Best Class Outriders Tier List 2022

Best Class Outriders Tier List 2022

Best Class Outriders Tier List For World of Warcraft

Best Class Outriders, They can be very powerful when used correctly. However, they can also be a real pain to play. So, how can you ensure that your class outriders will do the job they’re designed to do? In this article, we’ll go through some of the factors that can affect your class outriders.


Best Class Outriders Tier List
best class outriders

The Trickster is arguably the most versatile class in Outriders, with a skill set ranging from pure damage to mobility tools. Its range of abilities makes it a powerful choice for close-quarters combat. However, if you’re new to the class, it can be tricky to figure out how to maximize your potential.

The Trickster has a decent damage output, average map clearing speed, and a low defense. With the proper gear, though, a Trickster can reach new heights. However, it takes a little longer to reach those levels than other classes. However, the upside is that it can be a very effective class in boss-killing situations.

As mentioned earlier, the Trickster is an excellent mid-level character. When equipped with the Reaver, it can do insane numbers. It can deal extra anomaly damage and get 1 shot kills on bosses. The only downfall is that this build requires a lot of complex building. However, if played in the right environment, it is a fantastic option.


The Pyromancer is a devastating mid-range damage dealer and affliction stacker, which makes him an excellent support class. While the Pyromancer lacks single target damage, it makes up for that with a wide variety of Anomaly skills. While this class can be extremely challenging to play, it is incredibly well-rounded.

The Pyromancer is best suited for players who like to play in mid-range, though they can also play effectively at close range if they want. With the use of their skills, Pyromancers can incapacitate large numbers of enemies quickly and mark them for later use. Additionally, their skills drain enemy health and increase your own. In addition, their explosive abilities make them a great choice for players who want to control the battlefield.

The Trickster class is another good choice if you are looking for a fast and versatile class. Tricksters are particularly good at dealing damage at close range. Their ability to warp space makes them a great choice for solo players, as well as those playing with other teammates. A Trickster’s shield is large enough to withstand a lot of damage, and their ability to control gravity makes them an effective class for a lot of situations.


The Technomancer is a tanky, armor-focused class that is great for supporting teammates. As one of the few classes that can heal, the Technomancer is an excellent choice for any team. If you plan to play this class in co-op, you should team up with two other classes, such as a DPS or support class.

The Best Class Outriders list is divided into tiers, with the most powerful items at the top and the weakest at the bottom. These lists can help you improve your gameplay by showing which classes have the best abilities and which ones have weak points. They can also help you choose which classes to use in cooperative multiplayer games.

The Technomancer is one of the best classes in Outriders. Its kit provides safety without sacrificing damage output, and its focus on long-range weapons like assault and sniper rifles is ideal for this role. Even though these weapons are not the most effective in close-range combat, they are still very effective when used properly.

Standard Best Class Outriders

Best Class Outriders Ranked – Best Class Tier List

Image 421 Best Class Outriders
best class outriders

Another class is meant to be a late game killer with skills such asFixing the WaveWhich All players receive 33% back in HealthAnd 50% Health to your turretsNo matter how far away. Combining this with Lev 22’s Blighted TurretAdd your Cryo TurretThis will make you unstoppable within the game. But Technomancer doesn’t have many abilities to crowd control. Yes, you can use your Cryo TurretInflicts and causes damage FreezeTo make enemies immobile and unable to do any actions, you can place them onto them. But you need to still depend on your teammate’s skills to finish them off.

Rank 2: Devastator (Best Class Outriders Tier List Rank)

Devastator is an outrider that can be a beast during the early games. Check out the class traits of Devastator before you do anything.

  • Additional Information 15% maximum Health.
  • By increasing your armor, 30%.
  • Every close-range kill heals. 24%Your maximum health.

You are the product of your class traits defacto tankFor your team. There are few things that will completely pin you down in-game. As the Devastator you can heal from fallen enemies. This healing system is simple and powerful in the game. You can also inflict damage with melee. BleedAll enemies within a small radius of the infected will be affected. Bleed can cause damage over time, while infected enemies move (which almost all of them do).

This class is best to use a shotgun to walk towards your enemies and fire at them directly. You can use the crowd control abilities you get from the very beginning of the game. If not for the next class, this class would have been the best in solo or co-op gaming due to the amount of damage it can take and its crowd control abilities and regeneration properties.

Rank 1: Trickster

Trickster is hands-down the best Outrider class. Using your skill “Hunt the Prey” where you can teleport behind any selected enemies, and kill them to receive a shield bonus. Combine it with “Slow trap” to slow down all enemies and their bullets. Watching a Tricker do a Temporal Bladeit is enough for you to fall in love. Trickster is very skilled at taking damage. Each enemy killed within close range grants Shield and heals. You can take heavy blows with the combination of your shield and your health.

You can even cause more damage Twisted Rounds, which fill your weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that deal significantly more damage to enemies. This skill can be used until you reload your weapon or switch weapons. Combine Twisted Rounds, Slow trapControlling a crowd effectively and using Hunt the PreyFinish off the last remaining Tricksters. A well-played Trickster is the best in the game.

Fire Storm

The Fire Storm Best Class Outriders tier list has been designed to help players choose the best class for their playstyle. The list is organized by power level, with the weakest class at the bottom and the strongest at the top. Using the list will make it easier for you to select the best class for your playstyle, whether you prefer playing solo or with friends.

Outriders have several weapon mods available for them. Some of these weapons allow them to deal more damage. For example, you can equip the Killing Shot, which allows you to teleport your enemies into a 25-meter radius around you. This is a powerful tool for killing bosses and enemies without the need to team up. This ability can also be used on single targets.

The Pyromancer is one of the best class Outriders in the game. It is the ultimate map-clearing class. With a build that focuses on laying down Thermbal Bombs and Thermal Bombs, you can clear out entire maps in a matter of seconds.

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