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Assign Water To Peacekeepers Or Survivors in Dying Light 2 Water Tower Choice & Consequences

Dying Light 2 Water Tower Choice – Survivors Or Peacekeepers?

In Dying Light 2 Assign Water To Peacekeepers Or Survivors, Survivors and Peacekeepers each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the water tower mission. Both factions provide different benefits to the player, and they cater to different playstyles. For example, choosing to give your water tower to Peacekeepers will allow you to build ziplines to traverse the area and earn a “Revolution” mission. In addition, if you choose to give it to Survivors, they’ll be able to receive parkour perks.

The Water Tower choice in Dying Light 2 is a major decision in the game, and the outcome of your choice will change the course of the game. Choosing to play as a Peacekeeper or a Survivor will change the course of the main storyline. As with most other aspects of the game, the outcome of the Water Tower choice is vital to the success of your journey.


Assign Water To Peacekeepers Or Survivors

Choosing which faction to assign your Water Tower to is one of the most important decisions in the game, and your choice will have a huge impact on your gameplay. It will help you decide how to best traverse the area. Additionally, it will affect what perks you get in the game, such as ziplines and car traps. There are several perks to choose from, but there are some advantages to assigning one faction over the other.

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Dying Light 2 gives you the option to assign your Water Tower to either the Survivors or the Peacekeepers. Whichever faction you choose, it will have an impact on the main storyline.


In Dying Light 2, the Water Tower choice is an important one. It will affect your character’s progress throughout the game. Giving water to the Peacekeepers will align you with them in this region, and will enable you to progress to the next part of the Main Story Mission. Once you’ve given them the water tower, you’ll be able to do a lot of things. You can use your Water Tower to refuel and restore health.

In the game, you’ll be able to assign water to either the Survivors or Peacekeepers faction, and your progress will depend on which faction you choose. The choice will also affect which story quest you complete next. Choose your faction wisely, as each choice can have disastrous consequences and could impact the game’s overall storyline.

Zone effects

The choice to assign water to Peacekeepers or Survivors is a critical part of the storyline in Dying Light 2. Your choice of faction will affect the rest of the game and will affect your progression through the game. The following are some of the consequences of this choice.

First, the Water Tower Choice enables you to decide which faction will control water in the city. Assigning water to the Peacekeepers will give them access to ziplines and help them traverse the area. Additionally, it will give them the ‘Revolution’ mission. In contrast, giving water to Survivors will give them parkour abilities.

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Dying Gentle 2 Water Tower Selection Outcomes

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The most important influence of the water tower selection in Dying Gentle 2 is the perks you get. If you happen to give the Water Tower to the Survivors you get ziplines. And in case you give it to the Peacekeepers they are going to add extra automobile traps to the vehicles all through the road which you may make explode.

What occurs whenever you Give Water Tower to the Survivors?

As defined above the largest profit is getting ziplines. It will assist in some ways to traverse the world. When it comes to missions, you’re going to get the “Revolution” mission. The perks you get for giving the water tower to the Survivors are extra centered on parkour. So in case your playstyle entails a number of parkour it’s best to go together with this selection.

What occurs whenever you Give Water Tower to the Peacekeepers in Dying Gentle 2?

While you give the Water Tower to the Peacekeepers you get Automotive traps. The perks listed here are extra combat-focused such as you get the PK crossbow, among the best weapons within the recreation, and another traps. As for the mission you get the “Into the Darkish Foremost“.

Minor spoilers warning, if you’re too anxious to choose keep in mind that their main outcomes don’t have an effect on a lot exterior Previous Villedor.

Whilst you ought to nonetheless contemplate the above elements when making this selection, if I needed to advocate a selection then it’s best to go together with the Survivors. I felt the outcomes of their story aren’t as heavy because the one whenever you select Peacekeepers. As a way to forestall spoiling the story, I received’t reveal what the eventual end result is of each selections.

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What to do in regards to the Jack and Joe Selection in Dying Gentle 2?

There are two units of selections on this encounter the primary is to battle or negotiate with them. This selection doesn’t matter as each the outcomes result in you negotiating with them. However the second selection is considerably vital.

If you happen to select I’ll enable you, they are going to survive and you’ll meet them later for a facet quest. And in case you select I received’t enable you, you begin combating them. Spoilers forward, you’ll remove them. Additionally, that facet quest talked about above will likely be gone. So if you wish to play extra then assist them, else don’t assist.


When it comes to Dying Light 2‘s water tower choice, there are a few things to keep in mind. The decision you make will have an impact on the game and the story. Here are some things to consider: Which character you play as, what type of perks are available to you, and what route to choose.

The first important decision to make in the Water Tower quest is which faction you want to join. This will determine which story quest you will begin next. For example, the Survivors will begin with Revolution, while the Peacekeepers will start with Into the Dark. Once you’ve completed either of these two main quests, you’ll head back to the linear story path.

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