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Best AoE Weapons Elden Ring 2023?

Best AoE Weapons Elden Ring

There are many Best AoE Weapons Elden Ring in the game. The Ash of War Starcaller Cry is the best choice if you’re looking for a powerful AOE weapon. It uses gravity magic to draw enemies in and use its second sword to damage them.

Twinned Knight Sword

The Twinned Knight Sword is an excellent choice for all-purpose use and is very useful for dual-handed spinning attacks. It can also be wielded with one hand. It can also be infused with Ashes of War for a massive boost in attack speed.

The Twinned Knight Sword can be compared to other AOE weapons. It can deliver massive damage and is incredibly versatile. It scales with both Strength and Dexterity and can be powerstanced with other swords. It also has a powerful skill called Revel of Death, which fires a projectile at the target. The projectile damages the enemy’s maximum strength, causing a lot of damage over time.

This powerful sword allows players to deal massive damage to all enemies, especially those with long range. It is a great weapon for mutilation and it can also be used on frozen enemies.

Sacred Relic Sword

Best AoE Weapons Elden Ring

The Sacred Relic Sword is one of Elden Ring‘s most popular AOE weapons. This sword can one-shot Albinaurics and deals 500k Runes per hit. This weapon is particularly good against bosses. If you are playing as a melee character, you can also try the Ghiza’s Wheel, which is an excellent melee weapon.

The Sacred Relic Sword deals a lot of damage with each hit, especially when combined with a shield. It is a slow weapon, but it can still do a good amount of damage. The damage dealt with this weapon scales with Dexterity and Strength. In addition, it has a special attack called the Torch Attack, which can set enemies on fire.

This weapon is very effective at removing a large group of enemies. It can also be dual-wielded. However, players must keep in mind that it is not a cheap weapon. Despite the cost, it can be a great choice for PVP. This weapon’s blood loss effect can cause three massive explosions of blood.

Best AoE Weapons Elden Ring

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AoE Weapons do not exist in this sport. As a substitute, it has weapon expertise that does AoE injury.We’ll be looking at weapons with AoE injuries that are already on the list.

  • Sword of the Night Time and FlameNight time-and Flame Stance can be used with the Sword and Flame of Night time. This is the best weapon for AoE as it offers not just one but two AoE attacks. To make Comet Azur work, you can use your sword. You can also keep your sword and perform a strong assault to slash flames.
  • Ruins GreatswordWave of Destruction is a weapon talent that Ruins Greatsword can use. This talent charges purple lightning and launches an enormous slash ahead that causes AoE injuries.
  • Sacred Relic SwordThe weapon talent Wave of Gold will be awarded to the Sacred Relic Sword. This weapon talent covers a limited area but slashes ahead a golden circle that grants holy injury.
  • Meteoric ore blade:Meteoric Ore Blade, another weapon with AoE damage, is also available. Gravitas is the weapon’s talent. Your character will insert the sword into its bottom. It will inflict injury on all weapons within the area and then pull them towards the sword.
  • Reduvia Dagger:Reduvia Dagger uses Blood Blade as a weapon talent, but it is not the most powerful AoE weapon ability in the sport. But it is stunning when you have an bleed construct. It will create a small arch in the entrance when you attack which can provide good injury when linked.
  • Icerind HatchetThis weapon will be granted the weapon talent Hoarfrost Stomp. This weapon is not the best weapon, but it compensates by this talent. The participant taps the bottom to release frost. This attack covers a large area and inflicts frost injury on any enemy that enters it.

Eleonora’s Poleblade

Eleonora’s Poleblade is a very unique blade weapon. It has a fast attack style and focuses on dealing massive amounts of blood damage. The weapon also has a cool weapon skill called “ash of war,” which allows you to perform multiple tornado type attacks and evasive maneuvers. The poleblade will most likely deal massive amounts of damage and also has a large bleed bar.

Eleonora’s Poleblade can be obtained from the Second Church of Marika in the Altus Plateau region. After defeating Eleonora the Violet Bloody Finger, you can get this weapon and other items. You will also receive 3116 Runes, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and the Purifying Crystal Tear. You can read more about the two weapons here.

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