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Best Arena 7 Decks : Best List! September 2023

Best Arena 7 Decks

If you are looking for the best decks for Arena 7, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll cover the most effective Mega Knight, Three Musketeers, Lava Hound, and Fly Baby Fly options. Once you’ve read through these decks, you’ll be ready to dominate the next match! There are so many choices to choose from in Arena 7! It’s easy to be confused!

Mega Knight

When building a Mega Knight Arena 7 deck, it is important to consider the card selection and placement. Mega Knight is a relatively easy card to play, though it is a more defensive type of fighter. In the correct situation, Mega Knight is a good choice to counterpump troops and squishy units. He will also provide some frontline support for a counterpush. However, Mega Knight should not be used alone as it can be easily countered.

If you want to play without Legendary cards, you can build a deck that includes the Dark Prince and the Giant. The Dark Prince are both great tanks for the deck. The rest of the deck can clean up the defenders. You can use spells to sway weak troops. The Elite Barbarians are great for building pushes off of defense and using Rage to connect with an enemy tower.

Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers are a new generation deck that is a good fit for a variety of metagames. Their strength lies in supporting Royal Giant and using non-offensive cards to play defense. A good Three Musketeers Arena 7 deck should be able to snuff out an opponent’s offensive and defensive cards. When playing against this deck, it is important to place your giant in the back of the base, and the Three Musketeers in the back.

The Three Musketeers are effective against all types of units, but they can’t be used as the only threat. This is due to the fact that they need a tank unit in front of them. When playing this deck, you can attack three different units safely with the help of these units. However, the Three Musketeers are vulnerable to spell cards from your opponent. Lightning and Fireball are two of the most common spells that can destroy this unit.

Lava Hound

This Lava Hound Arena 7 deck combines high damage and low cost. While this deck isn’t as strong as other Lava Hound decks, it has its advantages. In addition to dealing low damage, the Lava Hound can also take out a wide variety of troops. Lava Pups can even kill glass cannons in 10 shots. While the Lava Hound is slow, it has high hitpoints, making it a great option for those looking to take down towers with ease.

The best starting cards for Lava Hound are the tombstone, zap, and minions. While this deck is a good choice for single-elixir play, it is definitely not a perfect fit for all players. As a result, it is best to learn the other decks and their counters before playing Lava Hound. The Lava Hound deck will help you to become a more competitive player.

Fly Baby Fly

If you’re looking for a deck that’ll take advantage of the air units that make Clash Royale such a competitive game, you should look no further than Fly Baby. With three powerful air units and two center of offense units, this deck can be the perfect choice for versatile players. This deck combines a build-up offense with a sneak attack, and its defending units can be used as offensive support as well.

The Baby Dragon is the basic supporting unit of this deck, and it’s easy to spot when an enemy tower archer has locked on your Lava Hound. Since this unit has high HP, it’s essential that you defend it from the enemy units that want to take advantage of that. If you can’t get a Lava Hound, you’ll want to play Baby Dragon to protect it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself facing a tough battle.

image 337 best arena 7 decks

List of the Best Arena 7 Decks 2022

There are some great win conditions in the Royal Arena: Royal Giant and Royal Hogs as well as the Three Musketeers. They are common and uncommon, which makes it easy to level up. All three require some skill to be properly used.

If you don’t have a legend, don’t worry. These Arena 7 decks are still available for you to use.

I recommend that you change your win conditions in Builder’s Workshop and choose one of these win conditions.

Arena 7 Decks – Miner Mega Knight WB Deck

Average elixir costs for Best Arena 7 Decks are 3.4. His defensive and attacking abilities are excellent. For a F2P gamer, I would suggest this deck “bad”. Air defense can be achieved by using bat and gunner cards. There are no defensive card building cards that you can use. Barrel damage spell cards include Zap and Barbarian. Remember that Mega Knight, Minor, Wall Breaker are your winning conditions.

This deck is a classic for this level. This deck is possible in many different variations. It is one of the best decks you can customize. With the Mega Knight/Prince duo, you can defend yourself fully. You will be able to relieve the opponent from the pressure by using miners and wallbreakers. This will allow you to get exactly what you need. Your strategy is incorrect, I have to say.

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Good Arena 7 Decks – Miner Mortar Deck

The Miner Mortar deck’s average elixir cost is 3.1 His attack and defensive abilities are both excellent. For an F2P player, I would call this deck “average”. Air defense can be achieved by using Spear Goblins (Bats), and Musketeers cards. Mortar can be used as a defensive building card. Log Damage and Fireball are spell cards. Remember that Miner, Mortar and Fireball are your conditions for winning.

