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Best Brawlers In Brawl Stars Tier List 2023 – Best Characters Ranked

Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

When playing brawl stars, the Best Brawlers In Brawl Stars are those with high base stats, useful attacks, gadgets and devastating supers. These brawlers can dominate any map, team comp, or ranked game. The best brawlers should have a good range of damage and a decent healer. If you combine a heavy damage carrier with a good healer, you can win any match.


In Brawl Stars, Darrl is one of the most powerful Best Brawlers In Brawl Stars. His powerful Super can deal massive damage, and he recharges over time to make him unkillable. He is best used when his opponents’ health is low, and his Super can also make him survive extra attacks. However, he is not ideal for front-line play. Instead, he should roam around the map and wait for individual enemies to attack him.

Darrl has a large health pool, and he can be deadly close-up, too. His double barrel shotguns fire staggered blasts of heavy close-range damage. He can also charge his Super by recklessly rolling inside the barrel and spraying shots in all directions. If he hits an enemy, he recharges the Super by 25 percent.


best Brawlers In Brawl Stars

Lou is a support brawler in brawl stars who can reduce opponents’ hit points while inflicting crowd control. He can also use his gadget to stall a fight. His long range also allows him to be useful in certain situations. Lou is also able to fend off murderous brawlers.

Lou’s Super can strain your enemies’ mobility by freezing a large area of ground. This ability can be used from 7.67 squares away and can stun enemies. The effect lasts 1.5 seconds before fading and the enemy suffers between 40 and 56 points of damage per second. He also has a gadget that makes him invulnerable for one second and prevents him from moving.


Ash is a tanky brawler in Brawl Stars. His attacks are short and can be targeted from close range. This makes him vulnerable to high-burst damage Brawlers. The good news is that Ash is still one of the best close range brawlers in Brawl Stars. However, Ash’s short range makes it difficult for him to charge his Rage. The best way to do this is to head to choke points and attack all enemies to get enough time to charge his Rage.

Ash is also a solid choice for casual play, as he deals high damage. Recent buffs have increased his Super’s damage. However, his attacks feel a bit slow, even though they are still pretty decent. In competitive mode, it is better to stick to the top three characters and avoid C-Tier brawlers.


One of the best things about Piper is that she has high range and can be hidden behind bushes and open areas. This makes her especially useful on maps with little cover. However, her close-range damage and health make her difficult to take out at range, which means brawlers at close range will want to juke their shots.

In the game’s last update, Piper received several changes. Her main attack damage increased to 1560 at max range and her reload time was shortened to 2.5 seconds. Her Ambush Star Power has also been improved, making her even more powerful. Lastly, she now has the new ability to land grenades on the ground instead of having to jump over them.

Best Brawlers In Brawl Stars – Best Brawlers List 2022

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Below is the Best Brawlers In Brawl Stars.

S TierBelleChromatic
S TierBrockTrophy Road
S TierLeonLegendary
S TierRicoSuper Rare
S TierSandyLegendary
S TierPiperEpic
S TierSpikeLegendary
S TierLolaChromatic
A TierBuzzChromatic
A TierMortisMythic
A TierByronMythic
A TierMegLegendary
A TierBarleyRare
A TierSproutMythic
A TierNaniEpic
A TierGeneMythic
A TierAmberLegendary
A TierTickTrophy Road
A TierSqueakMythic
A TierMaxMythic
A TierColonel RuffsChromatic
B TierPocoRare
B TierCrowLegendary
B TierPamEpic
B TierGriffEpic
B TierSurgeChromatic
B TierEl PrimoRare
B TierBibiEpic
B TierTaraMythic
B TierEMZTrophy Road
B TierEdgarEpic
B Tier8-BitTrophy Road
B TierColtTrophy Road
B TierMr.Mythic
C TierBeaEpic
C TierJessieTrophy Road
C TierRosaRare
C TierColleteChromatic
C TierBoTrophy Road
C TierPennySuper Rare
C TierLouChromatic
C TierAshChromatic
C TierDarrylSuper Rare
C TierCarlSuper Rare
C TierNitaTrophy Road
F TierDynamikeTrophy Road
F TierGaleChromatic
F TierFrankEpic
F TierJackySuper Rare
F TierBullTrophy Road
F TierShellyTrophy Road


Gale is a chromatic brawler and has the ability to shoot enemies with his snowball wall and freeze them with his Freezing Snow star power. Gale can also use her super attack to hit multiple enemies at once. Her gadget is also useful as it prevents enemies from walking into goals and will also slow down enemies.

Although she hasn’t changed too much in recent updates, she is still one of the best tank counters in the game. Her range is good and she has a decent shield that will keep her alive. Although she hasn’t changed a lot, her charge up is still strong, which can make a huge difference in many matches. You can choose to play either team with Gale and she will be useful on either side.

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