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Best Starting Class Elden Ring – Souls Best of 2023

Best Starting Class in Souls – Elden Ring

If you’re a newbie to souls-like games, then a Vagabond may be the Best Starting Class Elden Ring to start with. While a Prophet may be the best choice if you’re geared towards healing, it might also be the best class for beginners who are more comfortable using spells. If you want a slower pace, an Astrologer or Confessor are better options. If you haven’t played souls before, though, a Vagabond or an Astrologer may be more suitable for you.


When it comes to choosing the right starting class in Elden Ring, the Samurai is the clear choice. This class starts with plenty of dexterity, which is critical when wielding powerful weapons, as well as the third highest Vigor stat, which allows players to survive more hits. The armor that a samurai wears is also an important aspect of their character, as it strikes fear in the hearts of your enemies.

In the Elden Ring, there are many Souls-style starting classes, including powerful knights, incantation-casting clerics, a naked class, and standard Dexterity builds. The Samurai is a great choice for new players who are interested in improving their overall stats. It is a great class to start with, and a powerful one if you haven’t played Soulsborne yet!

The Samurai is an offensive class that starts out as a melee fighter. The Samurai’s primary weapon is a bow, which can help separate enemies when fighting in groups. The Samurai’s longbow can also be useful when aggroing enemies and eliminating weaker ones. It also provides the player with a huge boost in damage. But despite its defensive potential, the Samurai’s combat style is also one that involves a lot of risk.

When selecting a starting weapon for the Samurai class, the Uchigatana is an excellent choice. Its excellent attack range and bleed effect make it an excellent choice for the entire game. Another great benefit of the Uchigatana is its Unsheathe weapon skill, which lets you pick off enemies with just one or two shots. This weapon skill can be replaced with any other weapon, too.

A Samurai is an excellent choice for daredevils, as their ability to switch between long range and close range is an excellent asset. Their Endurance is high, and they can shift between both types of combat fast. They will never be doing any magic in Elden Ring, but they’re still a versatile fighter. In fact, it’s one of the few classes that has the best starting equipment for beginners.


While most starting classes in Elden Ring will start out with decent equipment, an Astrologer is a great choice for the higher levels of the game. While the Astrologer’s Short Sword and Scripture Wooden Shield are fine, the best weapon for this class is the Astrologer’s Staff. The staff is crucial for spell casting and will last for most of the game. In addition to the Staff, you can also choose to equip the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff early on in the game.

Another great attribute for an Astrologer is their Focus Points. Focus Points are similar to mana in Elden Ring. Focus Points are used to perform a number of actions. Your Mind stat controls your Focus Points, and the better your Mind stat is, the more Focus Points you will have at your disposal. That means more spells and more expensive weapon arts! You’ll be able to use your powerful weapons without worrying about low Intelligence or not being able to dodge as often.

Whether you’re looking for an all-around magic user, or you want to have maximum Dexterity, the Astrologer is a great choice. Its starting level makes it a good choice for those who enjoy casting spells. Their Dexterity, Intelligence, and Mind stats allow them to deal maximum damage. In the early game, you can even make use of their AOE spells.

Another great starting class for the Astrologer in Elden Ring is the Prisoner. This class champions the Intelligence attribute and has decent Strength. It is ideal for players who want to learn the art of sorcery, as it allows them to use spells from a distance. In addition, Prisoner has high Dexterity and decent Strength. There are many other useful starting classes for Astrologers in Elden Ring.

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The Astrologer has three stats to consider when choosing a build. One of these is Intelligence. If you can get a higher Intelligence score, you will have more options to cast spells and use magic weapons. Another important stat to consider is Endurance. This skill will help you save your stamina bar while casting spells and dodging enemies. It’s also essential to have plenty of stamina if you want to take down larger enemies.


The Confessor is a powerful character with good starting equipment. A strong broadsword, easy to modify with Ashes of War, and a Blue Crest Heater Shield are the key to the Confessor’s damage and defense. While the armor is relatively weak and vulnerable to special damage types, it is still an excellent choice for exploring Elden Ring. Another bonus of the Confessor is its ability to cast Urgent Heal while moving.

image 49 best starting class elden ring

The Wretch is a good class for beginners, but if you want to have a better balance between agility and parrying, you should consider the Confessor. You can use the Long Bow and Katana as your starting weapons. The Confessor’s starting stats are strength and faith. It is an excellent starting class because it is versatile and can be used for a number of different roles.

If you want to start playing with a high-level character, you should start with a Confessor. The class has a lot of versatility and is great for solo play. It also has good stats for melee and magic, making it ideal for players who want to experiment with both. So, if you are new to Elden Ring, try playing a Confessor and you’ll be pleased with the results!

