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How To Complete Battle Of Revenge Genshin Impact 2023 Quest

Battle of Revenge Genshin

To start playing the battle of revenge Genshin Impact game, you’ll need to defeat the leader’s minions. The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is even available on mobile devices. The goal of the game is to defeat the leader’s minions and reach Asakura.

World Quest

The Battle of Revenge World Quest in Genshin Impact brings players closer to Asakura, the Doushin of Tenshukaku who lost his weapon to Kairagi. To start the quest, players must complete the Daily Commission, An Art to Be Honed, four times. This task increases the chance of completing the quest. The quest is located in the inner portion of Tenshukaku.

Genshin Impact is an MMORPG which introduced the Inazuma region. Inazuma is a region that is always evolving. The first step is to get access to this region. To do so, you must complete Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I: The Immovable God. After that, you must defeat the guard at Inazuma.

Characters to defeat

Battle Of Revenge Genshin Impact

When playing the action RPG, Battle of Revenge Genshin, you will need to decide which characters you want to defeat in order to complete missions and advance in the story. The game features a massive open world map and various challenges where players can earn valuable resources. As you progress through the game, enemies will become more powerful. You can also upgrade weapons and artifacts to improve your abilities. The plot of the game revolves around a Traveler who has left behind a twin sibling in Tevyat. He sets out on a quest to find his lost twin, and also finds himself involved in the affairs of Tevyat.

One of the hardest bosses to face in Genshin Impact is the Nobushi group. Although they are not among the most powerful bosses in the game, they are far more dangerous when they gather together. As such, you will need a character with a high DPS level to defeat them. This will allow you to get through the group faster.

Reward for completing world quest

The Battle of Revenge is the end goal for the Daily Commission in Genshin Impact. Completing this quest will earn you extra Inazuman Reputation points and close out the Daily Commission story. To begin the quest, you will need to go to Inazuma and set the commission preferences to Inazuma. Then, you will need to fight a soldier named Asakura. The fight will only last a few seconds, and it will reward you with a small amount of money.

As you progress through the game, you will meet more enemies and quests. The more World Levels you have, the harder it becomes to defeat them. As you level up, you will be able to obtain valuable resources from these encounters. You will also need to complete Daily Commissions. You can also increase your chance of getting these by setting the region to Inazuma.

Access to Inazuma region

When playing Genshin Impact, you have access to the six different regions of the game. Each region contains different creatures and enemies. For example, the Inazuma region has enemies that are unique to this region. These enemies have unique samurai styles and elemental abilities.

Once you have access to the Inazuma region, you can begin the Battle of Revenge quest. You need to have completed Daily Commission ‘An Art to be Honed’ to begin it. You can get four Daily Commissions every day.

Exploration is difficult in Inazuma because the storms have caused hazards throughout the region. You must be very careful when exploring this area because of the fog and thunderstorms. The storms can be particularly dangerous, as they block your way. There are many pitfalls to avoid when exploring Inazuma, but as you progress in the story, these obstacles and hurdles will disappear.

How to Complete Battle of Revenge Quest at Genshin Impact

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Talk to Asakura TenshukakuAfter the Daily Commission has been completed, Inazuma will speak. The Battle of Revenge quest can begin after you have completed the conversation. Here’s how to complete this quest:

  1. Kairagi stole Asakura’s weapon. You will need to travel to the indicated location on the map.
  2. To start a conversation, defeat the Kairagi at the seashore.
  3. Head over to Jinren Island after the conversation is finished. There is also a Kairagi campThis is your next destination.
  4. Once you reach the mission-point, speak to the Kairagi leader.
  5. Accept the challenge from Kairagi leader and fight with your subordinates
  6. Defeat Kairagi’s subordinates for the next task to appear.
  7. Talk to Asakura, who is standing at a distance from the seashore.
  8. As soon as Asakura has finished their conversation, the Battle of Revenge is over.
  9. Completing this quest will bring you rewards 100x Adventure XP, 20x Inazuma Reputation, 30,000 Mora, and 2x Hero’s Wit.


The battle of Revenge is a hidden World Quest in Genshin Impact that brings you closer to the legendary Doushin, Asakura, who lost her weapon to the Kairagi. To unlock this quest, you need to perform the Daily Commission, An Art to be Honed, four times. To increase your chances of completing this quest, you should set your region to Inazuma and complete as many Daily Commissions as possible.

The game’s gameplay is action-oriented, and features a variety of classes and characters. As a free-to-play game, it’s available for PC, PS4, and PS5 as well as iOS and Android devices. It also has a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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