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Astroneer Qbits: Tips and Tricks for Free Qbits and Cheats

Astroneer Qbits – Cheating Your way to the Top of the Galaxy

Hey, hommies! Here’s your boy again, with some cheats to get to the top of Astroneer. We’re talking Qbits. This is the currency you’ll need to unlock all the awesome gear and upgrades that will make your the king of the galaxy. You don’t have hours of grinding to get your Qbits. You heard me right. I will show you how to hack the game and get those Qbits.

Astroneer Qbits Hack, Cheating Your Way To the Tippy Top

Before we dive into the cheats let me give you some background. To unlock all the cool stuff in Astroneer you will need Qbits. They can be earned by exploring other planets, gathering resources, or completing missions. Who has the time? The Qbits Hack is the solution. Here’s what to do:

  1. First, ensure that Cheat Engine is installed. This is the program we will be using to hack Qbits.
  2. Next, open Astroneer. Then open Cheat Engine.
  3. Click on Cheat Engine and select Astroneer.
  4. Next, enter the number of Qbits that you have at the moment and click on the First Scan button.
  5. Wait for the scans to complete, then return to Astroneer to spend some Qbits to purchase a new module or a suit. Spend at least 1 Qbit.
  6. Return to Cheat Engine, type the new Qbits amount and click Next Scan.
  7. Keep repeating steps 5 to 6 until you find a single result in Cheat Engine. Double-click the result to change its value. You can purchase everything you need with just 10,000 Qbits
  8. Boom! Boom!
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Astroneer Qbits Cheat – Another Way to Quickly Get Rich

If you don’t like Cheat Engine, there is another way to cheat your path to a lot of Qbits. Here’s how you cheat:

  1. Astroneer: Press the Enter key to open the command console.
  2. Enter unlockresources without the quotes and hit enter. This will unlock all resources, including Qbits.
  3. Press enter to type unlockall. This will open all items that you can purchase with Qbits.
  4. Enjoy your newfound wealth, dominance.

Wrapping it up: Astroneer Qbits codes and more

There you go, hommies. Astroneer offers two ways to cheat your path to the top. What about Qbits codes? Are there other ways to get them free of charge? Unfortunately, I could not find any legitimate codes or free ways to get Qbits. However, I don’t think anyone needs any freebies when they have the power to hack and cheat.

You must use these cheats responsibly, so that you don’t ruin the game. You might feel guilty for cheating if you ask yourself the following question: Would you rather spend hours grinding Qbits, or out exploring the galaxy and having a lot of fun? Cheats, you have the choice.

Keep it real, and don’t be a cheater until next time.