Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 CS:GO Update!September 2022

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 CS:GO Update!September 2022

Best Grenade Spots in CS:GO Dust 2

If you are a CS:GO player, you must know the best grenade spots on Dust 2. Mindlessly wandering the map is a surefire way to lose a match and put yourself at risk. Listed below are some of the best grenade spots on Dust 2 and how to use them effectively. Use these tips and you will soon be blasting away on the CS:GO battlefield!

HE grenade spot

The second HE grenade spot in Dust is located near the middle of the map. It allows you to cover a push of teammates or flank an enemy team. It is most commonly used when playing on the T side of the map, since the T players camp out on the middle part of the map. This grenade spot is also located outside the map, long after passing the T spawn.

The HE grenade spot in Dust2 is a difficult pick, as it requires precise positioning. Ideally, you should position yourself outside a long door. Position your crosshair over the edge of the building, so that the bomb will land in the path of your opponents. When used properly, grenades can be a great way to smoke out your opponents and slow them down. Terrorists typically use the bomb early in the game, but it is also useful after the grenade spot has been planted.

Molly grenade spot

The Molly grenade spot is located in the B area of the map. You can use it to slow down the enemies who are trying to plant bombs at the B site. However, you should remember that it is dangerous when it is thrown out of the B window because it can blind the enemy. This is why it is a good idea to place smoke near it, because it can make your target invisible.

You can also use molly to slow down the T pushes that are performed on the A site. If you can get a long door pop flash, you can throw the molly and then jump out to finish the push. This is an excellent way to hold your angle and grenade multiple enemies at once. In addition, you can also get pop flashes from the molly grenade spot.

Lower tunnel spot

The Lower tunnel spot is one of the more difficult positions in Dust 2. It’s accessed via a bridge connecting the mid and A bombsites. Most Ts use this pathway to split A and rush rounds. There’s also a small section of T spawn where they can view the mid to mid doors. If you get stuck, don’t worry – you can use the T Spawn callout to help you get back out.

Another important site to find in Dust 2 is the smoke spot. It’s near the top of the tower. It’s usually overlooked by enemy players. You can use flash grenades to blind enemy players. Aim your flash grenades on the top of the tower and hit mid left. The smoke will ruin enemy players’ vision, but will help you quickly rush down to the lower tunnels.

Image 106 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 2022 >> ST Grenade Spots Dust 2

This is the Grenade Spots Dust 2 list 2022.

  • T-Spawn to Mid Doors
  • T-Spawn Long Door
  • Car at Long A
  • A-Base
  • B Main Flash
  • HE and Molly Grenade are at B Main
  • Upper B- Tunnels
  • Lower Tunnels
  • The Cross
  • Skylight
  • Mid to Short
  • Back Platform
  • CT Spawn 
  • Short Stairs 

The best strategy for throwing grenades is to win the game. It doesn’t matter if they are alone in front of the group. We will share with you the best places to toss grenades in Dust 2 and the exact locations from which to do so.

Avoid using a grenade if an enemy is close by. While throwing the grenade far away is best, it is not the best. To make it easier to understand, think of X as a landing point point and Y a launching point point.

Below is a complete map guide that will help you navigate the Dust 2 Best Grenade Spot.

This map is shared on Steam by the user – frosh. You can click on these links to view more high-quality images. Click on the image to view a larger version. The Steam link will take you to the full-size Dust 2 Map with all Callouts.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

The CSGO Dust 2 maps above contain all important callouts. This map will help you find the best spots to throw grenades. We shared this information earlier to assist you.

Your throw must be directed at point Y. You can throw grenades far away, and get more range.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 (Details) >>

This is the complete guide to Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 & Best CSGO Grenade Spots For T-Group.

T-Spawn to Mid Doors >>

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 In T-Spawn, position yourself where you can look at the suicide zone, the narrow alleyway leading to the top middle > middle, and then the middle door. Look up and then run a bit further to throw the grenade.

The launch would cause grenades from the middle doors to drop. You can either jump or enter the door. You will find the whistle-spawn just to their right at mid-door. This will cause panic in them.

You may be perceived by the opposing team as being in-game with them. This is the best way to confuse the whistle during a Dust 2 game.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
  • X → T- Spawn
  • Y → Mid Doors

T-Spawn Long Doors >>

Right in the Long Doors T-spawn area, you’ll have to run and take some space before you can throw the grenade. Below is a screenshot showing several path locations. Don’t shoot standing up, run for a bit and then aim for points.

It can be thrown inside or out the door. The grenade will be thrown from below and it will fall between the blue line and the side pit. It is important to practice the technique to adjust your trajectory. This is where you can throw a grenade, before entering the long door in Dust 2. They can also be thrown near the door. The grenades will drop at the beginning Long A.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
  • X → T- Spawn
  • Y → Long Doors

Car at Long A >>

You can aim straight at the area just to the left or the whistle-spawning area of best Grenade Spots Dust 2. This is a popular spot for gamers to camp. To do this, you will need to pass through the long door. To get more height, climb up and toss the grenade over the ceiling. This will force the grenade to land right in or near the area of ​​the car. This will allow you to reduce the health and number of enemies that are currently camping in this area. This is a better way to get to your in-game base A.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

HE and Molly Grenade at B Main >>

This place is ideal for anyone who is a member of CT side. You can simply stand at the doorway and aim straight at Main B.