The Hero class is similar to the Vagabond class. It is a melee focused class with Strength as its highest starting attribute. It deals a large amount of damage with each hit. You won’t be interested in advanced weapons or magic. In this situation, the Confessor might be the best choice. However, if you’re on the fence about whether to choose this class or another, a Confessor will give you the chance to dip into the depths of Incantations and keep your melee capabilities intact.

The starting class in Elden Ring is important for several reasons. The class is the archetype that gives you the most advantage in the game from the beginning. It influences the weapons and stats you can equip and the approach you take throughout the game. Starting classes can be changed later, but it’s important to choose wisely and test all of the options before making a final decision. You may end up regretting your decision later.

This is an important question for new players as they start their journey in the Lands Between. However, all items from each class are available in-game.

The game developer FromSoftware does a great job of allowing players to choose the classes they want to play and not restricting them to those they have chosen at the beginning of the game.

The starting class has a significant impact on how players feel during their first few hours. Now without wasting time let’s start the Best Starting Class Elden Ring guide.

Best Starting Class Elden Ring 2022

Best Starting Class Elden Ring

When it comes to choosing an in-game class, one of the most crucial decisions is how to damage their foes. Melee combat is the primary damage output for classes such as the Vagabond and Warrior.

Ranging-based combat is more common in classes like the Astrologer and Prisoner and some levels of the Samurai because of the sorceries, arrows and bow aspects to their kits.

This soft ranking list shows the best starting classes for Elden Ring. While the final decision will be different for each gamer, we believe that all playstyles can be used in Elden Ring. The classes are just guidelines and not intended to replace actual gameplay.

The best starting class Elden Ring lists ranks the classes based upon their initial stats, equipment, and the first few areas they have access to.

#1 Vagabond


The Vagabond is a great starting class for the Elden Ring game. This class actually provides the best starting framework for gamers looking to get up in the opponent’s face with melee combat.

The Vagabond class is the most efficient for melee gamers, with the best starting Vigor (at fifteen) and the lowest Arcane score (at seven). Because the weakest attributes of melee players are those they won’t use (Faith and Intelligence), this is why.

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The Vagabond’s large melee-based stat investment includes thirteen Dexterity and 14 Strengths. Gamers have the choice of using a short or long-reach weapon.

You can also use it as a heater shield at launch or at the end. The heater shield is exempt from the elemental attributes of game weapons and allows gamers to block any in-game damage caused by melee or ranged-based weapons.

#2 Samurai


The Elden Ring Samurai is equipped with the highest Endurance stat in all of its classes. This kit is great to start with. Combined with the Land of Reed’s armor actually set and Red Thorn Roundshield, Samurais have a good physical defense.

This makes it the best option for melee gamers looking to absorb hits while in the opponent’s face. The class also has a Uchigatana (for offense) and a Longbow (for defense).

Many gamers will prefer to begin with a powerful weapon such as the Uchigatana because of the game-friendly moves and secondary blood loss that the katana offers.

The Longbow provides an additional ranged option for sniping opponents at a distance and actually adds to the Samurai’s best starting kit.

#3 Hero

Elden Ring Hero

At sixteen, the Elden Ring Hero boasts the highest strength stat of any in-game class. The melee player class is able to take on many enemies and areas thanks to the combination of the battle-axe and wild strikes weapon arts.

This class actually starts with the champion’s armor set and in-game leather shield. This class, along with its high starting Endurance & Vigor, provides a great starting stamina bar as well as a healthy health pool.

#4 Warrior

Elden Ring Warrior
Elden Ring Warrior

This Dexterity-based Class starts with 2 scimitars. It is an excellent option for those who want to strike quickly with their weapon.

The Elden Ring Warrior, the only class capable of using the dual-wielding weaponsystem new to Elden Ring game straight out of the gates, is the only one.

Combining the Elden Ring Warrior’s blue cloth armor with the best riveted wooden shield, it offers medium stats.

Gamers who want to specialize in Dexterity weaponry are better off starting with the Warrior, as it has the highest starting Dexterity stat.

#5 Prisoner

Elden Ring Prisoner

The Eldenring Prisoner is a unique starting class. It is a mixed class with many different stats. It doesn’t have the top in any stat but, with a blend of Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence, the Prisoner is really defensive Astrologer.

This in-game class starts with the Prisoner’s armor actually set and iron mask. It also comes with an Estoc (the best stab weapon) and a Glintstone Staff, which can be used for sorcery casting. The Prisoner’s primary sorcery is the Magic Glintstone Blade.

This summons an in-game magic blade above the player that focuses on the target for a set amount of time. It is the perfect spell to combine with the incredible main hand weapon.

#6 Confessor

Elden Ring Confessor

The Elden Ring Confessor, an assassin-type class that is related to the Bandit, also serves as a class. While it doesn’t have any of the lowest stats or highest stats the class does have the highest starting level at ten. The class’ top stat is Faith, with equal Dexterity and Strength just above.

