Avrey Ovard

Avrey Ovard A Brief Biography

Avrey Ovard A Brief Biography

Avrey Olvard is an American YouTuber that focuses on fashion and beauty. Jens Johnson is her boyfriend and she is known for her beauty and fashion videos. You can learn more about her by checking out this profile. Her channel has more than 950,000 subscribers, and is the most prominent feature of her profile. She was born in New York City and raised there. Her family is active on the Internet as well.

Avrey Ovard, an American YouTuber

Avrey is an American lifestyle and videogame blogger. She is 5ft 7in high, weighs 116 lbs, and has blue eyes. She has three older siblings and a dog. Avrey was born Utah. She now has more than 633k Instagram fans. Her net worth is estimated at $240,000. She has an estimated net worth of $240,000 and has amassed modest wealth.

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She’s a fashion and beauty expert

Avrey Obrad is a YouTube celebrity and social media influencer. She has more than 900,000. YouTube subscribers, and 650,000 Instagram followers. In March 2014, she began sharing videos about fashion and beauty. Since then, her following has grown to nearly nine million. Avrey Ovard, her clothing line, is also her business venture. Avrey has a YouTube channel and sells various clothing and makeup products.

Jens Johnson is in a relationship with her

Cooper Davis was previously in a relationship between Avrey Ovard and Cooper Davis. They were in a relationship for the first part of 2018, and shared many photos together. But the relationship ended quickly. Avrey began dating Alex Gowon, an Instagram star after cooper split up. Before they began a relationship, the two were friends and were often seen together. They have not yet been married or had children.

She has a YouTube Channel

Avrey Olvard is an American YouTuber. Her videos are focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Avrey also uses Facebook and Instagram to stay connected. Avrey was born 16 May 2002. She has a younger brother. Trey and Tav are her two brothers. She is well-known for sharing videos about her life with her family and to correspond with her fans.

She is an active social media user

Avrey Ovard is an active Instagramuser. She posts videos about makeup, beauty, back-to school, and other topics. She is also active on Twitter. Her vlogs are funny and show her everyday life. She has 242k Instagram fans as of 2018. She hasn’t married yet or given birth. She enjoys playing video games. Cooper Davis is her current boyfriend.

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