Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Best Pokemon Go Pokemon

This guide will help you find the Best Pokemon Go Pokemon. Here’s a guide to Mega Mewtwo and Excadrill. Each Pokemon has unique strengths and abilities. This makes it easier when choosing the right Pokemon. These Pokemon are great for all kinds of situations, as they have the highest base stats.


Mewtwo, a well-known and popular Pokemon, is very popular. It has high Attack stat and can quickly spam Psystrike. The Mythical version has higher type resistances and more damage output. Every team should have Melmetal, a vital Master League component.


Blaziken is a powerful fighting and fire-type Pokémon. You will be able to fight for longer periods of time thanks to its 190 base attack and 141 defense average. Because it is resistant against Dark and Bug attacks, this Pokemon is great for any team. These are just a few reasons Blaziken is one of the best Pokemon Go players.


Excadrill is more defensive than its counterparts. It also features a very unusual typing. Ground typing is the most offensive and has the lowest neutral damage. It is immune to both Fire and Water types. It can type fast, accurately, and quickly. It can resist Stealth setters which are the most common type rock setter.


Togekiss reigns supreme in offensive power. Togekiss’s Charm and Dazzling Gleam allow it to do what it excels in: It is endless. Togekiss has the ability to combine these moves to deal with all types of attacks and minimize its weaknesses. Hidden Power can be used for defense strengthening. Ancient Power can overcome any weakness.

Togekiss can be described as a Fairy type

Togekiss, a new fair Pokemon, has been added to the game. Because of its triangular wings that are white and the body, it resembles a fairy. It is believed it brings happiness, peace, and joy. You can also find Togekiss in Pokemon Go. It can be called “Citoge” or “kiss”, depending on how it is spelled.

Mega Charizard X

Mega Mewtwo Y may be stronger than Mega Charizard Y, but Mega Charizard Y remains the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Mega Blaziken might be stronger than Mega Charizard. However, Mega Blaziken’s 329 ATK will make Mega Blaziken slightly more powerful. Which Pokemon Go Pokemon should I use in battle For those in doubt, the Mega Charizard stats are Y and X.

Mega Lopunny

It is the strongest Pokemon-GO breeding. This article will be about Mega Lopunny, which is the Fighting type Mega Lopunny. Although it is extremely powerful, this Pokemon doesn’t have the same strength to fight other types. This Pokemon is vulnerable to Flying, Ghost and Fairy types. Multiple Pokemon can defeat Mega Lopunny.

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