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Azure Wind Island Lost Ark Guide 2023 – Location, Event, Rewards, & More

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Guide

If you’re looking to get the most out of your time playing Azure Wind Island Lost Ark, this guide will make it a breeze. It will show you where to find the Mokoko seeds, Normal Quests, Speed Trials, and Toy Horses, as well as how to beat the game’s many difficulty settings. Having played a number of RPGs and MMOs, Chris Marling has a passion for helping others experience the same thrill.

Mokoko seeds

Azure Wind Island Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, the Mokoko Seeds are a collectible item in the game. There are 1,235 of them scattered throughout the game. They are usually hidden in plain sight, but sometimes you have to make certain demands to unlock them. For example, you might have to play a certain song or wait for an NPC to move. Then, you can collect the seeds and progress to the next level.

When playing this game, it is important to know how to get Mokoko seeds. You can find these seeds in different locations, including a small fern, two palm trees, an underground structure, and a ladder. These spots are usually hard to find, but if you’re determined, you’ll find them. There are two different ways to find these seeds, so it’s important to find both!

The first way to find these seeds is to explore the island’s landscape. It’s a fun place to explore, with lots of horses. Another way to get them is to use a secret passage. This way, you can find them near the southern tip of the island. You can also find them in a shrub near the southwest corner of the map.

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Normal Quests

In Lost Ark, one of the most popular additions is the Vertus Pet. Obtaining this pet can unlock a variety of other quests and perks. To get started, you’ll need to complete the Mane of the Azure Wind quest, which requires you to use your character’s charge skill.

Once you’ve reached this quest, you’ll receive a corresponding reward in your inventory. You can purchase the reward with the Azure Wind Island Token. You’ll also need to complete 31 Toy Horses, each giving different tasks. These animals make a chime sound, which gets louder as you approach them. You can use the in-game search function to find them.

The quest starts where the last quest ended, and you need to talk to two NPCs in order to complete it. In exchange, you’ll receive five chests, plus a Cloud Steed Mount.

Speed Trials

Speed Trials on Lost Ark Azure Wind Island are a great way to test your reflexes and get some great rewards for completing a particular task. Each Speed Trial consists of several parts. For example, the first part of a Speed Trial is to run as fast as possible on your feet. Using mounts can make the process of running faster much easier, as you can summon them on the island or place them on your hotkeys. The final part of a Speed Trial is a final challenge from the Meadowkeeper. Once you accept the challenge, you can mount your mount and get a nice reward.

You can also find a number of items and rewards on Azure Wind Island. One of these items is the Azure Wind Island Token, which you can use to unlock new areas in the game. You can also collect Mokoko Seeds and Azure Wind Island Tokens by completing side quests on the island.

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Azure Wind Island Information in Lost Ark

image 182 azure wind island lost ark

As you get to Azure Island in Misplaced Ark, you’ll have to full the preliminary Yellow Marked Quest. After which, you’ll have to go and work together with 31 Toy Horses. Every of those Toy Horses will both offer you a Quest, a Riddle, make you clear up a Puzzle, make you sing a Track or match objects from a reference level. Don’t fear about discovering these Horses as they emit a Chime sound and once you get close to them, the sound will get louder. After you have accomplished that, you’ll proceed to finish the 4 Yellow Marked Quests.

After finishing the Quests, you get yet another quest that can grant you the Island Coronary heart. Additionally on completion of the Island Quests, you’ll get 2 Horses that can turn out to be your Mount. The placement of the Mokoko Seeds right here is as proven on the Map.

Toy Horses

To get Toy Horses in the Lost Ark game, you must complete the quests for each one. In order to do this, you have to talk to the character called Arone. She will give you some Island Tokens as reward. You can also buy Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS, a safe place to buy Lost Ark Gold.

Toy Horses are located around the island and can be obtained by completing the quests. The quests are divided into four categories: sprints (where you have to reach a designated location within a certain time), riddles (which you can try to answer multiple times), puzzles (where you have to move objects in a pattern), and songs.

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The Azure Wind Island is located in the far west of the world map, in the fourth quadrant down. The island lies in the Arutus Sea and is accessible via ship. The quest that requires the Minuet Song of the Forest unlocks secret passages and a secret area. Obtaining the Minuet Song of the Forest is also one of Una’s daily tasks.

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