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BF3 M16A3 vs M16A4: Which Gun Reigns Supreme?

BF3 M16A3 – The top-of-the-line assault rifle for cheaters

Alright hommies, welcome back to where we bring you the juiciest updates on how to break the game in your favor. Today we are gonna be talking about the BF3 M16A3, the perfect little killing machine for all you cheaters out there. And in case y’all wondering, this gun is way better than the BF3 M16A4, so don’t even bother with that piece of crap.

What makes the BF3 M16A3 so special?

The BF3 M16A3 is an assault rifle that is designed for quick kills and efficient takedowns. With a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, you won’t be running out of bullets anytime soon. This gun is fully automatic and has a high rate of fire, so you can take down enemies in a matter of seconds. Plus, it is accurate as hell, so you won’t be missing any shots, even at long range.

Some other features of the BF3 M16A3 include:

  • Ambidextrous fire selector switch
  • Selectable firing modes (single shot, three-round burst or automatic)
  • Adjustable iron sights
  • Picatinny rail system for mounting accessories
  • Low recoil and high accuracy
  • Fast reload time

Overall, the BF3 M16A3 is a weapon that is perfect for cheating in the game, and it is widely used by cheaters around the world. If you want to win every match and take down your enemies with ease, then the BF3 M16A3 is the gun you need.

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How to get the BF3 M16A3 in the game?

Getting the BF3 M16A3 in the game is actually pretty easy, but it requires a bit of cheating. You can use hacks and cheats to unlock the gun early or to add it to your inventory. You can also use an aimbot to make sure that you never miss a shot with the BF3 M16A3.

However, we do want to remind you that cheating in the game is against the rules, and it can result in your account being banned. So, if you decide to cheat, do it at your own risk.


The BF3 M16A3 is a top-of-the-line assault rifle that is perfect for cheating in the game. It is accurate, fast and deadly, and it is widely used by cheaters around the world. Whether you are playing the game for fun or you are trying to win every match, the BF3 M16A3 is the gun you need. So, go ahead and get your hands on this bad boy, and start dominating the game like a boss.

Thanks for reading hommies, catch you in the next one! Peace out.