Best Vampire Survivor Builds

best vampire survivor builds

One of the most popular and Best Vampire Survivor Builds effective Vampire Survivor builds is one that maximizes AoE damage. Pistols are a priority weapon that evolves into an AoE weapon. The damage you deal will depend on how many revives you have. You can also obtain three extra revives by equipping the IV – Awake Arcana. The evolution of the pistol will give you an extra weapon slot.

Best Vampire Survivor Builds

Giovanna’s starting weapon, the Gatti Amari, is annoying, but powerful enough to wipe out large groups of enemies. This build can evolve into a Vandalier as well, which will give you some more versatility. In addition, she starts the game with a cherry bomb. A good Vampire Survivor build will give you four evolutions. These will allow you to improve your skills as the game progresses.

There are two main decisions in Vampire Survivors that will determine the best build for your character. First, choose the weapon evolution you’d like to use and second, decide on what Vampire Survivor character you’ll be using. The Spellbinder is one of the most important pieces of equipment to equip. Make sure to equip it with a Spellbinder to maximize its damage. If you can afford a higher level weapon, consider upgrading it.

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Another weapon you should upgrade is the Spellbinder, which increases the duration of your weapons and reduces their cooldown times. It’s an excellent choice for the late game, when powerful enemies can take a lot of damage before dying. The Spellbinder’s strafing rays can hit enemies even faster than you can dodge them. If you’re looking for the best Vampire Survivor build, use the tips below to find out which weapon is best for your particular play style.




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