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A Universal Time AUT Dragon Ball Spawn Rates And Locations Helpful Guide 2022

A Universal Time and Anime Adventures – How to Keep Track of Dragon Ball Spawning Rates and Locations

A Universal Time is a new Roblox game where you can unlock special abilities like AUT Dragon Ball Spawn Rates. Some of these abilities are inspired by fan favorite anime characters. For instance, the game lets you become the powerful droid Broly. Broly is incredibly strong, forceful, and has a twisted personality. He’s also feared throughout the DBZ universe. The game allows you to access his incredible power by following a few simple steps.

An item spawns every 2 minutes in Roblox’s action/adventure game

When you play Roblox’s action/adventures, you may be wondering how you can keep track of where to find a particular item. The good news is that these spawn lists are updated regularly and are a great way to get the most out of the game. Roblox’s Grand Piece Online is one such game, with a large world, boats and ships, and various things that you can do to get ahead.

In Roblox’s action/adventures, players can train to become the best swordsman they can be. This game is popular with kids and adults alike. It’s based on the anime One Piece, and has a large player base. The game can be played by up to 12 people on a single server. In the game, players can train to be the best swordsman they can be, and there are 2300 levels to cap. Generally, only one player is on each team, and each player’s skill level determines the length of the game. The game usually lasts minutes, but can last longer depending on the skill level of the players.

Roblox’s action/adventures can be a lot of fun! With a huge community and thousands of games to choose from, Roblox is sure to have something for everyone. From bare-knuckle brawlers to grand strategy games, Roblox is a unique place to play.

An item spawns every 2 minutes in Mysterious Hat in Roblox’s action/adventure game

In Roblox’s action/adventures game, you can collect unique items and use them as weapons. One of the most unique quest items is the Mysterious Hat Aut. This hat possesses immense power and can do a lot of mysterious things. Once you reach level 40, you can use it to help you pass through various hurdles.

You can get items from various places in the game. For instance, if you’re searching for a hat for a pirate, you can search for one at the Pirate’s Cove. If you find his hat, he’ll give you some of his treasure. You can even return the Celtic Necklace for 30 coins.

The game is free to play, and it is available for all ages and skill levels. It also comes with a lot of different items and features. You can find an item every two minutes, which means that you’ll have more options to collect them. You’ll also be able to find items and places in the game that are more difficult to reach. You can also explore the infinite metaverse by using your Roblox account or register a new one. The number of items available in the game is ever-growing.

The game is full of scary and deception, so players will definitely feel frightened. Another game that will make players jump is the eerie horror game The Mimic. The game features a maze-like environment and jump scares. Players can also play it with up to 10 people. The game has 12 maps and 7 different game modes.

Universal Time AUT Item Spawn Rates, Locations

Below is the Roblox A Universal Time (AUT), which includes spawn time, chance, and Spawn Rates.

