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Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler 2023

This is the Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler. It will give you the details about the Becoming the Villains Family. Based on the story Athanasia, Becoming The Villains Family manga series is available. Her biological father, Claude de Alger Oblila, murdered her beautiful princess. She now must find a way of survival. She will need to be quiet and sweet-talk her way into Claude’s heart. This manga is full of mystery and action. Continue reading to find out more about Athanasia and her journey with her family.

Becoming the Villains Family Sniper

Aidin is the daughter a duke, and an assassin to the Emperor is Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler. She betrayed the Lord she loved and was sentenced at the guillotine. She woke up as a teenage Aidin, and she decided to kill Ferdi, Emperor’s daughter. As she does so, she meets Prince Diceon. The two plan to fight the Emperor. The Prince attempts to intervene while the two are fighting.becoming the villains family spoiler

Aidin is the daughter a duke, and assassin. Her Lord betrayed her and sentenced her to death with the guillotine. She was still a teenager when she awoke and she was determined to kill Ferdi. Her life was more important than that of the Emperor. Prince Diceon intervenes and thwarts her plans. Aidin is forced to make a deal for the Emperor.

How to become the Villains Family Spiler

become the villains family spoiler

A young duke had signed a contract with the young duchess. The young duke took the contract. He had to repay the young duchess. Despite her protests and her refusal to marry him, the young prince made her his consort. The contract was taken by the young duchess and the young prince became the head of the villains’ family.

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