Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard September 2022

Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard September 2022

The Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard

There are numerous options for gaming keyboards, but which one is the best for you? This article will discuss the features of a BlueFinger one-handed keyboard, which includes 35 anti-ghosting keys and two sets of macro recording keys. This keyboard comes with a wrist rest, RGB backlighting, breath and static modes, and seven colours. If you’re on a budget, you can save some money by purchasing this model.


If you’re a fan of cheap gaming keyboards, you’ll love the RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard. This no-frills keyboard has RGB lighting, macro recording, and USB Type-C connectivity. This product is also small, so it fits easily in your bag. The backlit keys are a nice touch, and the RGB light changes colors according to your choice. Its RGB lighting also supports 7 colors, so you can program your keys to have different effects.

The RGB One Handed Gaming Keyboard has 35 keys, and each of them is anti-ghosting. It is incredibly portable and can be used with all PCs, including Macs. The keyboard is compact and has a large wrist-rest to give you a comfortable gaming experience. This product supports seven different colors for a custom look, so you can use it with a variety of mouse setups and gaming systems.

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Razer Tartarus Pro

The Razer Tartarus Pro one handed gaming keybord has a unique design. With only 19 standard keys, the Razer Tartarus Pro provides a comfortable and convenient one-handed typing experience. Keys are arranged in a grid pattern for easier reach. Each key has a different actuation point, so you can press it lightly to walk or firmly to run. Razer also offers a number of customization options.

The NPET T20 keys are multi-coated for extra durability and sweat-resistance. These keys offer decent crystal-clear feedback. Unlike some other one-handed gaming keyboards, this keyboard is also equipped with a palm rest to help you hold it comfortably. Users also report that the letters on the keys can rub off after minimal use. The simple design is also appealing to professionals and gamers alike.

Cooler Master

The Cooler Master gaming keyboard is a great choice for gamers who are serious about their gaming performance. The MECH keyboard is huge and heavy, with a removable frame that doubles as a palm rest. Its design incorporates addressable RGB lights, which allow for easy key configurations. The keyboard features two USB3.0 ports, including one for audio/mic. Additionally, it has a USB3.0 hub and a full set of F keys. The gaming keyboard comes with a combination multimedia and lighting key through Fn key functions. This keyboard is also compatible with other input devices, including mouse, gamepads, and headsets.

Standard Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard

The CK351 is the latest addition to Cooler Master’s gaming keyboard line. Its low-profile Cherry MX switches give it an industrial elegance that is hard to match in a gaming keyboard. This model has a wireless option for gamers who don’t want to mess with the wiring. The CK351 comes in three colors: light grey, black, and tan. A black version also comes with a blue LED light to help you distinguish key presses in games.

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Image 27 Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard
best one handed gaming keyboard

GameSir VX2

The GameSir VX2 One Hand Esports gaming keyboard is a miniature keyboard with an AimSwitch. This programmable AimSwitch has seven simultaneous key presses. Its mechanical red switches provide superior speed and accuracy. It comes with an adapter that plugs into the USB port of a switch. This lightweight keyboard is easy to use, no extra keys to worry about, and a convenient carry case for traveling.

The GameSir VX2 One Hands Gaming Keyboard is compatible with a wide variety of mice. The GameSir VX2 comes with the GameSir GM400 wired mouse, which features a lightweight body, RGB backlight, and flagship sensor PMW3360. With the GameSir app, you can adjust every key and mouse parameter for optimal performance.

Details of One Handed Gaming Keyboard & Keypad

1. RedThunder Gaming Mouse

RedThunder Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards are among the most popular gaming keyboards. It is also very affordable. It will improve your gaming experience. It has a beautiful design and is very useful.

All 35 keys are anti-ghosting. It is compatible with all kinds of PCs. The keyboard’s ergonomic design is meant to be comfortable for the user. The keyboards can be easily moved around because they are compact and lightweight. The keyboard’s ergonomic design and large wrist rest provide a great gaming experience.

This keyboard is RGB-backlit which allows you to choose from 7 colors. The colors will be very appealing to gamers.

Features & Specification

Pros & Cons

2. RGB Gaming Keyboard

Rgb One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RGB One Handed Mechanical Gaming keyboard is a popular gaming keyboard.

The keyboard’s build quality is similar to other Gang keyboards. The keyboard will have backlit RGB. The keyboard also has wrist rest support for your convenience. This USB wired gaming keyboard is Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard.

This keyboard has a mechanical keyboard. There are 35 keys and they are all shown in RGB. You can rely on high quality keys for a long life. This keyboard is compatible with all devices like Win 2000,Win XP,Win ME,Win Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10,Linux.Work for PS4,Xbox One,Laptop,PC Computer USB Wired Connecd is given for keyboard to do it. Plug and play, no need for any software

Features & Specification

Pros & Cons

3. Redragon K585 DITI

Redragon K585 Diti Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K585 DiTI is a one-handed gaming keyboard of high quality. This keyboard has 5 backlit modes and 16 million color options. It is the most powerful keyboard available in a single-handed gaming keyboard. This Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboard is a great deal.