ItemsSpawn Rate – TimeSpawn Rate – ChanceLocate / Obtainable from
Admin ArrowExclusiveExclusiveGet admin+ or whitelisted
Aja Mask6,000 seconds1/2 (50%)Dio Brando Boss
BankNote60 seconds1/1 (Guaranteed)Spawns can be found in particular areas
Blooded DiaryDeleted ItemDeleted ItemDeleted Item
Bol1,500 seconds1/5 (20%)Spawns all over the map
Bone600 Seconds1/375 (0.26 to 2%)You can either buy in the shop or spawn in sand debris
Boombox3,600 Seconds1/100 (1%)Exclusive offer for 2 days
Bravery1,800 Seconds1/10 (10%)Talk to  Mystery Man
Bread3,600 Seconds1/4 (25%)Find in Stacks
Camera3.500 Seconds1/5 (20%)DIO drop (25%-30% rate) or Dio Brando drop (15%-20% rate)
Celebration Diary3,600 Seconds1/2 (50%)Celebratory events
Cosmic Orb3,600 Seconds1/15 (6.67%)Deleted Item
Crystal Gem3,600 Seconds1/15 (6.67%)Spawns all over the map
Cursed OrbTreasure Chest1/100 (1%)Treasure Chest
Dank Diary850 Seconds1/4 (25%)Spawns all over the map
Death Note600 Seconds1/425 (0.24%)Trade with Players
The determination600 Seconds1/200 (0.5%)Drop in any Spawn
Devil’s Palm600 Seconds1/3  (33.3%)Old Universe
DIO’s DiaryChest/ Drop9/100 (9%)Treasure Chest / Dio drop
Dragon Ball1,800 Seconds4/5 (80%)Treasure Chest
Eye of the Saint CorpeDig1/150 (0.67%)From Devils Palm
Fortnite Burger6,000 seconds1/7 (14.29%)Spawns all over the map
Gift of the Gods6,000 seconds1/4 (25%)Spawns all over the map
Glitch Diary1,500 Seconds1/8 (12.5%)Deleted Item
Heart of the Saint CorpeDig47/50 (4%)From Devils Palm
Holy Diary900 Seconds1/10 (10%)Spawns all over the map
Hornet Nest600 Seconds1/20 (5%)Spawns all over the map
Integrity350 Seconds1/50 (2%)Spawns all over the map
Justice1,800 Seconds1/10 (10%)Spawns all over the map
Kindness1,800 Seconds1/10 (10%)Spawns all over the map
Kujo Jotaro Cap200 Seconds1/3  (33.3%)Deleted Item
Meteor450 Seconds1/10 (10%)Space Dimension: Falls
Mini CastleDeleted ItemDeleted ItemDeleted Item
Mysterious Hat1,200 Seconds1/4 (25%)Spawns all over the map
Mystery Mask600 Seconds1/200 (0.5%)Talk to  Mystery Man
Nub Diary3000 seconds1/1 (Guaranteed)Unobtainable
Patience1,800 Seconds1/10 (10%)Spawns all over the map
Perseverance300 Seconds1/50 (2%)Spawns all over the map
PortalBuy1/1 (Guaranteed)Shop or Stack shop
Present1,800 Seconds1/3  (33.3%)Obtainable during Christmas
Requiem Arrow600 Seconds1/10 (10%)Currently Broken
Rokakaka FruitDeleted ItemDeleted ItemDeleted Item
Saint’s Left ArmDig1/30 (3.33%)From Devils Palm
Samurai Path600 Seconds1/3  (33.3%)Spawns all over the map
Sand Pile120 Seconds1/1 (Guaranteed)Dig from Devils Palm
Spin (Item).600 Seconds1/30 (3.33%)Spawns are scattered around the map (Spin from your shop is different).
Stacks1,800 SecondsVariableVaries – Refer below for more information
Stand Arrow180 Seconds1/1 (Guaranteed)1.5k for purchase from shop
Star Gem3,600 seconds1/15 (6.67%)Spawns all over the map
Tales of The UniverseTreasure Chest1/100 (1%)Treasure Chest
Traves got burgerUnobtainableUnobtainableUnobtainable
Treasure Chest300 Seconds9/10 (90%)Spawns all over the map
True Requiem Arrow1,800 Seconds1/35 (2.86%)Spawns all over the map
Orb of the Universe3,600 Seconds1/3  (33.3%)Spawns all over the map
Valentine’s Flag2,400 Seconds1/7 (14.29%)Unobtainable
Vampire Mask1,800 Seconds1/2 (50%)Unobtainable
You can watchQuest Reward1/1 (Guaranteed)Complete Sakuya’s quest
WaterBroken ItemBroken ItemBroken Item
X-Soul2,700 Seconds1/15 (6.67%)Spawns are found in chests throughout the map
Zenith Arrow1,800 Seconds1/12 (8.33%)Get from Stacks

How to get Stacks at AUT

To obtain Stacks within A Universal Time, you must play and stay on any AUT server with a Spawn Rate of at minimum 30 minutes. They are completely different from banknotes, arrows, etc. and are credited automatically. They also have different chances in the game. The game no longer offers 4 Stacks or 5 Stacks. Here’s the Spawn rate or Chances for all the Stacks.

1 Stack Rewards Opportunities

  • There is a 1% chance of obtaining a Supreme item.
  • 20% chance to purchase a rare item
  • 79% chance to buy a regular item.

2 Stack Rewards Chances

  • There is a 2% chance of a supreme standing.
  • 10% chance to secure a rare spot
  • 88% chance of a regular stand.

3 Stack Rewards Opportunities

  • 8% Chance to Win a Superior Product
  • 30% Chance to win a rare item
  • 62% chance of a normal item

An item spawns every 4 minutes in Killua in Roblox’s action/adventure game

Anime Adventures is a popular game mode on Roblox, where you must defend your base from waves of enemies. The enemies become stronger and more numerous with each round, and you need more powerful characters to survive. Early waves can be easily handled by basic characters, but you will have to level up if you want to advance to later stages. The Susanoo Fire ability can help you deal extra damage. It deals extra damage and knockback, and your chance of causing critical damage is increased by 25%.

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