batman eyeliner

Batman Eyeliner

Batman Eyeliner

Although it’s difficult to believe that Batman Eyeliner had such a distinct look, it was actually a combination of cream, pencil and gouache. Reeves defends this iconic look and we admire the bold look Robert Pattinson gave it. Even though Pattinson was unconventional in his look, Reeves has also defended the makeup.

Reeves defends Batman’s Eyeliner

Matt Reeves responded to criticisms about his “The Batman” eyeliner during a recent interview. Reeves said that Bruce Wayne was able to conceal his pale skin by using black eyeliner. Once he took off the mask, the liner vanished. Reeves likened the character to Kurt Cobain who was a Nirvana lead singer and struggled with depression and drug addiction before taking his own lives in 1994.

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Robert Pattinson’s Emo Take-On The Look

The next Batman movie is expected to be released in theaters later in the year. Matt Reeves, director of the film, revealed that he wanted Pattinson channel Kurt Cobain’s grunge persona to play the role. Pattinson has previously said that the inspiration for his character’s eyes was from grunge rock group Nirvana. In the trailer, Pattinson is seen without his bat mask.

It’s made of metal.

Batman wears a metal visor in comics. The visor allows Batman to see through facades and recognize the good in people. It is easy to replace with another one made of the same material. There is however one mystery surrounding the visor. Some comics do not have the visor. These comics can be confusing.

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It’s a Black Face

You might notice the dark smokey eyes of the Dark Knight when you see a Batman movie. It is the hallmark of the iconic Batman character. After removing his suit, the thick smokey eyeliner that Batman wears on his eyes stays on his face. Batman is synonymous with his look. You may notice similarities between Batman and Kurt Cobain as you watch the latest Batman movie trailer.

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