best vampire survivor builds

Best Vampire Survivor Builds

The best Vampire Survivor Builds is one that deals maximum AoE damage. Pistols, which can evolve into an AoE weapons, are a priority weapon. Your number of revives will determine how much damage you do. By equipping the IV-Awake Arcana, you can get three additional revives. An extra weapon slot will be available to you by evolving the pistol.

Best Vampire Survivor Builds

Giovanna uses the Gatti Amari as her starting weapon. It is annoying but it can be powerful enough to eliminate large groups of enemies. You can also make this build a Vandalier, which gives you more flexibility. A cherry bomb is also included in her game. You will get four evolutions from a good Vampire Survivor build. These evolutions will allow you to increase your skill as the game progresses.

Vampire Survivors will make two key decisions about your character’s build. First, pick the weapon evolution and then choose which Vampire Survivor characters you’ll use. The Spellbinder, one of the most essential pieces of equipment you should have, is a must-have. For maximum damage, equip the Spellbinder with it. You can upgrade it if you are able to.

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Spellbinder should be upgraded as it increases your weapon’s duration and reduces cooldown times. This weapon is great for late-game battles, where powerful enemies can inflict a lot more damage than they take before dying. Spellbinder’s strafing beams can cause enemies to be hit even faster than they can dodge. These tips will help you choose the right weapon for your Vampire Survivor play style.



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