It actually starts with the full Confessor’s armor set along with the Blue Crest Heater Shield, which blocks 100% of incoming physical in-game damage. This shield is a welcome one for anyone just starting out.

Gamers will also be able to use the Finger Seal for Broadsword as well as incantations for melee weapons. Assassin’s real Approach, which makes the player move silently, and a quick low heal, Urgent Heal, are the in-game starting incantations.

This good class can be used to fight any kind of game, including stealth strategies and aggressive assaults with heals to fall back on.

#7 Astrologer

Elden Ring Astrologer

The Elden Ring Astrologer, an Intelligence-based class, gives gamers early access to magic-based combat. It has a high base Intelligence score of 16 which is superior to all other in-game classes.

Equipped with an Astrologer’s Staff, Scripture Wooden Shield, Shortsword, and Astrologer robe set, this is the frailest starting class with the low physical stats.

Gamers can use the Glintstone and Arc Pebbles from range to deal primary damage, but gamers need to be aware of the low health pool the Astrologer actually uses.

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If you are looking to master sorceries, start with the Astrologer. Then move on to Intelligence and continue to game level up.

#8 Prophet

Elden Ring Prophet

The Elden Ring Prophet Faith-based class is unique and will be able to specialize in both offensive and defensive incantations.

This class has the lowest Intelligence. Endurance, Dexterity and Dexterity. But it does offer sixteen Faith and fourteen mind. So gamers can rely upon the Heal incantations or Catch Flame to begin. Catch Flame is an excellent incantation.

This can be used quickly and can be used in a pinch to stun opponents and allow you to use the in-game Shorts Spear.

This in-game class is equipped with the Rickety Shield and Prophet set, Short Spear and Finger Seal. It has low physical defenses, but can be ridden on horseback or ground.

#9 Worm

Elden Ring Wretch

An old class from previous FromSoftware ingame titles, the Elden Ring Wretch can be described as a blank slate class. This class does not give the player any additional options but an average club to use.

The club is a good weapon to begin the game with because it has high poise damage and allows you to stun your opponents. However, some gamers might find the class challenging due to its low starting health and low physical defenses.

Gaming without any in-game armour and a low Vigor stat will make it difficult for gamers to take hits from opponents. They’ll soon find themselves back at their original Site of Grace.

#10 Bandit

Elden Ring Bandit

Although the Knife is not the most desired of all the in-game starting weapons it can have a secondary effect of blood loss to allow gamers to fight a variety of foes.

Gamers can take massive in-game damage from enemies, bosses and other players by having a high Arcane score on the Bandit.

A short bow is also available for the class, which gives gamers an alternative to the close-quarters combat required by the Great Knife.

Best Starting Class Elden Ring For Beginners

Here is the list with the top Elden Ring starting classes for beginners if you are new to the game.

  • Vagabond
  • Astrologer
  • Prisoner
  • Samurai 
  • Hero 
  • Warrior 
  • Bandit 
  • Prophet 
  • Wretch

This Best Starting Class Elden Ring Guide is hoped to be useful. We have covered all the details about the best Elden Ring Starting Class that will assist the player in choosing the best.

Please feel free to ask questions and give feedback about the best class. Elden RingThen, leave your feedback in the comments section.


The Prisoner is probably the most versatile starting class in Elden Ring. The stats for this character are dexterity, intelligence, and mind. These stats are often confusing to balance, but the early game is an ideal time to increase Dexterity and Intelligence. Prisoner’s medium-rolling speed gives them the room to equip more powerful items without worrying about Weight. They also have a general stat spread, which means they can wear more armor and have a large FP pool.

The Prisoner has some unique characteristics and is one of the few starting classes that leans towards sorceries. Although it is less effective than the Astrologer, this class builds around sorceries and has a glintstone staff for casting sorceries. Additionally, it has an advantage over the other classes in terms of fighting style, as they start with a Glintstone Staff. Despite the Prisoner’s low stats in Faith and Astrology, they can still be a great choice for those looking for a powerful starting class.

The starting classes in Elden Ring vary from player to player, but they all serve to provide a framework for early playthroughs. The starting stats for each class are listed below, along with the starting equipment. The Bandit class, for instance, is a great option for those looking for an assassin-type class, with medium to low physical stats. Its best weapon is the Great Knife, which also has a secondary effect of blood loss.

The Prisoner starts with a high Intelligence, which allows the player to blend it with other stats. The Prisoner also starts with a fast sword, which can scale with strength and Dexterity. In addition, the Prisoner can use useful Sorceries. Ultimately, the Prisoner is one of the best starting classes in Elden Ring

While the Prisoner may be the best starting class, it’s not the best one for everyone. A better choice for beginners would be the Samurai or Wretch. These are two classes that are very flexible and have many different uses. If you’re unsure, try a Wretch class or Samurai instead. You won’t regret it! The best class in Elden Ring is the one you feel most comfortable with.

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