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Best Mortal Kombat X Characters Tier List 2023 – Best Fighters In MKX

Best Mortal Kombat X Characters List

If you’re looking for Best Mortal Kombat X Characters, there are three levels of characters to choose from: Tier A, Tier B, and Tier C. Each of these levels is made up of a few different characters that all have their strengths and weaknesses. The Tier A characters are the most powerful fighters in the Mortal Kombat series. These characters can easily defeat their opponents and win each match. In contrast, Tier B characters are not as strong, but are still quite good and can offer new ideas and styles.

Tier A characters

If you’re looking to play as one of the most powerful fighters in Mortal Kombat X, consider getting one of the Tier A characters. Tier A characters are considered to be the best in the game, and have a lot of good combos and move sets. This is the recommended way to go in a match, as you can easily beat your opponent. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can try out a Tier B character. These characters are usually not as powerful as Tier A characters, and have many weaknesses, but they’re good for trying out different ideas and strategies.

There are several factors that determine who is the best in a Mortal Kombat X tournament. One of them is the strength of the character. In Mortal Kombat X, your goal is to be the last character standing. As a result, you should look for a character with high damage output and great defense. A good fighter with good defense and health will be able to take down even a high level opponent.

Jax – This character has a strong character arc. Initially, he was the weakest character in the game, but after a few patches, he rose to the top of the tier list. If you can play Jax correctly, he can be a nightmare for your opponents. However, later patches have toned down his strengths and made him a more manageable tier A character.

Tier B characters

Best Mortal Kombat X Characters

If you have a few hours to spend playing Mortal Kombat X, you may want to consider playing as some of the top characters in the game. Tier A characters have the best overall set of moves and combos, which makes them an excellent choice to use against opponents. However, if you’re in a competitive situation, you’ll likely want to use a character from Tier B, who may not have the same great combos or movesets as the Tier A characters. They may also have some weaknesses that other players can exploit.

If you’re looking for a character with good all-around stats and a low learning curve, Tier B is a solid choice. This character has a decent all-around defense and can be effective in tournament matches and online matches. While this group has fewer options for playable characters, they’re still considered to be good by the Mortal Kombat community. And with only a few weaknesses, they’re a solid choice to play as.

Tier B characters have decent skills and can barely take down lower-tier opponents. However, they’ll have a tough time battling against higher-tier characters. While they’re not bad, they’re not strong enough to use as your main characters.

Mortal Kombat X Tier Record: All of the Greatest Characters in MKX

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Discover the tier lists for the characters from S+ to F beneath:

Tier S+ in Mortal Kombat X

S+Shinnok (Impostor)
S+Ermac (Mystic)
S+Triborg (Smoke)
S+Mileena (Ethereal)
S+Triborg (Sektor)

Tier S in Mortal Kombat X

SSub Zero (Grand Grasp)
SJason (Unstoppable)
SScorpion (Hellfire)
SQuan Chi (Sorceror)
SCassie Cage (Hollywood)
SJason (Relentless)
SKenshi (Possessed)

Tier A in Mortal Kombat X

APredator (Hish-qu-ten)
ATanya (Dragon Naginata)
ATakeda (Ronin)
AErmac (Spectral)
ATakeda (Shirai Ryu)
AMileena (Piercing)
AShinnok (Bone Shaper)
AKitana (Murderer)
ALiu Kang (Dragon’s Fireplace)
AJacqui Briggs (Full Auto)
AKitana (Royal Storm)
AJacqui Briggs (Shotgun)

Tier B in Mortal Kombat X

BLiu Kang (Flame Fist)
BFerra/Tor (Ruthless)
BSub Zero (Cryomancer)
BReptile (Nimble)
BMileena (Ravenous)
BQuan Chi (Summoner)
BKano (Cybernetic)
BD’Vorah (Swarm Queen)
BSonya Blade (Demolition)
BReptile (Misleading)
BRaiden (Displacer)

Tier C

CKitana (Mournful)
CKano (Cutthroat)
CKung Lao (Buzz Noticed)
CRaiden (Thunder God)
CScorpion (Ninjutsu)
CTanya (Pyromancer)
CQuan Chi (Warlock)
CGoro (Dragon Fangs)
CTakeda (Lasher)
CReptile (Noxious)

Tier D

DJason (Slasher)
DCassie Cage (Spec Ops)
DCassie Cage (Brawler)
DTriborg (Cyrax)
DJohnny Cage (A-Record)
DSonya Blade (Covert Ops)
DKotal Kahn (Solar God)
DKung Lao (Tempest)
DPredator (Warrior)
DTanya (Kobu Jutsu)
DJax (Wrestler)
DJohnny Cage (Stunt Double)
DErron Black (Gunslinger)
DKung Jin (Ancestral)
DErmac (Grasp of Souls)
DRaiden (Grasp of Storms)
DTremor (Metallic)
DGoro (Tigrar Fury)
DLeatherface (Killer)

Tier E

EAlien (Acidic)
EBo’Rai Cho (Bartitsu)
ED’Vorah (Brood Mom)
ELeatherface (Butcher)
EKotal Kahn (Blood God)
EKung Jin (Shaolin)
EGoro (Kuatan Warrior)
EPredator (Warrior)
EJax (Pumped Up)
EKano (Commando)
EAlien (Tarkatan)
EBo’Rai Cho (Dragon Breath)
ETriborg (Cyber Sub Zero)
EKenshi (Kenjutsu)

Tier F

FScorpion (Inferno)
FLiu Kang (Dualist)
FD’Vorah (Venemous)
FErron Black (Outlaw)
FLeatherface (Fairly Woman)
FErron Black (Marksman)
FBo’Rai Cho (Drunken Grasp)
FAlien (Konjurer)
FJacqui Briggs (Excessive tech)
FFerra/Torr (Lackey)
FJohnny Cage (Fisticuffs)
FShinnok (Necromancer)
FKenshi (Balanced)

There you might have it. This was the tier listing for all of the characters in MKX. This listing will allow you to select the perfect and strongest characters within the recreation. This tier listing was created with inputs from u/Aquartic on Reddit.

Tier C characters

The Mortal Kombat X tier list is constantly updated to ensure that players are playing with the most powerful characters possible. The list is an excellent way to determine what characters have the most potential and what types of playstyles they are best suited for. The main objective of Mortal Kombat X is to be the last fighter standing, so it’s vital to find the right character to suit your needs.

The tier C characters in the Mortal Kombat X game list are Kitana, Kano, Jason, Cassie Cage, and Liu Kang. The S and E tier characters are arguably the weakest of the group, and they will struggle to beat a Tier C player. Despite their relatively low stats, these characters can still be effective in tournament matches. Moreover, they will be able to match up with the top characters, if the situation calls for it.

If you’re a newcomer to Mortal Kombat X, you should consider playing as many characters as possible to discover which characters best fit your style of play. While a Tier C character is good in some situations, a Tier F character is not. A Tier F character can’t really compete in any situation, and will generally lose a match.

Despite being the weakest character in the Mortal Kombat X game, Jax has a strong character arc and can be devastating if used correctly. She was one of the weakest characters upon release, but after a patch or two, she jumped to the top of many tier lists. In the early days, she was a nightmare to fight against, but later patches toned her down.

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