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AUT Tier List – Roblox A Universal Time, (AUT) Helpful Tier List September 2023

Roblox A Universal Time – AUT Tier List

The Roblox AUT Tier List is a guide for selecting the right character in the game. With this guide, you can easily find out the ranks of all the Roblox AUT stands and pick the right character for your playstyle. With this guide, you will also find out about the Abilities and Characters ranking.

Stand rarity tier list

Roblox A Universal Time (AUT) is a game based on the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. As an AUT player, you need to find the best characters that can help you defeat your opponents. These characters come with various special powers and abilities. The AUT stand tier list is designed to help you in this process.

The rarity tier list of the game’s Stands has been updated to reflect the latest stats for Roblox AUT. The list includes Roblox Project Star, BUFFS, and Black Sabbath. There will also be additional stand attributes added later. These stats are based on the stand’s roll rate, which is 30%. The only stand that is not available yet is the Hey Ya! stand from the Part 3 of the game.

Obtaining top tier stands is crucial for your roblox performance. These stands will fight alongside you if summoned. In addition, they can provide additional support items. For more information about Roblox AUT stand rarity tier lists, visit the Roblox hub.

Characters ranking

AUT Tier List

The AUT Tier List is a guide to help players rank characters in Roblox. Characters are ranked from the Arrow Tier to the Unavailable Characters Tier. Tier S characters are the strongest, and Tier F characters are the weakest. Characters in Tier S include All Might, CSPR, H Reaper, Raper, Zenith, and SPR.

AUT is an anime-based game developed by Roblox and based on the popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. The game features a massive cast of stands, each with unique powers. Some of these powers include the ability to deal DMG to non-friendly units, causing them to be eliminated from the combat field. The visuals of the game are fantastic, and the maps are well-designed. The developers have also done a great job incorporating the storylines of the anime into the game.

The AUT Tier List is a community-generated list, based on the votes of community members. The highest ranking characters appear on top, while the lowest-ranked characters appear at the bottom. To submit a tier list, you must be logged in and publish it on the website.


The Roblox A Universal Time – AUT tier list can help you get better standings in the game. This is because the tier list is a kind of guide for the players in the game. While the top stands are great, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play other stands. The bottom tiers are not that powerful, so you can still use them.

The Roblox AUT tier list lists characters according to their level. You can use this list to find the best character in the game. The highest-tier characters are Tier S, and the lowest-tier characters are Tier F. The S Tier characters include All Might, CSPR, H Reaper, Raper, and Zenith.

The Roblox AUT tier list ranks stands according to the devs’ opinion. It can help you decide which stands are worth unlocking. The list has many elements that fans of manga and anime will recognize.

A Universal Time AUT Stand Tier List September 2022

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Here’s our A Universal Time Tier List (AUT)  for Stand Rarity, according to the devs:

Arrow TierAnubis
Arrow TierCrazy Diamond
Arrow TierGold Experience
Arrow TierHierophant Green
Arrow TierKing Crimson
Arrow TierStar Platinum
Arrow TierSticky Fingers
Arrow TierThe World
Arrow TierWhitesnake
S+ TierChristmas Star Platinum Requiem (CSPR)
S+ TierH Reaper
S+ TierHallow Shadow The World Requiem
S+ TierReaper
S+ TierShadow The World Requiem
S+ TierStar Platinum Requiem (SPR)
S+ TierZenith
S TierChara
S TierGaster
S TierPlanet Shaper
S TierSans
S TierShinigami
S TierX-Chara
A+ TierAll Might
A+ TierChariot Requiem
A+ TierCosmical Dio
A+ TierDrip Goku
A+ TierDTW
A+ TierFightsabre
A+ TierGold Experience Requiem
A+ TierGun
A+ TierJSP
A+ TierMUI
A+ TierNuclear Star/Crystallized
A+ TierSakuya
A+ TierSnatcher
A+ TierSuper Shadow
A+ TierTusk Act 4.
A TierCasey
A TierChef Platinum
A TierDawn
A TierHermit Purple
A TierMiR
A TierMiW
A TierPurple Guy
A TierShadow Weaboo
A TierTusk Act #3
B TierCH
B TierC-Moon
B TierBOI Coffin
B TierGalaxy Annihilator
B TierKars
B TierMiH
B TierPROJECT Samurai
B TierSamurai
B TierTusk Act 2/Tusk Act 1
B TierULF Kars
B TierVampire
C TierHamon
C TierSpin
D TierThe Knight
Temporarily UnavailableKiller Queen
Temporarily UnavailableStar Platinum: The World

Canonical stands

In Roblox A Universal Time, you can choose between two types of stands: Canonical and non-canonical. Canonical stands are those that are part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, while non-canon stands are those that aren’t from the series. The differences between these two types of stands is the amount of damage they do, health, and skill, and the movesets they offer.

You can discover the different types of Stands by using the arrow that appears in the Roblox A Universal Time game. You can purchase these stands or find them in meteorites. You can also create your own non-canon versions of these stands. The more powerful of these stands can only be acquired through completing quests.

The most popular Stands from the series are Gold Experience, Crazy Diamond, Shadow DIO, Silver Chariot, and Whitesnake. You can also use an arrow to get the first Stand in the game. The others cannot be obtained by obtaining arrows and have to be obtained through other methods.

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