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Black Ops Cold War Aim Assist Script

Black Ops Cold War Cheats

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Cold War Hacks and Cheats

The reason behind the vast popularity of Cold War hacks and the players that use them is pretty obvious when you get down to think about it. Most players play intense first person shooters for the competitiveness and satisfaction of winning rather than playing it for fun. These players can also feel said satisfaction of winning a lot more if they use Cold War cheats to make things go their way.

Black Ops Cold War Cheats Install

1. Go to Settings and click on the “Interface” tab

2. Copy my settings under HUD elements

blackopscheat 1 black ops

3. Go to Settings and click on the Graphics tab.

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4.Find Display and select “Colorblind Modes” and change enemy color to pink as shown.

mX5602o black ops

5. Run the script after starting Cold War

This Aim Assist Works In Zombie modes and Multiplayer Core Mode (NOT HARDCORE).

This will be updated periodically as time goes on, including smoothness, accuracy, and user friendliness

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1.Have you downloaded the latest version of AHK? The scripts are for AHK v1.1+ You can download the latest AHK Here

2. Did you copy ALL settings and colors posted above? If not, please change your settings.

3. Are you running the program as administrator? Both Cold War and the Script must be running with the same privileges.

4. Are you using a controller? This is not supported on controller or joysticks. Only works for keyboard and mouse at this time.

5. Not aiming after all of the above? Are all the files included in the download in the same folder? if not, it wont be able to read settings and will not aim at anything. The settings.ini file and b800cc.png need to be in the same folder as the script for the program to work.

6. Not aiming at players? Did you press the on/off key? Go into a bot lobby and confirm it is not working. If this is the case, please DM me.


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