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Battlefield 2042 Shotgun Guide in 2023

The MCS-880 is Battlefield 2042’s standard shotgun. It is a pump action shotgun. The MCS-880 shotgun is reliable with a good range and high fire rate. This gun is excellent for close-quarters fighting. It can be used with or without a shotgun slug. If you like to play aggressively, the 12M is a great option. This is a great choice for players who don’t want to spend too much time positioning.

Battlefield 2042 Shotgun Guide

GVT45-70 is a precision round firing lever action, large slug guns. It has a 2″ scope and a low rate of fire at 92 rpm. It is unpredictable and easily defeated by close-range guns. The GVT 45-70 is not worth it.

battlefield 2042 shotgun

The SFAR M sidearm is a great option. This assault rifle is superior in both accuracy and range. Although it’s not the most effective gun for close-quarters combat, it is a great choice for those who want a gun that has good range and low damage. It can hold six rounds so you’ll need to switch between the pistol or shotgun often.

The MP9, in addition to the PKP–BP LMG is also a great choice. Although the MP9 can be used in mid-range combat, due to its low firerate, low TTK, and high fire rate it is a great choice. However, it can prove dangerous to targets that must be able burn through.

Tactical Shotgun for Battlefield 2042

The MCS-880 was designed to be a powerful and reliable close-quarters gun. In close quarters, it shines. It also comes with a flashlight and Fusionholo, which allows it to work in different environments. It also includes a fusionholo-compatible reticle. Upgrade the optics on your gun to get the best performance.


The US military’s MCS-880 tactical gun has been in use for over 100 years. The MCS-880 tactical can be used in close quarters as well as in multiplayer mode. The MCS-880 is able to be used both in close quarters as well as at extended range. The MCS-880 is a superb weapon for specialist uses due to its exceptional aiming system.

The MCS-880 is well-known for its close-quarters combat capabilities. The MCS-880’s firepower and range are impressive, but it lacks attachments. The MCS-880 is ideal for aggressive players who are open to taking risks and willing to take them. Because of its limited ammunition, the MCS-880 is able to do very little damage. Plan ahead.

While the MCS-880 is great for close-quarters fighting, its shotgun limitations make it unsuitable to be used on such maps. Battlefield 2042 has large maps and flat terrain. These terrains are not ideal for shotguns so choose your targets carefully. You should not use the MCS-880 if the target is too far away.

E ammo. The K30 is suitable for close-range fighting. However, it is not recommended for long-range combat.

Battlefield 2042: The MCS-880’s Best Loadout

The MCS-880 shotgun from Battlefield 2042 is an outstanding weapon. Although the MCS-880 can be used in close-quarters combat, it has very limited range. Due to its large game map, the gun is not recommended for open areas. Flechette Shells are the best option for these areas.

battlefield 2042 mcs880 best loadout

The MCS-880 is the most powerful weapon you have for close-quarters combat wars. The map is huge and contains flat areas that shotguns cannot reach. This weapon can be made more effective by thinking about the goals it will serve. Accessory items can make your MCS-880 even more personal.

MCS-880 is Battlefield 2042’s most powerful weapon. Its combination high firepower and great range makes it formidable. Its slow fire rate means that it is less effective over long distances. The MCS-880 isn’t as effective at close range as other weapons, but it does have a greater range. Because of its speed, range, and length, the MCS-880 makes a great weapon for aggressive playstyles.

The MCS-880 has a greater range than other weapons. It is also easy to identify due to its slug cartridge. Although it isn’t a powerful utility gun, the MCS-880 excels at close quarters. The MCS-880 is equipped with slug guns, which allow it to accurately target targets. They also have a wider range of capabilities than other guns. The MCS-880 can be the right choice for your team.




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