Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler 2022

Thi,s is the Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler that will show you the spoiler about the Becoming the Villains Family. Becoming the Villains Family is a manga series based on the story of Athanasia. She was a beautiful princess who was killed by her biological father, Claude de Alger Obelia. Now she must figure out a way to survive. She will have to live quietly and sweet talk her way into Claude’s heart. This manga has a lot of action and mystery. Read on to learn more about Athanasia’s journey and her new family.

Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler

Aidin is the daughter of a duke and an assassin for the Emperor is the Becoming the Villains Family Spoiler. She betrayed her Lord and was sentenced to death by guillotine. Afterwards, she awoke in a teenage Aidin and decided to kill the Emperor’s daughter, Ferdi. In doing so, she meets Prince Diceon and the two plot to fight the Emperor. While the two fight, the Prince tries to interfere.becoming the villains family spoiler

Aidin is the daughter of a duke and an assassin. She was betrayed by her Lord and condemned to death by guillotine. When she awoke, she was a teenager and determined to destroy Ferdi. Her life was more valuable than the Emperor’s. But Prince Diceon steps in and interferes with her plan. As a result, Aidin is left with no option but to make a deal with the Emperor.

How to Become the Villains Family Spoiler

become the villains family spoiler

The young duchess, who had a contract with a young duke, became a victim of one of the villains and the contract was taken by the young duke. He had to pay the young duchess back. Despite her protests, the young duke made her his consort. The young duchess was then forced to take the contract and the young duke was made the new head of the villains’ family.

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