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Awaken Chaos Era Tier List & Reroll Guide 2023 Helpful Information

Awaken Chaos Era (Guide Boss) Tier List

The Awaken Chaos Era Tier List is a ranking based on community voting. The best rankings are at the top of the list, while the worst ones are at the bottom. To create a tier list, log in to the game and publish it.

Characters in the top tier

Awaken Chaos Era Tier List

Awaken: Chaos Era is a team-based game, and players will need to find a suitable team of characters to dominate the game. While the S-tier units may have great stats and skills, you won’t get very far if you don’t have damage-dealers, tanking characters, or healers. So it’s important to pick the best heroes you can afford and build a team around them.

Characters in the top tier of Awaken Chaos Era are those who perform exceptionally well in a variety of situations. They are categorized as Tier S, while those in Tier F are the worst. However, this is not to say that the lower tier heroes are not good, because they can perform better than the higher-tier units. This is why the tier list does not have a perfect ranking of the best characters in the game.

Awaken Chaos Era Hero Tier List is based on a ranking system, so players can compare the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. Every hero has a different skill set and level. The game’s heroes are grouped into 5 rarities, and each one is sub-categorized by its rank. As the meta shifts, the tier list will change, as will the list of heroes.

Characters in the lower tiers

There are many different ways to play characters in the lower tiers of Awaken Chaos Era. These strategies may not work depending on your own preferences and the game content you’re interested in. However, the key to getting the most from your characters is to choose wisely and not to waste time on characters that are not good for your team. There are many heroes in the lower tiers that can still perform well for your team.

Awaken Chaos Era uses a gacha game mechanic, which is typically associated with mobile games. The mechanic allows players to spend real money on in-game items in exchange for unique characters. There are many different ways to play the game, but the main focus is on the characters. Awaken Chaos Era has an interesting mix of heroes to choose from, and players should pay close attention to the character traits before spending real money on them.

Blackhorn is one of the best supports and healers in the game, and his best ability is Nature’s Revival, which restores full health to all of your allies at the beginning of each turn. This ability is the ultimate protection skill, and it is also useful for dealing with enemy debuffs. Blackhorn can also boost his HP by equipping his Faith and Terra Set, which increase his HP and give him extra protection. Finally, Blackhorn is an excellent support for any team and can be used to deal damage to enemies.

Heroes in the Legendary tier

While some heroes in the Legendary tier are less suitable for the meta, others can be useful for certain types of gameplay. Generally, these heroes are temporary team members, and they can perform better than higher-tier units in certain game modes. Heroes in the Legendary tier of awakeen chaos era should be considered only when they are the best options for a specific team.

For example, the Water elemental Hero Santis can be summoned through advanced summoning crystals or from the Altar. His ultimate skill deals massive damage to one target, and he also inflicts two stacks of poison on all enemies. This makes him an excellent choice for CC teams. Similarly, his second ability doubles his damage and deals damage to one enemy.

Another Defense hero in the Legendary tier is Brand. He belongs to the Titan Icelands faction. His skill pool focuses on granting party-wide defensive buffs and redirecting incoming damage to allies and teammates. He can be a useful DPS or farmer with his passive skill Chaos Slaughter.

Awaken Chaos Period Tier Checklist 2022

image 389 awaken chaos era tier list

This Awaken Chaos Period Tier Checklist is totally courtesy of YouTuber Dan Heilman, who has put numerous effort into making this and shared it with the participant neighborhood. Because of the sheer variety of characters within the sport he has solely ranked until heroes in our record’s B Tier. He shall be enjoying the sport extra and rating others later. So let’s get into it:

S+ TierEvelyn Firstdawn
S TierHydrissea
S TierZatlux
A+ TierZachary
A+ TierConnor
A+ TierTia
A+ TierBlackhorn
A+ TierSiress
A+ TierUrion
A+ TierWilliam
A+ TierMera
A+ TierHoly Yolanda
A TierNathalia
A TierWindstrex
A TierHugh
A TierBalberith
A TierMytheasia
A TierEarendil
A TierThomas
A TierGangelo
A TierGubeg
A TierOrakh
A TierHector
A TierAsrina
B TierRavyn
B TierAbbott
B TierAntinua
B TierSantis
B TierHakrin
B TierJacob
B TierZtlin
B TierLydia
B TierMulhex
B TierEvelyn
B TierUrzag
B TierBruszakk
B TierAbaddon

Unranked Characters

Listed below are the characters that aren’t ranked but by Dan Heilman for Awaken Chaos Period Tier Checklist:

CDarkish Marian
CMarian Shadowblood
CCorrupt Orakh
CCrazed Urzag
CDarkened Nicklaus
CDarkish Dragon Asrina
CLunar Melizza
CCelestial Kane
CVengeful Hassel
CLightwing Zachary
DHearth Mage
DImperial Archer
DWater Mage
DEarth Mage
DFeminine Paladin
DDarkling Dwarves
DDarkish Priest
DDarkling Orc
DElf Archer
DElf Swordsman
DHook Pirate
FImperial Defend Soldier
FImperial Lancer
FImperial Swordsman
FTomahawk Orc
FOrc Marauder
FOrc Defend Soldier
FOrc Warrior
FIronbow Goblin
FWoodshield Goblin
FGoblin Archer
FGoblin Warrior
FBlack Owl
FRazorclaw Sandworm
FImperial Executioner
FPoor Townie
FStodgy Civilian
FDarkened Soldier
FFeminine Darkling Elf
FDarkling Man
FDarkling Girl
FMale Darkling Elf
FSmall Golem
FHermit Crab
FGlowing Jellyfish
FHearth Imp
FFeminine Dwarf Warrior
FDwarf Warrior
FLizardman Destroyer

Right here’s the unique video from DanHeilman explaining all these characters:

The best way to Reroll in Awaken Chaos Period 2022

We’re nonetheless awaiting an official strategy to reroll within the sport. However as of now the one approach to do that be resetting your sport information. So right here’s the right way to reroll in Awaken Chaos Period:

  • Click on on the Star icon on the principle menu.
  • This shall be on the higher right-hand facet of the display.
  • Click on on “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Account” tab.
  • Click on on “Knowledge Reset”.
  • Now press on “Affirm”.
  • Now your account shall be taken offline.
  • You’ll find yourself again on the principle display.
  • Now you can begin a brand new sport from right here and reroll to get the perfect hero characters.

Heroes in the Elite tier

Heroes in the Elite tier of Awaken Chaos Era are incredibly powerful and have high damage output. While the lower-tier Heroes are weaker than their more powerful cousins, they can be great for experimentation and for preserving your main hero. Let’s take a look at some of the best options in this tier.

Heroes in the Elite tier of Awaken Chaos Era have high-level damage and high base defense, and are well-rounded. If you are planning on leveling them, try to focus on their strengths and build a strong team around them. You can also invest in S-rank heroes and use them for team building.

The Legendary tier heroes are also incredibly strong. For example, if you want to play a good Arena hero, you should pick up Evelyn Firstdawn. Her damage output is insane, and she can increase this output by up to 30% when she uses her passive Assassin Training ability. In addition to that, her ultimate ability can turn the cooldowns of other heroes, including the target.

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