This keyboard has 2.4Ghz wireless transmission technology. It is wireless and can be used as a one-handed gaming keyboard. The built-in 3000mAh battery provides about 10 to 15 hours of back up on a single charge.

On-the-fly macro keys are available in 7 profiles. 4 sets of dedicated keyboards are reserved for work and gaming. The legendary audible click mechanical keyboard with satisfying feedback from Dragon Blue switches allows you to master the battlefield and be the MVP.

Features & Specifications

Pros & Cons

FELICON One Handed Gaming Keyboard with Mechanical Feel

Felicon One Handed Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard for one-handed gamers is finally here! A mechanical keyboard that can be used by one-handed gamers is finally here! FELICON is the ideal keyboard for gamers who don’t want to use their hands or are sick of using them both while gaming. What’s best is that it features the same good key travel and good tactile feel as any other mechanical keyboard out there. You don’t have to wonder where your hands should be while playing.

FELICON, a professional gaming keyboard, provides a one-handed mechanical feeling. This keyboard was designed to provide a different typing experience. It has a 3mm travel key and a 60% shorter throw key, meaning that fingers travel less distance before reaching the bottom of the key. This keyboard is ideal for competitive gamers because of its ergonomic design.

FELICON One Handed Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard is designed for gamers who prefer to use one hand. Are you tired of using the mouse because you can’t reach the keyboard? There is a solution.

The keyboard is an integral part of every computer. It allows us to input text, as well as other information. This can make a huge difference in what type of computer we buy. But it’s often difficult for those with physical disabilities or injuries to operate a keyboard, which can result in them being unable to use their computer at all.

FELICON is the world’s first one-handed mechanical feeling keyboard with optimized WASD key positions for ultimate PC gaming. It offers all the benefits of a standard keyboard, but is compact enough to provide hours of enjoyable gaming.

Are you fed up with playing games on a regular keyboard? FELICON is the mechanical keyboard for gamers who want the best. Our custom design features fully customizable RGB backlighting and tactile/clicky feedback. It also offers ergonomic hand support. FELICON is the best choice for serious gamers or people who want to elevate their gaming experience.

FELICON One-Handed Mechanical Feel Gaming keyboard is for gamers with one hand disability. They use one hand to press all keys simultaneously. FELICON Keyboard will not only meet their gaming needs, but it can also help them to play more relaxed games.

Bluefinger One-Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard

Bluefinger One Hand Rgb Gaming Keyboard

Bluefinger, a new gaming keyboard that features a single-side RGB hybrid mechanical keyboard design makes it easy to use. It’s a full size, non-slip, dual-colour backlit mechanical gaming keyboard with a unique ability to control the RGB light rainbow by simply pressing the keyboard key. These keyboards combine style and substance to provide an exceptional gaming experience. The wrist rest is specially designed to provide support wrist and hand comfort, allowing users to focus on their game. You can change the rainbow

The Bluefinger One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard, which is one of the most current gaming keyboards on market, is a keyboard set that’s designed for people who want a traditional gaming setup and a single-handed design. The keyboard is hand-sculpted and has a tactile mechanical feel. The keycaps have a true rainbow LED color, and the letters are lit by one LED in the keycap. The combo includes a wrist rest, mouse and mouse that can be used at 180 RLS/s.

Bluefinger, a gaming keyboard, makes gaming easier and more enjoyable. It features a beautiful mechanical keyboard and RGB light, which brightens up your monitor with a well-designed aesthetic. Bluefinger is an extended gaming keyboard. It is light but durable and easy to clean. The keyboard is extremely portable and easy to use. Bluefinger is portable and can be carried around on a tablet, laptop, or desk.

MFTEK One Hand Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Mftek One Hand Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

MFTEK, the One-Handed Gaming Board for Gamers, features Rainbow LED Backlit Numbers and Letters, 6 Convenient Switch Buttons (DPI), and wrist rest support.

You can give your children an advanced keyboard to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. The MFTEK One hand Gaming Keyboard and mouse is a fun toy that will bring smiles to many children.


AULA offers a mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB Backlighting in an ergonomic design for professional gamers. This keyboard uses RGB technology to give you full color customization while 100% anti-ghosting with all Key Roll-over on USB. The keyboard comes with 5 preprogrammed backlighting modes and 5 customizable profiles. The main backlight and functional keys can also be customized using the drivers that are included.

The AULA one-hand gaming keyboard features an ergonomic design with 8 programmable keys and a software to make them more responsive and easier to press. The mechanical keys are durable, with a double inlay mold, which increases their lifespan. It also comes with a palm rest to keep your hands comfortable while gaming. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10, and is compatible with Mac OS X.

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