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Astro Pay Promo Code September 2022 – Get $10 Signup Bonus

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If you have not heard about AstroPay, you may be surprised to learn that it has recently become popular as an alternative payment method. With 73 payment options, AstroPay is a convenient alternative to credit cards. The service sends you a code in the form of an email that you can then redeem at online entertainment websites. Similar to ecoPayz ecoVoucher and CASHlib, AstroPay offers secure and private transactions, making it an excellent alternative to using credit cards.

What is the Astro pay card?

Astro pay card

Astro Pay Card provides prepaid virtual card options to its users. These cards can be used in more than 100 online shopping sites. From Astropay You can pay without a bank account or debit/credit card, you can for instance use your AstroPay card to secure the original debit & credit card.

  • Astro pay card is completely free.
  • Transfer money directly from card to credit card

AstroPay is the best thing about it. You can combine all of you cards into one card, then your card number will be changed and all balances transferred to one card.

This 16-digit card lets you deposit with a credit card and immediately load money to your AstropyAccount. The card code can be used on your shopping cart, games, and betting sites.

Use Astropay

Astropay lets you protect yourself, complete your purchase and not risk all of your money. Astropay can be purchased for the amount you specify.

AstroPay is an online prepaid virtual card. It was designed to allow you to make your purchases as quickly and safely as possible. Astropay will eliminate all your old payment methods.

Astropy will make it easier to purchase your item before you place a question mark on Google.

image 125 astro pay promo code

How to use AstroPay Promo Code

Open the AstroPay app using our referral link. Enter your mobile number then fill new password and AstroPay promotion code —— in the signup form. You can only get this offer if you have the AstroPay App.

You will receive a $10 card at no cost to your email address. Please update it in the profile section.

How to do KYC for the Astropay card

Astropay KYC can be completed by submitting a minimum of documents such as a passport, government ID or driving license.

Send AstroPay cards to your friends

You can easily send Astro pay cards to your friends by following these steps

Click on the card that you wish to send and go to wallet. Next, enter the number you wish to send the card. That’s all

Astro pay card features

  • The payment fee is not extra.
  • Virtual cards can be purchased in unlimited quantities
  • You can use this card to purchase USD for international transactions
  • Enter OTP (for secure card transfer) at the time of transaction

How to use Astro Pay card?

Astro Pay Card is a United Kingdom card that can be used by people from many countries.

Here are some examples of companies where it can be used.

  • Like, 1xbet (Gaming)
  • Betway 365 (Gaming), is also similar.
  • Paxfull – Bitcoin
  • LocalBitCoin is a similar cryptocurrency to Bitcoin.
  • GoDaddy (Domain Hosting, SSL and Domain)

How to Share Astro pay Promo code?

Astro Pay Promo code is used to refer your friends and social circle. Astro pay then pays you 10$ for each successful referral.

Click on your profile, then click on the account. Click the next page and then click Invite Friends.

After that, click on your referral link and download astropay app. Sign up and you’ll get a $10 bonus.

Astro Pay Promo code Details

1- The validity of this promotion is strictly limited to registered users, whose referred friends – through specific promotion links available on Facebook and partner sites – download, register and then purchase at least 1 Astro Pay card from the Astro Pay Card mobile app. The promotion ends on the last day.

2- You can find specific sharing links for this promotion on Facebook and partner websites after the start of the promotion and throughout the duration. A user must be registered before they can refer a friend. A code will be sent to the friend who is referred via the official link. This code must be used at registration.

3- The promotion winner will only be eligible if his/her friend downloads the AstroPay Card mobile application, registers using the code found on Facebook and other partner sites, and then purchases the card through the AstroPay Card mobile App. Only after the referral friend has completed the steps outlined above, the participating user will receive a new 10$ card within 24-48 business hours – from the purchase of the referral friend’s card on their mobile app account of AstroPay card.

Astro Pay Referal criteria

1 –Only the user who participates in the promotion and whose friend has registered must follow the above steps. In other words, download the AstroPay app, enter the promo code, and then purchase a card via the AstroPay mobile app.

The friend that is nominated by the AstroPay Card mobile application but does not enter the promo code or buy the AstroPay Card through the AstroPay Card app will not be considered a Partner and therefore he will not receive Will Not Do. Prize for the participant.

2 –Astropay will give two Astrocards worth 10$ each to users who take part in the promotion. This is for each friend who meets the terms of these terms.

If a friend meets the requirements, the participant user can receive 10$ from AstroPay. Or, two AstroPay cards. He/she may refer two or more friends that meet the requirements to receive 20$ from Astropay.

Astro Pay Card Unlimited VCC

Astro Pay Card app is available on Playstore. You can create unlimited virtual credit cards that can be used for Web hosting, domains and Netflix Similarly Hotstar Trail.

You can grab many cashback and loot offers from different brands.

AstroPay Supported countries

Here’s a list of countries that Astro Pay Card can be used. Refer to Astro Pay Promo Code

Astrope processes payments from merchants who sell in Latin America and China. For foreign merchants, there is no need for local incorporation, offices or agents. The AstroPay card is accepted in Brazil and Argentina, Peru and Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Japan, China and Indonesia. AstroPay Direct can be used in Argentina and Brazil as well as Chile, Colombia, Mexico (Peru), and Uruguay. AstroPay also processes Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litcoin payments in many countries around the world.


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If you are looking for a way to save on your monthly bills, try using the Astro Pay Promo Code XmGQle5P. This is valid for friends who purchase an Astro Pay card. It works on Facebook and partner websites. All you need to do is recommend a friend and they will receive the code. It’s that simple! It also offers many other benefits, such as a referral program and loot.

This promo code works in over a hundred countries, which means you can use it anywhere you like! It’s the most convenient and secure way to make payments online. You can even earn $10 for every referral you refer. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to use the AstroPay app to make payments with your friends. Once you sign up, you can use the promo code to get the $10 reward.

If you want to earn more money through this promo code, you can refer as many people as you can and share it on social media. Make sure to download the Astro Pay app first before you can use the code to earn. You can also earn referral commissions by sharing the code on social media. But beware of fake accounts that are just waiting for you. This is not a scam. Just remember to use the Astro Pay Promo Code XmGQlE5P responsibly to avoid falling victim to fraudulent companies. You’ll be able to make a significant amount of cash by referring friends!

AstroPay allows you to combine multiple cards. One card will be merged with all other cards so all your balances are collected in one. With the Astropay promo code, you can deposit money from your credit card and load it onto your Astropy account instantly. You can enter the code in shopping carts, games, or betting sites to complete transactions with ease. Using your card with Astropay is fast, safe, and convenient.

After you sign up with AstroPay, you will receive two free 10$ Astro cards. As long as you refer a friend to the program, you’ll get up to two free cards! You can even refer multiple friends to make the promotion work. The promotion is also applicable to existing customers, so you can earn free money while shopping! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use AstroPay when you need it.

The minimum documents needed to complete your Know Your Customer (KYC) process are a driver’s license and a passport. Then, you’ll be on your way to enjoying cashless payments and unlimited virtual cards! You can make purchases from any of the thousands of places that accept your AstroPay card. There’s no limit to how many friends you can recruit with your Astro Pay promo code XmGQlE5P!

You can also refer your friends to AstroPay and earn free R$10 cards! To join, download the AstroPay mobile application and register using the promotion code XmGQlE5P. Afterward, buy your new AstroPay card using the mobile app. Then, nominate a friend and earn a free $10 card as a thank you! You can also refer as many friends as you want, as long as they sign up through the app.

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