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Best Reserve Keys in Tarkov Escape 2023

Best Reserve Keys in Tarkov Escape

In the early days, Best Reserve Keys in Tarkov Escape was one of the best keys in the game, but it got turbo nerfed because of the atmosphere. The AK was the best weapon with Reserve key, but its value has dwindled. Now, the best use for this key is strategic positioning inside the dome and looting inside the dome.

Marked Key

The Marked Key is a vital piece of loot in the first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov. You must find it to get into Dorm Room 314, and luckily, it’s located in a room where you’ll find some of the best loot in the game.

You can obtain the Marked Key in several ways. You can either trade it with Jaeger or combine three other marked keys to get it. Another option is to find a blue jacket in Shoreline, which contains a 2% chance of holding a key. Once you find it, you’ll be able to unlock the third floor room in Customs Dorm. Look out for lit candles that mark the door, and you’ll be able to use the key to enter it.

The M-Key is usually located on SCAV bodies, but you can also find it in cottages or blue container clusters. The best time to find the M-Key is at night.

Shoreline Reserve Key

Best Reserve Keys in Tarkov Escape 2022

If you’ve been looking to get the Shoreline Reserve Key, you’ve come to the right place! This key can unlock a number of locations and is especially useful for questing, since it’s rarely looted by other players. It also unlocks a variety of useful weapon attachments and intelligence folders, so it’s a valuable item to obtain.

The key can be obtained in several places in Tarkov Escape, including Shturman’s Stash, the West Wing offices, and the ambulance. It can also be obtained by farming Shturman, although farming him is best done in a small team. It’s possible to loot this item from bosses at the first and third levels, but it’s easier to get them later if you use a smaller group.

Keys are very important in Tarkov because they let you enter lootable areas and access the best loot locations. But they’re expensive and difficult to get. This guide will help you maximize your profit by giving you some tips on where to find them. Listed below are some suggestions that will help you get the highest-valued keys.

West Wing Reserve Key

In Tarkov Escape, the West Wing Reserve Key unlocks the West Wing’s doors and allows you to enter the building. You can find it in a variety of locations throughout the game, from a broken box on a lighthouse to an SUV near a weather station. In addition, you can also find it in the back of a room on an unlocked Estate.

You can use it to unlock West Wing Cottage area, where you can find valuable loot. Various grenade/weapon boxes are also found in this area. This key can help you unlock various rooms in the cottage area, including those in the Health Resort. This key is also necessary for the quest Vitamins – Part 1 in the Health Resort.

The West Wing Reserve Key can also be used to unlock Room R23 at the Health Resort, where you will find the Violet Keycard. You’ll be rewarded with cash, a Medcase, and a weapon rack when you obtain it. The Violet Keycard can also unlock rooms in the Lab, including room R23 in the second level.

Best Reserve Keys in Tarkov Escape to All Maps

These are suggestions from the neighborhood on the top-priority keys to keep for every map. Many of these ideas are from @PestilyOne of the most well-known EFT gamers is.

Tarkov Finest Customs Chart Keys to Hold

  • Mark Key
  • Unit of manufacturing
  • 114 Key
  • Customs Key
  • 110 Keys
  • Room 204
  • Room 214
  • 105 Key
  • Fuel Station
  • Storage
  • Key to the USEC
  • 314 Key

Map Keys Finest Woods

  • KSH
  • ZB-014
  • Toyota Automobile key

Keys to the Manufacturing Unit Map

  • Unit for manufacturing

Tarkov Finest Shoreline Map Keys Price Holding

  • Tape key
  • San 222
  • San 301
  • HEPS
  • San 310
  • San 205
  • San 218
  • San 216
  • San 104
  • San 112
  • Storeroom
  • San 205
  • San 220
  • San 107
  • Cottage
  • Secure (Cottage)
  • San 308
  • San 314
  • Secure (Warehouse).
  • Secure (Administration
  • San 306
  • Secure 321

The Finest EFT Map Keys

  • KIBA 2
  • KIBA
  • #11SR
  • MES
  • #21WS
  • Pharmacy
  • Log. Log.

Finest Labs Keys

  • Pink
  • LkASR
  • LkMO
  • Black
  • Inexperienced
  • Violet
  • Key Card
  • LkTA (W).
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Best EFT Reserve Map Keys

  • RB-BK
  • RB-VO
  • RB-AM
  • RB-PSP1
  • RB-PSP2
  • RB-PS81
  • RB-PS82
  • RB-TB
  • RB-ORB1
  • RB-MP11
  • RB-MP12
  • RB-MP13
  • RB-MP21
  • RB-MP22
  • RB-KSM
  • RB-SMP
  • RB-ORB2
  • RB-ORB3
  • RB-ST
  • RB-SO
  • RB-OP
  • RB-GN
  • RB-RS
  • RB-SMP

Finest Lighthouse Keys

  • Merin automobile trunk key
  • Rogue USEC stash key
  • Key to a USEC workshop that is not working
  • USEC first protected key
  • USEC Second Protected Key

Right here’s the Full picturePestily has posted this information.

Tips for determining which EFT keys are price holding?

These ideas were provided by Geekseh via Youtube. Watch his videoFor more information, click here. Geekseh recommends asking these questions before you decide whether you wish to save a key.

What keys should I keep in Tarkov?

  • It is a Quest key.
  • Are you an avid Map-player?
  • Are you in want of cash that you simply’ll get by promoting the important thing?

These questions are the easiest way to find the key. Be certain that to verify the wiki for a specific key as a result of it’s essential to know what’s behind the lock. If that’s the loot you want, go forward and preserve it. You should also verify the Flea Marketplace’s current value to determine if you need the cash. If it’s a quest key, verify the extent requirement and see if it’s one thing you are able to do quickly or the extent is a bit too excessive.

Glue key

One of the most useful tools for advanced players is a Tarkov key. These keys will help you get the best loot during raids and boost your overall survival rate. In this guide, we’ll talk about which keys are best for each map, and how to obtain them for maximum profit. We’ll also consider the player base and item value for each key to help you choose the best option for you.

Another key that you’ll need is the RB-SMP key, which will open the Federal State Reserve Agency base Military unit Headquarters’ medical storage room. This key is essential if you want to complete the Disease History quest in the game. However, it’s not a priority.

RB-SMP is good for medical supplies. It can also be used to spawn LEDX, a key that can only be used 25 times. You can find both of these keys outside the White Rook, in two Barrack Buildings.

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