This will stop your enemy team from running through Main B. You can then throw a HE bomb at the same place after the fire is out to do more damage. This will make it so that if an enemy player thinks the shore has been cleared after the fire is out, and attempts to escape the area, they will be held responsible.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

B Main Flash >>

A flash can also be used to prevent B main rushes from best Grenade Spots Dust 2. You simply need to stand at the spot as shown in the image below and then throw the flash at main B. This will instantly blind any player trying to rush B main. As they won’t be able reach any in-game coverage, you can take them out.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Upper B- Tunnels >>

You can control the grenade projectile by using the wall above, if you are in the area of best Grenade Dust 2’s upper tunnel. The grenades will not expose you and you can communicate to your team to have more. This will allow you to scatter players at base location A. This is a great place to show your enemies in-game.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Lower Tunnels >>

You can use the flash grenade to blind people on the other side of the wall in the lower tunnels. You just need to aim the flash grenade towards the tower’s top and it will strike the middle left. If an opponent’s player hides or runs around, his vision will be instantly blurred and you will have a chance to quickly run towards them.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

A-Base >>

This trick is useful if you have any whistles and you want to make an in-game explosive. Place the grenade near the sign at Base A. Best Grenade Spots Dust 2.

The below image can be used as a reference. It will throw an explosive on the whistle you wish to disable. It is a good idea to distract or reduce health before you take the initiative. You can inflict long-lasting damage to any player within your range by using Molotov.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

The Cross >>

When you have gained control of Long A, and want to smoke from the cross, the 3rd grenade points are useful. Many gamers mistakenly believe that they can create perfect smoke screens with just one smoke grenade.

However, your withers are too large for this. You can still stand right next to the barrel, aim the grenade and follow the instructions in the below image. Next, make a running throw. The grenade will pass the corner houses’ roofs and block the crosshairs. You can then have your teammates throw another smoke in order to fill the gap.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

Skylight >>

Dust 2’s 2nd best spot for grenades is when you are just walking out of the front door. In the past, gamers would throw a flash through a skylight while running fast. This no longer works.

However, you can make a great running jump to the middle one. It will hit everyone in the game area. This will prevent your opponents looking at you as you go out the door.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

Mid to A Short >>

The most important part of Grenade Spots Dust 2 is the transition from a long to a short. This is where mistakes can be fatal. This is where Xbox Smoke comes in handy. You need to move backwards towards the wall before you aim the grenade at exactly the same place as in the above image.

Take a running shot and build a smokescreen using short A. Players don’t have to be afraid of being grabbed by the in game running sniper. They can simply walk up and down the stairs.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

Back Platform >>

Next on our Grenade Spots Dust 2 Best List is the back platform. The back platform, like Goose, is another location where enemy AWPers will camp out and target your team members. You can throw a molly at this location in the image below.

You can easily take down enemy AWPers by simply dragging them away from the spot. If they get caught in Molly’s flames, they will die in-game. But, remember that Molly is outside while you cast Molly.

If you don’t act quickly, you will likely become a target of AWPer. To avoid this, throw smoke at B main. This will allow Molly to be thrown at you without having to worry about getting killed.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

CT Spawn >>

 This is another ultimate spot on our list of the Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 as it can help you inflict heavy damage on the opponent’s team. You must first place Site B under your direct control in order for this to work.

Once you’ve done that, you can now throw a Molly at the spot (see below image) and it will stop the enemy team moving around the whistle spawn.

They’ll either have to wait until the fire goes out or will have to walk through it, causing them to lose money. You will be able to access Grenade Spots Dust 2 at any time.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

Short Stairs >>

The small staircase found in A Short of best Grenade Spots Dust 2 is the last. This is for the T side as it can help you prevent the opponent’s CT gamers from passing through this space. All you have to do is place a Molly in the exact spot as shown below. Remember that enemies gamers might try to escape with fire so be ready for battle. You will be punished in Dust 2 if you do not.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2
best grenade spots dust 2

Conclusion >>

These are some of the most popular grenade point in all of Europe. Dust 2In CSGO. Both T and CT teams can use it. We are updating this guide regularly with more detailed points.

CS:GO grenade spot

Knowing where to grenade is a crucial skill in the CS:GO game, Dust 2. While there are many locations that are good for grenades, you should focus on a few of the most common ones to gain an edge over your opponents. For example, the Xbox smoke grenade spot is great for slowing down T pushes from long doors. It is easy to land in and causes a pop flash, so it’s often used by terrorist teams.

One of the best grenade spots in Dust 2 is the mid to A short region. If you can find a spot where you can throw a grenade, you should do so from above to eliminate the risk of sniper attacks. You should also avoid using a wide entrance on Rush B. Lastly, flash grenades are the best way to blind the enemies.

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