present in the B-Site early and communicate with your teammates on the mid catwalk.

Ascent has many corners and hiding places that can make it difficult for you to see your opponents’ movements, which can lead to trouble. However, it’s possible to avoid these pitfalls by following a few general callouts and strategies. For example, most teams will have a mid agent on the map looking for aggressive enemies. During the push, it’s important to be as silent as possible, as any noise will cause the A defenders to panic and hide in the Heavens.


The Chamber is a strong location in the Ascent Map. Its traps are useful on attack and defense. It also has weak anchors that make it a great spot for split pushing. This can lead to a faster rotation and flanking. A strong chamber player will be able to use the camera to snare enemies in a corner.

Players are satisfied with Chamber’s new kit, but new lineups make it difficult to judge if he’s balanced. In the past, new agents of the Valorant have always returned to the lab for balance and change. Chamber has been the exception to that rule, but his asymmetrical build has made many players question his potency.

Valorant Ascent Map Options

Ascent Map Valorant

Riot Video games has describe Ascent Map as an “open playground for small wars of place”. It’s set in Venice, Italy and has an ideal aesthetic. The map has an A bombsite and a B bombsite in addition to a mid space. The mid space is what’s going to change the sport basically and provides extra of a lift to both the defenders or the attackers.

The map reminds us of the basic De_Dust 2 map from Counter Strike and has all the weather to please Valorant followers in addition to gamers who love FPS video games.

Ascent has the characteristic of toggle doorways that open and shut. The defenders could make a door that solely opens from their facet. However that received’t be maintain the attackers away for lengthy as a result of the door might be damaged with melee or ranged weapons. That may additionally imply that the attackers should reveal their location to the defenders in doing so.

Throughout the battle as attackers, whenever you efficiently take management of the mid space, further routes will open up in the direction of each of the Spike websites.

The A bombsite is positioned on the east whereas the B bombsite is positioned on the west facet. On the B web site, there are quite a lot of angles that you would be able to reap the benefits of to shock your opponents. There are additionally two Orbs which might be positioned across the A and B Major areas, however will likely be seen to enemies who’re at standing a peak.

Map Callouts

The callouts of the Ascent Map in Valorant are as follows:

  • A window
  • A Rafters
  • A Backyard
  • A Hyperlink
  • A Major
  • A Wine
  • A Foyer
  • B Again
  • B Major
  • B Foyer
  • Mid Market
  • Mid Backside
  • Mid Pizza
  • Mid Courtyard
  • Mid Hyperlink
  • Mid Catwalk
  • Mid Cubby
  • Mid Prime

Chamber’s solo queue

Solo queues on Ascent are a great way to practice your communication skills, and they’re especially important on this map because of its long sightlines and lengthy rotations. The map’s layout is also ideal for teams, as initiator agents can clear different angles and gain control of different areas. This is especially useful for Operators, and it’s an excellent opportunity to practice your abilities as a sniper.

While there are plenty of other options for solo queues in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Chamber is a great choice if you want a unique and diverse playstyle. His kit makes it easy to play around corners, and his Ultimate is very useful for aggressive play. However, his passive abilities make it easy to get bored playing Chamber.

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