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Best Super Witch Decks In Clash Royale 2023

Best Super Witch Deck in Clash Royale

With the recent release of the Super Witch challenge, Clash Royale has finally hit a new level. Fans have been sharing their best super witch decks. While this new challenge is going to be more difficult than previous challenges, it is also very rewarding. Here is a list of some of them, which you can use to make a great Super Witch deck in Clash Royale.

Skeleton King

Many players have found that the best Super Witch deck in Clash Royale is made up of the Skeleton King. The King has many abilities that can be combined to destroy your opponent, and he can easily overwhelm your opponent’s defenses. His ability also allows him to turn his Skeletons into Hogs, making his deck almost impossible to defend. Aside from the Skeleton King, the deck can also include bombers and bicharracos.

There are several ways to build a Best Super Witch Decks, and it can be very powerful depending on the cards you choose to place. The basic version of a Witch deck has several cards including the Giant, Inferno Dragon, and Skeleton King. This deck is best suited for players who are looking to swarm their opponent’s defenses with a variety of minions. Other versions of a Witch deck can run Minions and a Dark Prince.

The Super Witch is a temporary card, and only appears in the Challenge every 7 days. Its damage output and hitpoints are moderate. Her first wave of troops is always Skeletons, and it will put a curse on the enemy’s troops. When her troops die, they will become Cursed Hogs. Super Witch cards cost 6 Elixir to deploy.

Mega Knight Balloon Witch

Best Super Witch Decks

The Mega Knight Balloon Witch is a simple, versatile super witch deck that is effective against the majority of meta decks. This deck makes great use of the Miner to bait out the opponent’s main counter. This deck also has a number of excellent card combinations. The most potent of these are the Witch Tornado and the Balloon Freeze combos.

The Witch is one of the strongest ranged troops in the game. It can target both air and ground units, and can also create skeletons every seven seconds. Her skelletons can deal large amounts of damage and can slow down an opponent. If you are able to get her early enough in the game, she can also serve as a support soldier for troops with high hitpoints.

The Balloon Witch can also be used against a ranged enemy. Balloons can be used to swarm your opponent’s troops or make them vulnerable to attacks from ranged units. This type of attack is particularly strong against tanks and Golems.

Golden Knight Witch

A Golden Knight Witch is a mid-cycle witch deck with good offense and defense. This deck works well in Clash Royale’s Super Witch Crown challenge. This mode allows you to play with your favorite cards. However, the Golden Knight Witch isn’t the most powerful super witch deck in the game.

A Witch’s weak health to Elixir ratio makes her easy to kill. As a result, you need to put her behind a troop with high hitpoint. Then, you can use an area damage troop or spell to deal enough damage to the Witch. This can be a good strategy if you are trying to make a push and want to take the witch out.

Super Witch Challenges in Clash Royale are difficult to complete, but the rewards are well worth the effort. There are four parts to the challenge, and each part requires a certain number of wins. Once you have completed the challenge, you will receive a huge gold chest. You can then use this gold to upgrade your arsenal.

Best Super Witch Decks for Tremendous Witch Crown Problem in Clash Royale

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The Tremendous Witch in Conflict Royale is the mix of all of the three Witchs, i.e. Witch, Evening Witch, & Mom Witch, with extra Well being & Harm. She will be able to spawn Skeletons, Bats, & covert enemy troops to Piglets. The best way you’d play her is much like different Witchs so Decks that complement the Witch will work for the Tremendous Witch as properly. You need to keep away from utilizing swarm troops in opposition to her as it’d simply find yourself being a counter push arrange by you. Listed below are among the Greatest Decks it’s best to use within the Tremendous Witch Crown Problem in Conflict Royale.

Tremendous Witch Firecracker Princess – Greatest Deck for the Crown Problem

  • Tremendous Witch, Electro Big, Executioner, Child Dragon, Firecracker, Princess, Zap, & Poison. (4.3 Elixir)

Tremendous Witch E-Big Exec

  • Tremendous Witch, Executioner, Fireplace Spirit, Arrows, Twister, Electro Big, Guards, & Firecracker. (3.9 Elixir)

Tremendous Witch Splash E-Big

  • Electro Big, Tremendous Witch, Child Dragon, Guards, Twister, Arrows, Bowler, & Executioner. (4.5 Elixir)

Just like the Witch, the Tremendous Witch ought to be performed as a help troop within the backlines. Her talents grant her extra freedom as she spawns far more troops and might survive a Lightning to the face. The Tremendous Witch works finest with Tank Playing cards, particularly the Electro Big. Greater than discovering playing cards that assist, it’s best to use Playing cards that counter her. Like I’ve stated earlier than, the Tremendous Witch has the skills of all the three Witches in Conflict Royale and as such could be very sturdy. Playing cards that Counter her are:

  • Executioner
  • Electro Big
  • Firecracker
  • Twister
  • Poison
  • Princess

Pekka Witch

As the new temporary card in Clash Royale, Super Witch is a difficult challenge to complete. But the rewards are amazing and are worth pursuing. There are a few tips that you can follow to improve your super witch deck. Here are two suggestions that will help you get the best results.

Super Witch: The best super witch deck in Clash Royale is the one that contains Pekka Witch. She’s extremely powerful and is capable of destroying opponents in large numbers. It has many combos and is a very aggressive deck. It can be made using a number of cards, including Skeleton King and Arrow. It’s also one of the most effective decks for the Super Witch Crown Challenge.

Best Pekka Witch: The Best Pekka Witch deck is a heavy deck, and includes the Elixir Collector. This card is extremely useful for building pushes behind Pekka. The Witch’s balloon can also be used to apply pressure to opponents. This deck also features some great card combinations, including the Witch Tornado and the balloon freeze combo.

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