This is a siege card. There are many different cards with which you can counter your opponent’s moves. While mortar works well as a defensive structure, it is slow. It can be used correctly to defeat towers if you use it correctly. Thanks to this deck, which has great defensive capabilities, you can’t let your opponent pass you by. The nectar can be handled with care.

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Arena 7 Mega Knight Deck – Triple Spell Giant Deck

This Triple Spell Giant Deck has a cost per elixir of 3.6. His defensive and attacking abilities are very strong. For a F2P Gamer, I would call this deck “good”. You can use Minion or Mega Minion cards for air defense. There are no defensive card building cards that you can use. Fireball, Arrow, and Zap are damage spell cards. Giant is the winning bet.

You have many more options thanks to this F2P compatible deck. I can’t guarantee wins after wins. The deck is very powerful. The couple uses the Double Prince and Prince. Giant can also be used to implement a mini-battering strategy. What does this all mean? Take the giant out of the tower’s back and return it with your other cards. When used correctly, it can produce very impressive results.

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Rush Royale Best Deck Arena 7 – Giant Hog Rider Deck

This Giant Hog Rider Deck’s average elixir price is 3.1 His attack ability and defense are both very strong. This deck is great for F2P gamers. You can also use Minion or Musketeers cards for air defense. You cannot use defensive building cards. Zap, The Log & Fireball are the best damage spell cards. For winning, you must remember that Hog Rider is your condition and Giant is yours.

This platform can be used if you are looking to make F2P payments. There are two types of winning conditions: Giant and Hog Rider. They both work great when used properly. The giant can be used to protect your flesh. Hog Rider can be used for almost any occasion. This is usually not allowed by opponents. This is where you’ll need to seek support from the spell cards.

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Arena 7 Clash Royale Decks – Balloon Mega Knight Deck

The Balloon Mega Knight Deck’s average elixir cost is 4.0 His defensive and attacking abilities are excellent. This deck is average for F2P gamers. Air defense can be achieved by using the cards of the Bat, Witch, and Musketeers. You can’t use defensive building cards. Zap is damage spell card. There are certain conditions that must be met in order to win Mega Knight or the Globe.

This deck is for Mega Knight card holders who have gotten their cards unlocked. The destructive power of balloons can be used. For this, you must first wait for the opponent’s movement, use the Mega Knight to take advantage of the elixir, and then use it as a tank and try to bring the globe to the tower. I know it’s a challenge, but once you get used to the deck, you’ll feel very comfortable.

Arena Deck 7 FAQ

What’s the best deck in Arena 7?

There are many decks in arena 7.

  • Arena 7 Deck- Miner Wall Breakers
  • Arena 7 Deck: Giant Double prince 3 spell.
  • Arena 7 Deck: Mega Knight Wall Breakers.
  • Arena 6 Deck: Mortar Miner.
  • Arena Deck – Barrel Princess Rocket chip.

Can I cheat in Clash Royale?

No, you can’t cheat. Clash Royale is very secure and the servers of Clash Royale are also very secure.

How can you win every time in clash royale?

Every win in the game is a win. It doesn’t mean you have to win every single game. You can still have fun with the game by following these tips. Maybe you even win.


In this post, we provide the best deck in Clash Royalearena 7 to access this guide for information about the best level7 clash royale deck. We will update this post when the new rush royale best-deck arena 7 is available so that you are always up to date with all arena 7 clash royale decks. Hope you like this clash royale arena 7 deck post if you have any suggestions so comment box is always open, and don’t forget to bookmark this post for the rush royale best deck arena 7.


A Giant Arena 7 deck has a few different elements. Its strongest card is the cycle. Other important cards include the archer, mining, and zaps. This deck is favored by players who want to reach the highest stage as quickly as possible. However, it also needs to be able to defend against a tower that can block the Giant’s path. To be able to win with this deck, you must first optimize your miner and mortar combo.

There are several ways to play this deck, but the two most important ones are the Mortar and the Hog Rider. Mortar is a good defensive unit, as it will draw attention and protect against ground-based attackers. A Valkerie is also good for distracting spawners. While the first two units are crucial for your deck, you should keep an eye out for the last two cards as well. It is possible to have multiple copies of each.

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