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Minecraft – Best Pixelmon Servers 2023

Minecraft’s Best Pixelmon Servers

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the Minecraft’s best Pixelmon servers. These servers can help you become a Pokemon trainer, beat gyms, and trade rare Pokemon. In addition, you can also play with friends in multiplayer mode. But which server is right for you? Take a look at the list below to learn more!


Minecraft is a great sandbox survival game that allows users to install tons of mods and play on thousands of community-driven multiplayer servers. One such mod, Pixelmon, turns Minecraft into a virtual Pokemon world that players can explore and try to catch. But finding an active Best Pixelmon servers is not always an easy task. We’ve compiled a list of the best Pixelmon servers for you to play on and enjoy the game.

If you’re a new player and want to experience a Pixelmon-based game, you can check out PikaDex. It allows players to check out all of the Pokemon available in the game, from the first generation to the seventh generation. The servers’ Discord channels allow you to communicate with other players and staff members. They also have weekly events and other unique features.

Pokemon are traded with other players. You can even spawn them on horses. The pixelmon mod also adds fishing rods, which you can craft using materials you find in Minecraft. Fishing rods are special fishing items that can attract certain Pokemon. Once you’ve crafted enough pokeballs, you can start a party with your friends!


Best Pixelmon Servers

There are many Pixelmon servers out there, but ComplexMC stands out as one of the best. This server offers over 800 Pokemons, quests, NPC roles from the original Pokemon games, and much more. It also features a variety of locations that are dedicated to the different animes. This server is a great place to play if you enjoy battling and collecting different types of Pokemon.

Whether you’re an experienced player looking for the best Pixelmon server, or an absolute beginner, ComplexMC has something for you. The server features a large gaming community and a lot of different games. It also features a variety of Pixelmon realms, including Prison, Factions, and Skyblock.

The Complex Pixelmon server runs on a variety of versions of Minecraft. Upon installation, the server is created in 30 minutes and you can start playing immediately. They even handle the technical stuff like port forwarding for you.

SoulPixel Network

If you are looking for a great server with lots of players and a fun Pixelmon modpack, look no further! Pixelmon servers bring the world of Pokemon into Minecraft, and you can use them to battle, breed, and trade! Unlike the original game, Pixelmon servers use the Minecraft biomes and add special features like battles, badges, and plushies.

This server is dedicated to the Pixelmon series, and has several features that make it the most authentic Minecraft server. It features over 800 Pokemon, quests, and NPC roles from the game series. The server is split into smaller Realms, and even has in-game recipes that are inspired by the anime.

SoulPixel is a Spanish-language Pixelmon server. It has two game modes, Pikadex and Pikacore, and has many other unique features. Another great Pixelmon server is SedexCraft, which features two game modes: vanilla survival and Pikadex.

Best Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft 2022

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Pixelmon is without doubt one of the greatest modpacks for Minecraft because it brings the favored Pokémon franchise to the sport. This mod additionally brings in Gymnasium trainers, badges, battles and spawns random Pokemon on every island giving gamers a ton of latest issues to take a look at.

What’s the Finest Pixelmon Server?

These are the greatest Pixelmon servers for Minecraft which can be obtainable proper now.

  • Purple Jail IP:
  • Complicated Gaming IP:
  • PokeSaga IP:
  • Pixelmon Realms IP:
  • SmashMC IP:
  • Pokecentral IP:
  • PokeResort IP:
  • DestinyMC Community IP:
  • Blaze Gaming IP:
  • Pikadex IP:
  • PokeLand IP:
  • RC-Avid gamers IP:
  • DirtCraft Pixelmon IP:
  • Poke Islands IP:
  • NobleRealms IP:
  • PocketPixels IP: play.pocketpixels.internet
  • TreeMC IP: prime.treemc.internet
  • HappyCloud IP:
  • Eternia Pixelmon IP: play.eterniamc.internet
  • Holocraft SEA IP: play.holocraft.internet
  • PokeNinjas IP:
  • TheNodeMC IP:
  • MinerGG Pixelmon IP:
  • Pixelmon Harmoney IP:
  • Hallowed Fantasy IP:

You possibly can observe up on Ash Ketchum’s goals to grow to be a real and the most effective Pokemon coach by not solely participating in Gymnasium battles but additionally by accumulating badges, Pokemon and go to totally different facilities scattered all all through the sport. There’s one thing for everybody within the Pixelmon worlds listed above so don’t neglect to examine them out.


If you’re looking for a Pixelmon server hosting platform, ScalaCu is the way to go. This server pack has a large number of features, and while they can be challenging to install and configure, they’re highly rewarding. Here are some steps you can take to get your Pixelmon server up and running.

Firstly, you must choose a server. There are several options, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs. Pixelmon servers are great if you want to play the game with more than 800 different Pokemon! They come with a variety of features to keep players happy and entertained. For instance, they include quests, NPC roles, and new in-game recipes.

Another reason to choose ScalaCu is that they have a huge infrastructure all around the world. This means that the game servers are secure, reliable, and fast. Plus, the server comes with a control panel and root access for your game. The prices range from $2 a month to $192 a month. You can even choose which storage type you want. The company offers unlimited bandwidth without throttling, which is great for gamers.

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