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Battle Night Tier List : Best Heroes List!September 2022

Battle Night: Cyberpunk Tier List

You can find out which Characters are in the A, B, and C tiers by going through this article. I’ve also listed some of the best characters in the game based on how their stats compare to each other. You can choose from these options and decide which heroes you prefer, as long as they fit within your team’s strengths and weaknesses. After all, no hero is perfect! Just because they are good does not mean they aren’t also good in other game modes.

Characters in the A tier

The A tier consists of the top heroes in the game. The best of these are listed below. There are some situations where heroes in the A tier will become S tier if they are fully upgraded. This is true more often for heroes in the A tier than for those in the lower tiers. Characters in the A tier can easily complete most tasks in the game. They are also available more often in drops and team compositions than their lower tier counterparts.

Cyberpunk is a multiplayer game in which teams fight each other in an attempt to destroy the other team’s base. However, players can be killed by traps, explosives, and falling off ledges. Hence, it is essential to choose your character wisely. Thankfully, the Battle Night: Cyberpunk tier list is regularly updated to reflect new characters and items. The criteria for ranking characters in the game include speed, damage, utility, and more. The top tier characters are considered to be the best and most powerful in the game. However, it is important to note that the game has several other tiers, and these can affect the gameplay experience of your character.

Characters in the C tier

Cyberpunk characters in Battle Night are weaker than the S-tier heroes, but they can still be very effective if used correctly. Battle Night’s tier list is updated regularly, and new heroes are added or removed at a regular interval. While the criteria for ranking a character varies from list to list, the main factors are damage output, speed, and damage. Cyberpunk characters in the C tier are the weakest of all characters, and they are usually easily defeated by more powerful opponents.

Brynn is the daughter of Hypernia. She wields a sword and axe, and has excellent speed. Her average strength, dexterity, and defense make her a strong option for random matches. Caspian is the master thief, and his damage is relatively high. He needs more defense characteristics to make him a reliable main. The A-tier legends are much stronger than these.

Characters in the D tier

As you can see, the D tier of characters is made up of very weak characters. They are not as good as the C or D tier characters, and they are best used for special situations. If you’re desperate, though, you can use them to your advantage. For winning games, you should avoid these characters. The following Battle Night: Cyberpunk tier list can help you decide who to play.

B tier characters are good, but not as strong as A tier heroes. While they are not quite as good as the A tier characters, they still are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for support characters, you can pick characters from this tier. However, these heroes have a low amount of range and are not suitable for most main-stage games. Therefore, you should focus on getting the strongest heroes for your team.

image 184 battle night tier list

Battle Night Tier List 2022 >> All New List Update

We have split Battle Night Tier List into five main levels, T0,T1,T2, T3, and T4 Each level has a unique description. T0 introduces OP characters. T1 Battle Knight features heroes who are cool and best. T2 highlights heroes who excel in combat against the strongest enemies; Good Guys; T3 showcases heroes who perform well/average; Situationally okay! T4 shows heroes who perform well. And finally, T5 shows a list of heroes that are not recommended; Don’t grow them. These might be of interest to you. Battle Night CodesYou can get free in-game rewards. Now, let’s move on with the Battle Night Tier List –

Battle Night Tier List Best HeroesDown; September Tier List

Battle Night Tier List

Battle Night Tier List General Tips⇩

  • Your entire collection of coins, bullets, and arcade tokens can be saved for the respective events. This is a recycle event in the order (meaning they go on this cycle per month) Bounty Event > Perfect Hire Event > Arcade Event > Dawn Commission Event. 1 Perfect Higher (PH), coin = 15 SH coins. Save it for this event. To get the rare Hero Shark, you will need at minimum 80 AP coins.
  • Spend your gems to rent Senior Rental Coins (SH), (160/180). These coins can be traded with merchants or offered in hyperspace. If it’s 2 SH for 360 gems, 5 for 1k or 10 for 2k gems. These are the locations where SP can be purchased for 1k.
  • Be sure to adjust your character’s skill tree/path based on the mobs you are facing.
  • You’ll need 920 energy jewels in order to create a character ranging from 1 to 5 stars. If you have made a mistake, be sure to use the Twisted Hourglass to reset as this will take back all your resources, but use it wisely as it doesn’t happen often.
  • Save your shards for when you truly need them. You never know what the game will do to make it more interesting.
  • It is important to receive a flower token from friends. You can sometimes buy SH or Energy Orbs in the shop, so I’d recommend removing someone from your friends list if they’ve been inactive for a day.
  • The “Tenness” stat reduces the rate of critical hits received from the enemy (meaning enemies will have less chance to critically hit your unit that has higher tenacity). Other statistics are also self-explanatory.
  • You will discover quests for Harpe + special weapons as you progress through the game. These 2 characters are fantastic and you get them for free so make sure you use them well. The Purple Harp Shark will give you a daily login (to Orange) and you will get special weapons plus the Purple Phoebe.
  • Do your diary, don’t bother spending so many arcade tokens before you reach level 60. You can earn 10 arcade tokens for every 60 levels.
  • If you want to learn more about the effects of combat when fighting mobs/arenas, a “?” During battle symbols in the top left of the screen. To learn more about the various effects you receive during battle, click on it.
  • The current account/character level can only be reached at 130. Full awake characters may reach 145.


Battle Night is a great game by FT Games. We provide a Battle Night Tier List. This Battle Night Tier List can be used to help you choose the best heroes for the game. You can easily download Battle Night game from the play store – Download and App Store – Download.

Characters in the E tier

If you’re new to the game, you may be wondering what to play as your main character in the Battle Night: Cyberpunk tier list. The list was compiled by a team of professional and experienced gamers. The goal of this tier list is to provide you with an idea of how well different characters fare in the game, so you can choose your team based on how many of the character tiers they belong to.

Misteltein: This character deals insane damage in PvP, and his buff increases his attack by 60%. While he’s relatively squishy, his abilities help him finish off a team in a hurry. Misteltein: This hero has a unique talent that helps him deal insane damage. He has a high ATK, and his crit rate is insane.

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